Yellowstone Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story And More

The golden age of classic Western films maybe over, but a new kind of Western has established its place in the world of prestige TV.

Whether you're a huge fan already or you'rejust getting into it, here's everything we know so far about Yellowstone season 3.

By the Yellowstone season 2 finale, KayceDutton and Monica's son Tate had been kidnapped, and the Duttons were on a mission to bringhim home at any cost.

They track down Teal and Malcolm Beck, knowingthat the two businessmen have something to do with the disappearance.

“If there's a Heaven, this is your last chanceto do something that just might get you in it.

” Teal won't confess, so Kayce makes good onJohn's promise to shoot him.

Malcolm is willing to give up some details, but he suffers a few gunshot wounds and is presumably left for dead.

It turns out that Tate has been kidnappedby white supremacists who were hired by the Becks.

By the time Kayce finds him, he's alreadybeen beaten and traumatized.

But with the mystery of his abduction solved, he can finally return home.

In a heartwarming moment, John's daughterBeth reads his right-hand man Rip Wheeler a letter from John, explaining that he's leavingRip his father's old ranch house in exchange for saving Beth from a pair of attackers.

Keith Cox, Paramount Network and TV Land Presidentof Development and Production, says the network has grand visions for season 3 and beyond, and he's impressed with the scripts he's read so far.

He told Deadline: “It's going to be great and even bigger thanSeason 2; I know it, feel it.

It will happen.

” Cox also says that the final ending for theseries is already planned, discussions about an eventual season 4 are ongoing, and theshow will ideally run for six or seven seasons total.

Costner has made it clear that there willbe further consequences for those who threatened the Dutton family in season 2, so it lookslike karma will be coming around.

Meanwhile, Beth and Rip appear to be divingback into their rekindled romance.

Fans theories abound regarding Jamie's possiblepast interference in their relationship, so perhaps season 3 will address some of therumors.

But expect some big changes going from season2 into season 3.

“You can try to find a way to play it safe, and there isn't.

” The cast has noted that season 3 will startoff slow, but it won't stay that way for long.

“It's a slow burn, and then it heats up.

” Fans who are worried that the show won't feelquite the same can rest assured that they're in for a great season.

“Season 3 is some of my favorite stuff sofar.

It's pretty shocking.

” It looks like all of the main cast membersappear to be returning for Yellowstone season 3.

Naturally, you won't be seeing Terry Serpicoas Teal anymore, but there's still a slim chance that Neal McDonough could return asMalcolm — remember, he didn't actually die on camera.

This season, a few other recurring actorswill be bumped up to regular roles.

Forrie J.

Smith, who plays Dutton's cow bossLloyd, is officially being promoted to a series regular, along with Denim Richards, who playscowboy wrangler Colby.

It's safe to say we'll be seeing a lot moreof Lloyd and Colby in the upcoming season.

Kevin Costner may be stepping behind the cameraon occasion throughout this season as well.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Costnerexpressed his hope that he would be able to focus on directing in the future.

Josh Holloway will be appearing as RoarkeCarter, a charismatic hedge fund manager with big plans in Montana — plans that just mightinvolve the Dutton ranch.

Holloway has described his character as, quote, “a hedge fund baller, ” with Costner adding: “You can't ignore him, you can't just kindof close the gate.

” Deadline notes that Holloway's character willhave a “season-long” arc, so it doesn't look like he'll be sticking around for a probableseason 4.

It's hinted that Carter might try to makea move on Beth, and Kelly Reilly expressed excitement at working with Holloway.

Perhaps Carter is trying to take control ofthe land for himself and wants to curry favor with Beth as an “in” with the Duttons.

Or maybe he'll prove to be an unlikely allyfor the Duttons in the face of another adversary.

John Emmet Tracy is also slated to appearin a recurring role as Ellis Steele, a chief litigator for Fortune 500 companies.

Described as, quote, “the kind of person whowill smile as he stabs you in the back, ” Steele could pose a serious threat to the Duttonranch.

Q'orianka Kilcher will be playing Angela BlueThunder, a Native American woman who opposes Tom Rainwater, the chief of the reservation.

Angela is disgusted with the way Rainwaterhas been running the casino, and she feels that he's responsible for many of the problemson the reservation.

Whether or not Angela's bold actions againstRainwater will benefit the Duttons is unclear.

But considering his past intentions to acquiretheir land to expand the reservation, the enemy of their enemy might be their friendin this scenario.

“Working with them is a deal with the devil, Dad.

” “All the angels are gone, son.

There's only devils left.

” A new wrangler will be working on the Duttonranch in season 3.

Jennifer Landon is joining the cast as Teeter, an accomplished wrangler who may be a bit rough around the edges, but always gets thejob done.

It's likely she'll be working alongside Colbyand Lloyd.

Teeter won't be the first female ranch handto work for the Duttons — after all, Avery was already recruited to work there by Ripin the first season.

But it does look like she'll be just the kindof no-nonsense woman who can hold her own on the ranch.

Eden Brolin will be another new addition tothe cast.

She has a recurring role as Mia, a barrelracer who strikes up a friendship with the bunkhouse guys.

Brolin is most widely known for playing Charliein the Freeform series Beyond, in which a young man awakens from a coma to find thathe has inexplicable powers connecting him to a dark conspiracy.

Her work on Yellowstone is just another signthat she's definitely a star on the rise and one to watch in the next year.

Finally, Karen Pittman is confirmed to havea major role in season 3.

She'll be playing Willa Hays, the CEO of MetroCapital.

She's well-dressed, intimidating, and neverbacks down from what she wants.

Now, she wants something from John Dutton— and she's going to fight tooth and nail to get it.

There's a possibility that Ellis Steele isrepresenting her as she tries to acquire the Duttons' land.

With so many new female characters comingto the ranch, it looks like the women will be running things.

Overall, it's shaping up to be an incrediblefollow-up to an addictive second season.

You can catch up on the first two seasonsof Dutton family drama on Amazon Prime.

Season 3 of Yellowstone premieres on the ParamountNetwork on June 17, 2020.

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