Yellowstone O super Vulcão despertou -LEGENDA [ENG]

surely at some point in your life you have heard of the park and Heliton known for the wonderful land located in the country of the United States of america but what you do not know is that they donate is a volcano and not just a simple bo the dog is an immense but a of the largest volcanoes that exist on earth and can bring the apocalypse to humanity the real-world account for this channel a special video about the volcano Heliton and of course the reason is that now he woke up and caused a lot of fear the scientists and biologists Follow our channel and do not forget to leave that to the net video help further strengthen the channel welcome to another video [Music] [Applause] [Music] lately the volcanic activity comes continually increasing this time the most dangerous volcano world is at work the first to feel tremors still at the end of March were the inhabitants of North American state of wyoming of course they were frightened and stay even more frightened when they saw that the animals are fully nervous then he started the panic and scientists as befits scientists began a discussion whether there will be one rash and if the dog she will stone generate or not the planet earth in the last 70, 000 years after the latest links eruption tone there was at least a thousand so earthquakes however this did not cause rashes one rather large series of earthquakes It occurred in 2004 in 2007 and in 2009 this is the normal area of ​​life for now there is neither expected no indications of a global outbreak and she is a splendid stone ground there Wonderful is not for nothing that it was awarded the status of national park and reserve and her stone is not typically a mountain volcanoes generally have the form of a cone but they tone is a supervolcano when giants explode thus no longer left mountains of cavity shapes boilers calls the depressions dimensions of the tone they boiler is approximately 55 by 72 km it has steep walls height 2.

8 105 meters above sea level is so the quality is so high that only was managed to watch her set their limits in the 60s of last century when they appeared the first images high quality satellite [Music] only then scientists realized that under forest lakes rivers beaches and canyons is a sea of ​​magma became of course also the source of hundreds of genesis the tone them a paradise on crater of a volcano this is what they are and tone throughout its history this super volcano began erupted three times just over two million years ago spent over one million six hundred and forty thousand years ago second volcanologists the worst damage was caused the first life to It was burned and destroyed around was after that came the option boiler and then she just changed shape and these changes resulted in what is now admired by millions geysers tourists flora unique and unique wildlife in the national park links moose tone dwell visions sent wolves coyotes resources beavers eagle American rivers and find sites are full of fish the place is constantly full of photographers biologists who work there tirelessly crew They like to come to work in the park however after that often emerge horror stories like the movie catastrophe called 2012 who shows a tremor from the bowels of land that leads to explosion of super Vulcan gift links after films like that is easy scare any earthquake as What happened to this spring but scientists keeps his cool according to pavel there is a service especially the United States which provides that the tone links area there will be no eruption catastrophic for more than a million years at least Heliton the boiler is one of the boilers best observed on earth is there permanent volcanological observatory the behavior of the seismic activity gases and many other parameters are It is monitored 24 hours a day, they do not is well studied and therefore that any small event there causes an immediate reaction media worldwide We hope the scientists are certain however else it is also clear explore 100% a miracle of nature how they tone is impossible impossible however acalmemos to us own can be expected any this super crunk [Music] [Music].