Who Has The Best French Fries Sauce? (Taste Test)

I put french fries up to my lip but which dip is best to dit let's talk about [Music] good mythical morning we have named the definitive burger sauce yeah we did the definitive chicken so yeah we're and today we're gonna name the definitive fry sauce that's right we

are neck-deep in dip and we're not getting out until we come out the drain I'm gonna go down we got to go down deep into the dip to come out me on the side that's right this tournament we'll find the one sauce to rule them all which fast

food sauces are flavorable french fry friends and which are fitted foul folds there's only one way to find out the fast food french fries perfect palate partner is time for yeah that's good cool shirt I like that Thanks ah fries they're slender and they just you know you

you want to put them down in it and you want to pull them up it's kind of like making a candle and then you just eat it right but what's the best thing to make fry candle whiz well that's what we're gonna figure out thank you for voting

over 33,000 of you voted to help us narrow down to the sauces that we're going to try today which are Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce Wendy's creamy sriracha in and out spread Wingstop ranch McDonald's honey mustard Wendy's buttermilk ranch chick-fil-a's Polynesian sauce and Burger King zesty sauce which

fry sauce will take the crown let's dip down to see it's not free right okay first up we have the shocking number one fried dipping sauce taco bell's nacho cheese sauce versus Wendy's creamy sriracha and the number eight seed we got these like generic fries so that's not

part of the equation from IHOP but yeah but the Taco Bell fries are you know they call them nacho fries that just tastes like nacho cheese sauce which is good I mean that's like nacho cheese it you get it like a Dodgers game mm-hmm same same taste profile

yeah it's pretty good I never would have thought to vote for it if I were you but I can't blame you for doing it now that I've tasted it creamy sriracha sauce hmm who really got a kick to it I mean that's good I actually this is cheese

and this is a lot of sriracha I would have never thought this right this would even be a contender yeah but if I was an alien it would just gotten out of my ship mm-hm I was offered a plate of these right I'd be first I'd be like

uh-huh really and the second thing I would say is what is this sauce and why is it so good because I have no point of reference about why it would just be nacho cheese cuz I'd be in England I'd love to make it move forward because we need

to start thinking of that cheese more when we think of fries Taco Bell you're onto a good thing what are we calling this when we when we do the Chuck today fry fly the sauce brigade what do we call it the tater see you later thanks chase I'm

gonna do and thrown everything this one you're gonna do it today in fact I'm not gonna throw it until you get it oh I want the other side overcorrection it's fine next up we've got in and out spread coming back for the fry competition as well and then

Wingstop ranch I didn't feel great about the weight of the in and out went out of the the burger sauce tournament right we'll grab a Friday and I'll uh dab you yeah even though I wasn't voting for it this is kind of a hack the way that you

know if you were to order the spread in order to dip the fries in it typically you would order a fries animal-style they would have this plus grilled onions and melted cheese those three things are a magical magical combination all right that's tasty mm-hmm very tasty had it

before now waynestock ranch let me tell you the Wingstop fries you can get them extra well done what extra seasoning uh-huh and then you get this dip in this house now they take their ranch very seriously it's guarded with a lot of secrecy on national ranch day they

put out a notice that clarified quote their inch does not have crack in it but it is a quote scratch-made signature blend of buttermilk garlic onions dill chives bill and for those late I'll tell you the big deal with this stuff is hmm it is by far Wow

the best ranch like you go anywhere you go inside the hidden value go to the unhidden Valley you go to the totally obvious Valley and this will be the best ranch that you will ever have man I'm I'm really tuning into this man your eyes were really good

thinking about how great this would be and I miss the grilled onions and the cheese with this so just as an isolated dipping sauce in and outs got to go out taters see you later there you go come on oh this one you're so close you're little short

Josh and Nicole are back with their podcasts where they have the Internet's biggest food debates it's called a hot dog as a sandwich you should listen to it wherever you listen to your podcasts McDonald's honey mustard versus Wendy's buttermilk ranch two classic flavors to dip your golden stick

in honey must argh it's like a sentence it must art honey does it hard cuz it must honey mustard I don't know man just tastes like honey mustard to me there's something aromatic in it that you either love or you don't I I don't think I love it

and again now we're back into just regular range and it's kind of like I know I don't you know I want a second story on my house uh you know it's like I'm not old yet I want to go up and down stairs um what you're designing a

house ranch ranch style home oh it's all one story um that honey mustard grows on you though it's not a it's not a classic honey mustard taste it's a weird and it says it's got more art than must right there on it so it contains egg egg right

there just says it contains egg I don't like this at all and I sort of yeah okay yeah I mean this is just contains a this has some unexpected qualities but the ranch taters see you later yeah first holding on to it would help honey must pard move

zombie number two Sita's chick-fil-a's Polynesian sauce up against Burger King's originally intended for onion rings zesty sauce in number seven now let me tell you a little bit about Polynesia okay as you might know the Hawaiian Islands are part of Polynesia technically and my grandparents went to Polynesia

Hawaii at one time and when they came back we were looking through the photo album yeah are the pictures that my granddad took this is about to get weird and then all of a sudden it just got to topless women oh it does get weird and my grandma

was one showing us the album and I was like was she one of the women no she wasn't I was like what's that she said that's your pop that's your pot wanted to take those pictures once you pop you can't stop so every time I thought of Hawaii

until I went to taking pictures just pictured boobies boobies boobies yeah welcome to the bobaloo b drain it's been going oh wow this is st sauce is very horseradish she and I don't like that but this is so sugary I'm surprised this is the number to see like

you know wait like it when I touch it it looks like the whole thing moves away like it's got a film over it like it's so much it's so sweet what I'm starting to realize the chicken tender dipping sauce is is it's the best stuff for fries because

this stuff here is just is gone so you don't care if I send if I send boo boo boo B's through I think I would vote for that but I also don't care okay Polynesian sauce is going through come on link [Music] all right our first semi-final match

up we've got the Taco Bell nacho cheese versus that we'd stop rook okay I mean especially when you got all these like saucy stuff you get back into some cheesiness it's really good it's a breath of fresh air I'm really good Wingstop you seem to you seem to

know a lot about them did you know that they have 1,200 locations well hundred and netic all the Wingstop locations are decorated with following in 1930s and 1940s pre Jets aviators huh huh I fly right in there and fly right out with my ranch you know when the

wings stop when the Jets started that's not true this is easy for me I love this but for me Wingstop ranch is a revelation it is a what about this it's a whole new thing it's a different kind of skeezy ranch well I don't believe you can do

what you just did I did and you should but we can't so we won't you agree with me that ranch is a revelation I do ma'am Oh [Music] we got McDonald's honey mustard the number three seed versus chick-fil-a Polynesian sauce number two see I'm this just in people

Polynesian sauce is basically barbecue and sweet-and-sour sauce what basically I don't believe that sugar the corn syrup vinegar tomato paste beet juice basically barbecue and sweet-and-sour sauce it's so thick I mean it's like it looks like glue before it sits I like your stomach feels synthetic sometimes you

need something to feel synthetic it's it feels like a gummy bear that got yeah melted down so ever it could get back together again I might take a dip or two but I can't sustain a whole session I use eating with some women it is that what you're

saying because I would know I could swim fast enough to keep myself buoyant and Polynesian so easily walk across the top of this if it were a lake I think I don't run fast like a lizard not the thing about the McDonald's honey mustard according to the Thrillist

it was ranked as McDonald's best sauce what yeah and at first I didn't like it and then you eat it morning like wow this is there's something special going on here it's different it's not your normal run-of-the-mill honey must hard that's clearly my vote no okay take me

back to Hawaii yeah break out the photo album show me the booboo little bit new baby take your top off chase come on out all right so we're gonna do a we're not taking my top off we're gonna draw straws longer strong winds yep I got a little

boy I got the long e alright honey mustard moves on at least make it after all that give least sauce very consistent our final matchup yes is McDonald's honey mustard versus who doesn't have crack in it Wingstop ranch you know you know we're liking this ranch more so

I'm just gonna try a little a little a little double up see if I learned something how do they get it to be so tangy but yet hmm so not bad I mean it's just like there's nothing wrong with it everything about it is perfect it's a perfect

sauce if you're so in love with it why don't you marry it or at least drink it can you drink it just drink it if you love it so much I can drain this whole thing in profile nonetheless oh my goodness oh you need to chase that with

a fry man dang son there's nothing nasty about what just happened other than what the way I look right now but it's not really on your face it's not overwhelming it's just so perfect you want to drink this one too no I might inject it yeah this is

this is not as good shoot man oh shoot man this is this is this is no contest I mean this isn't the best thing if you've got fries this taters got to see you later if you've got fries you need to get this you need to get Wingstop

ranch you need to find the nearest wing stuff get to all take all the ranch take it home dip until your heart's content honey must ardh tater see you later all right Lee Thank You Carolyn [Applause] [Music] okay it's good innit it's good right it's good guys thanks

for subscribing and clicking that Bell oh look we got Ringo yeah congratulations ranch spit into that I could have spin it right in there oh yeah there you go that's a winner unfortunately it's now mixed with the honey mustard but I will contact the the Olympic Committee and

make sure they know that ranch actually won you've created a number of gifs thanks for sticking around for this entire tournament and for clicking that Bell you know it is well that was quite an angle on the swing Oh click the top link to watch us try to

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