When is the BEST time to scarify a lawn | PERFECT lawn before & After

What about you! This is Robbie from Premier Lawns.

This is a lawn that I scarified about a month ago.

It's a job I do everyyear for this customer – so stick around – Robbie's been looking after our lawnsince we built the house and every season he comes back and keeps us in good shape.

This is a question that I get askedquite a bit on the channel, “When is the best time to scarify?”.

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Spring and autumn is the best time to scarify.

to remove moss and thatch from your lawn, soto properly answer this question a lot varies, it's dependent on whereabouts inthe UK you live.

The further south you are, the sooner you'll have to stop before thesummer due to the heat, though the trade off is it can be done closer to thewinter.

This is a fairly big lawn, it's actually two houses beside each other.

I've been doing them for a good number of years now.

Make sure you watch thisvideo until the end to see how the lawn turns out! Bella is helping me today, she's my only helper.

Unfortunately she can't work a rake.

As you see in the video there, a couple of passes over it takes a wee bit off.

It could be a wee bit harder than this here, but itis coming into the start of May, um, I don't know if May is going to be really dry or really wet.

If I go another pass at it, it's going to be really hard on it, it's probably going to put a lot of bare patches on the lawn.

The person that owns the house is elderly and they're not really fit to be out with a sprinkler all the time, so two passes on this occasion, I think is more than enough.

So there is still abit of moss through this lawn, but it's always the balance of too much, if youtake too much out, you can't put it back.


Let's go! I know that there are a lot of lawn carefranchises out there that scarify during the winter but this is generallyconsidered wrong, and the reason is you want to scarify whenever there'sactive growth, and dampness in the air, and heat in the soil, so that the lawn recovers faster.

Now it doesn't do your lawn any harm to scarifyduring the winter – but your lawn looks like a ploughed field if it's done like that, and it stays like that all winter and it can take a lot longer to recover than itshould do you if you do that the right time.

Spring and autumn are perfect timeto do scarifying because the soil's warm and the weather is usually a lot damperand this aids recovery.

I'm now onto this double pass.

What I mean by a double pass is just going over the same area in a different direction.

Ittakes a lot more out.

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Usually, or most years I can scarifyright well into May but this year I had to finish.

This is one of my last scarify's this year because this year was so dry, it was so unusually dry.

The yearstarted off with February being the wettest February on record, and then April was dry.

May was dry, and it turned out June wasreally dry as well – so a lot of the times whenever you could start scarifying, will really depend on your own localweather conditions.

I have noticed a definite change in theseasons since starting gardening all those years ago.

If you have too, leave me acomment down below? As it's been so dry this year the lawnhasn't recovered as fast, as good as I would like to show you guys pictures, sohere's some pictures of some previous years of how the lawn looked.

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