you challenged us to combine skittles with crazy Heights of Rochester and let's be on this tape oh no that's not even enough bro I can smell the spine out but we're going crazy Oh Mike's pooping let's mix it up Oh No it smells lovely skittles and now I

smell sriracha sauce I think we put it way too with sriracha sauce bro you put way too much hot sauce yeah I'm doing the weirdest thing bro is that number one it looks like a disgusting chili yeah number two all the food coloring has come off of the

skittles so there's just weird white glue like beans man they're like long beam beam beam beam gonna get a big spoonful right here I'm going you're trying a whole bunch of weird food combinations that people love this is the Halloween flash fall edition and after lose one I

might not be able to taste anything else 3 when the skittle 4 kick in flavors really good every track we're adding some of the food into the hole of zoom at the end of this we're gonna have to eat a combination of all the weird foods which is

literally gonna be the weirdest food combination of all time over here to the side and right now it's on to the next round you may have heard of the weird food combination where you dip a french fry in a milkshake well today we're taking it to the next

level we're doing the fall edition and up in the ante cuz we're actually adding the price fries into the milkshake let's go oh you want it too soon you can't do this oh we have to do this other way around how we're gonna do this first we're gonna

make the milkshake dump a french fry into it run along now to see how it tastes vacuum step direction to add the french fries in blend it all behind a desk so how else make the milk Shing don't why dude I got thirsty sometimes I just I don't

understand oh no no no no I say my queen no he'll already eaten for you no see eat'em Devon feels good calm down you know that monster eating is good for the soul is it alright we're gonna add this milk in yogurt and the next step we got

to add the ice creeeeam goo how did they give milk on me I don't know what is this oh my gosh do it all we were gonna use that spoon I'm just waiting for the brain freeze to kick in oh wow so I think we need some more

ice cream no stopping this time just my hands oh and then we blend it yeah with that much I never made a milkshake before so they exciting for me I think we broke our last blender yeah and now we have a new one but yes a problem 20

minutes later eventually all right well seems to be good how does that ice cream on dude I'm making sure that ice cream another quality we need all right know why I didn't mean you do that we're gonna need a big spoon to mix this up I got you

that's a teeny small spoons on a baboon oh my gosh I think that the tip of the blade hit the tip of my spoon huh now oh it's working I think so Wow after that raving review I can't wait to try the moment where so grab grab up

a bushel a prize why not just one okay just gonna be awesome not gonna be able to fit that in your mouth watch me are you first all right whoo whoa is it good yes it's gonna be very difficult to pull off okay my hands going in oh

really yep good to stick your hand in I did at one point whoa I guess your madness you know no I wanted to do that why I'm just gonna let you deal with this problem how is it okay first impressions surprise can't believe I fit that in my

mouth come on technically you didn't fit all of it because there's a lot of fries Hey okay okay not all of that I got 80% of his role that's it's still pretty aggressive I like 50 oh come on okay so now we dumped the rest of these in

there and we blend everything under nope this is going in the top armor is blending it yeah I don't think the point is gonna make me from to push it down to suppose your elbows rather close to my face so I'm gonna hang it now okay cool there

we go it's good to go all right you ready let's see how this tastes all right no one's ever done this before ki Bros making history probably gonna taste totally different than what we just tried this is a new way to drink guys go mmm that's delicious and

change exactly like the other thing which was delicious and so delicious dude good the milkshake look combined Friday the next part I do with the utmost pleasure it's time to Trull Isis the spiciness of the sriracha sauce it's a pizza yeah okay well we got some M&Ms and

yellow and we're gonna combine these into a weird food combination but I think it's gonna be delicious because who doesn't love pizza and who doesn't love Eminem I mean he's gonna be awesome Oh bro spin it on your finger that can be awesome Rick three two one and

not only are they M&M they're both flavored so we got candy corn and whatever that was at least one who made it on there good all right you ready yep all of us over the first we gotta redistribute the M&Ms around oh that didn't work that's kind of

yeah you mean spread amount and then there's gonna go yeah yeah and then we go one more full almost like directly down the center to do more I hope you never make my feet you so we had a nice pizza yeah we have a nice piece of Devon's

be grateful for what we have this is delicious here let's give it a shot all right just like I thought yeah is the Troy slice pop it in there and then they gotta grab all of these yep there we go they can probably the weirdest food combination yet

it's cheese mixed with apple pie or yo please they make those yeah and so busy gotta melt the cheese first Devin add some avocado oil we never used a hot blade before but now it was the first time can we gotta melt some Gin well no no no

y-you gotta spread around the oil with the cheese what is that even a thing I don't know but I need to spread the oil there we go boys heat now Oh bro is melting the cheese so the cheese is melting it's all in the oil and it's looking

like prime candidate for giving you a stomachache right now at the top of your Oreo let me do it let me do it okay you know what since the juice is you know very hot right now chopstick me so we got some Chuck so we're gonna skewer our

Oreos and get in the middle yep stick it in the middle and we gonna put it in the cheese I'm gonna try to get all sides of it oh my gosh that's a lot of cheese okay it already smells very thinking that it's very like sweet mixed with

the tang of the cheese we're gonna Forks I'm gonna use a lubricant on top oh that's nice that's the way to go all right let's see the cheese covered Oreo man here we go three two one we wait first we've got a challenge you wanna see if you

can subscribe to this channel turn on the channel post notifications then give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds if you can do it you ready for this here we go 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 done give me that comment down below keeper squad right

now and let's see how this thing tastes man how much you excited 3 2 1 go whoa there's no good now my favorite ones we've ever done so far this is hands down the most licious weird food combination ever had this it's the creaminess of the cheese mixed

with boom come on it's stuck it's stuck it's stuck right and I want to get a little bit do do get mom dude oh no what dude we ruined mom's sauce and again this is rule we're definitely gonna be in trouble off of this one and right now

let's go to the next Devin but what's better than a dozen eggs yeah I don't know come on bro it's scrambled eggs with candy in it okay I am a master egg cooker or Cooper egg person yet Leeds work with me okay it requires well 12 aged well

12 eggs you don't know how much 12 eggs is yeah I do that's not a lot of eggs I don't know if I support this motion no get that out them and get that out e hmm so Devon I actually have a confession to make okay this recipe

only called for two A's I know this isn't gonna get messy the milk guess what you kind of gotta use a blade and this one just kind of break up the yolks really yep I'll be right back okay so whenever I'm making eggs I always get myself some

good Montauk white pepper and some good deal do yes I kind of pickle enjoy enjoy oh man I've got a bizarre odor to it smell it I don't want to smell it dill all right now for the Montauk white pepper bro I got I smell the heat it

burns my docile – my eyes are watering this is starting the fruit see right now it's an egg – coming together too much of them I disagree what okay we're not got room for any of this no wait Berta candy corn oh my gosh my name ruin having

these in you're kidding me no and I gotta eat one at the same guys there's no way that last one's going in here no all right this is looking pretty interesting to say the least so if you ever want to get your morning off to a very sugary

start this is the way to go so ready yeah I'm ready there we go three two one listen we're the can be I've become powder oh my god like you don't even taste any of the a all the candies is overpowers everything oh my god hold we gotta

get it out of here the Montauk white powder and the dill bro do you not like the cup over well not the cup over promise so apparently this is a very popular weird food combination but if you take a stick of butter and put in a cup of

coffee today we don't have coffee we actually a pumpkin spice lattes yeah so we never had so do you want to just give this at a little taste test what bro it's a latte it's not even like actual coffee it's a lot to him I don't know what's

wrong with me because I comparing the everyone loves pumpkin spice lattes but like seriously what is wrong with me do we just is it the whole stick of but I look away for a one second and you do that how's the butter though oh no it's gonna how

come your spit in mine didn't cuz I actually drank a lot of mine uh yeah all right we'll see if it tastes any different ready yep Bravo it's so good dude just go you can spit it out bro are you good I'm not good community it's not like

add this to the main bowl because I do not want to experiences again no no no here's my theory I don't think it's Rogers gonna taste bad at all because on the caramel apples and caramel apples are delicious there you go what is that what are you doing

what that's not part of it you know peace Oh Devon I need to borrow your box for a second go for it hole in the top of mine that's perfect for some sriracha sauce I'm sorry I miss Hulse oh man I'm a beautiful caramel apple oh that's a

lot you making a huge mistake it's dedicated dude I'm going for a very luminous amount there we go you look for that much well yeah mines and tanks three two one is it not working how is it oh it's hot oh no oh man your [Music] [Applause] as

a reward for the complete devastation our mouths just went down this one is awesome pumpkin spice Cheerios mixed you ready for it with chocolate hey oh and don't forget milk yeah mmm what that's not even necessary that's not even how anybody know I opened it with your teeth

so maybe like a couple of Cheerios will fall out oh yeah life I don't recommend this to anybody Oh some Cheerios Oh Devon what do you know what I'm bout to do with the box no idea no wait it's a foreword eat next step we got add of

the Chuck nice so what there we go I need something all yours Devon what awesome that's it yep that's it really what you think so much oil of course I am I like my chocolate okay I need a bigger bowl and a bigger spoon they come all this

thing is okay how do we make this around give me one moment what some reason I've always wanted to eat cereal out of a blender and also I couldn't find any bigger bowls nothing gold it's been a dream oh wait I've another idea what all right here we

go gonna pop the top how to do look if you gotta properly mix all your chocolate chips into the cereal so what better way to do it Muraki all right no time all right how much no no no no no oh I don't support this no she's really

all of that – just put it back in the bowl living on the edge how can throw it not good whoa bro slow down there slow down dude it is really good though all of what are you saying I am translating so good have an edge of the

pole and add mine too because it's so good that was credible like I want to have that every single morning yeah not very healthy but still absolutely delicious and right now we're on to the final round and then after that we're gonna eat all of this which is

literally the weirdest food combination in the entire world if there's one thing you notice about this bread Devin what is it hey crusty know it's flat these companies can we take flatbread and put yogurt on it is spicy yogurt that we're gonna be putting that on it is

spicy oh it's got a funky smell sorry yeah sorry oh so we're gonna kind of lather it on we're gonna do a little drizzle Oh again the Devin's between Devin a nine he does does a little drizzle drizzle is not turning out we both have very different approaches

to this flatbread yeah I think mine is gonna be great because there's less yogurt on it all that matters is that the breads flat and the yogurt is yogurt exactly are you ready for the bite I'm ready for the bite and this one here was suggested by the

instant keeper the week so shout-out to you if your be featured as the Instagram key for the week check the description down below to find out how that way you can make us eat some really crazy stuff all right here we go three two one I want to

break my flatbread first I'm gonna crack my Brenda Brenda been cracked I broke the bread oh oh is weird again wha this is officially the weirdest combination I've ever tried froze out with this little guy dome is the weirdest kind of some pretty weird ones no yours no

no oh is that so dude it's so gross ah I think it's the pumpkin that throws this whole yeah I think it's a pumpkin that just take fitness like it's the pumpkins like so I got to say I think individually they both probably weigh them yeah but these

which are really good on the road together are horrible but but right now let's go to the final round which final one I don't even know what we're doing apparently it's a nacho cheese apple pie and pumpkin pie yep but I only see one problem now I know

a favorite no no it's my apple pie why do we do this but we get rid of the pumpkin but I just use the Apple we'll do it the nacho cheese hmm wait no rope we gotta save some if I know you is gonna be gone in no

time all right here we go oh it's gonna go for this side to side motion okay well I'm gonna try to pick it up from the side oh this is actually kind of working and then I'm gonna get some cheese so I'm gonna do I'm ready are you

ready something I'm gonna I'm gonna dip my chip dip your chip yeah I will never crack my chip yes before I make the do Oh correct much it before I'm gonna do well during the dip but sure so I think how this works we're gonna pop it in

here I'm gonna remove part of the apple pie and then oh god only cross what what ideas are everywhere huh little shit and win alright here we go apple pie nachos I've never thought I would eat this all right they were that freaky one not any weird I

like it not not bad this one here is like a surprise winner last place all along and then at the last moment of chewing it this like weird combination of flavors takes place they just takes it and makes it incredible it's awesome yeah it's pretty good now we're

gonna add it in here in time to eat the weirdest food combination ever saw the whole pie manages why not let's all right oh wait I went in some of the pie I'm going to use my Apple as like a plunger on the bright side this is the

most false watch Halloween looking food kinda you get at his like oh Lord I know on the downside we have to eat it so I'll take my spoon let's mix it around a little bit Oh oh man this got some righteous sauces comment down below right now what

are some other really weird food combinations you would love to see us in another video because it's one [Music]

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