hey youtube I want to talk to you guys about my first day back at the gym let's see if I can so yes today was my first day back at the gym I'm a member of you fit I'm in Broward County and the only you fit in Broward County I think opened up today's Monday someone said it was already open but it might have just opened up today so I pulled up and there was a line so what they were doing they were doing the temperature they were doing the gun where they check your temperature and you have to bring a towel so that's really all you have to do is bring a towel you don't wear a mask while you're working out or anything I had worked out in three months now when it was my turn I was wearing a hat and when they took my temperature it was a hundred and one so fortunately I knew the guide the trainer the manager I knew him from a different you fit and you know he said well why don't you just go cool off in your car so I just stood by and when the shade because it was sunny out and it was pretty warm out and yeah everyone else in the line was telling him it's probably just the Hat it's probably just a hat which actually it was because I was wearing my hat backwards and he checked it again and it was like Oh 100 or 99 and then he checked it again for the third time and it went down to 98 so I walked in and they were it was they were very strict um which was great I mean it's good they're not you know they're very cautious of what's happening this corona viruses so the gym I think the maximum capacity when I called to make sure that they were open they said it was like to 150 or to 150 or 250 it's a big space you fit it's not necessarily a huge gym but it's a big big space it's the one in Dania Beach and [Music] although pretty much all the benches were taken up they have to squat racks one of the racks is broken or out of commission I had the police tape around it and then the other one that something about this you fit in particular is people hog the hog the squat rack so I mean I think there was a the whole time I did you show seated shoulder presses what did i do today so today I did seated shoulder press and then I walked around for like over five minutes trying to see if someone was gonna get off the bench or a squat rack but that was not happening so I did Mike Pratt seated leg press incline leg press I did leg press then after the leg press someone finally came off a bench and I threw my stuff over there while I was cleaning cleaning the leg press machine so yes my bench my bench was super super crappy I mean I I'm embarrassed I'm 165 pounds I was before the before this whole thing I was doing maybe my 1 rep max is maybe 215 but and I could do like part of my routine was always at least 185 195 and I was struggling it was one with the 135 I mean I'll be honest and I did so I did a warm-up set with 135 and then I did 155 I mean I know maybe some of you might click off right now and be like oh man that dudes weakling but yeah I mean I you know bench is something that you can work at and you can really fix your bench you can increase your bench more as you train so you know I'm just getting back in it also like I said I lost 10 pounds and haven't really been working out so overall my workout if I had to rate my workout it would be like a five or a 5.

5 I did about like half not half but three quarters between half and three quarters of the weight that I usually move around and I mean it was just a day to get back into the gym get back into the gym mindset and and yeah so then after that I did some rows but it's the this row machine where you pretty much lay on your chest with your lay on your chest on this pad with your feet feet incline that you can you do the row like the T row so I did rows I did shoulder chest back with the rows then I did triceps but yeah anyhow although all the machines are taken up I mean all the benches people were just standing around waiting for benches people were standing around waiting for the one squat rack then obviously people are even waiting for the two Smith machines that they have there yeah you know I was trying to figure out what kind of programming I could do but it was really just a matter of what's available work out all your muscle groups to try to do a full-body workout I didn't do biceps tomorrow I'm having to go in and do deadlift so I'll do deadlifts I'll do biceps tomorrow make sure I get that in there but today I got I did some tricep extensions tricep bro and I did those all right my tendinitis is kicking in I usually wear the sleeves and the sleeves man the sleeves if you ever have tendon pain or any kind of pain get the sleeves maybe I'll do a video about the sleeves that I got because I've had them for two three years and I mean I washed them a couple of times a week and they're still intact and they work fricking great I love them they help you out they help you I actually I they helped me get back into working out because I had to take several months off when my tendinitis flared up so bad and they helped me the sleeves helped me get back in and work my way up to like today I didn't wear any sleeves I just went in but I'll probably start wearing them again and I wanted to talk about this I got in i started doing much my shoulder press and my freaking bluetooth my speaker's my headset started um cutting out and it did that for the whole workout and I actually kept them on for most of my workout was like that so that was terrible and that was bad tool I got these off of Amazon and they're like they're the earpods you know they're like though the thick thick thick black ear pods and when I go running these they actually slip out of my ears and yeah these they kept cutting out so I don't know I'm gonna hit him up on Amazon and try it out they a tool so definitely watch out for these I don't know if it's dark but after I got out I went to brand smart because it's right next to the you fit and I got myself these blue dreams warhead yeah I know whatever little budget these are like $13 and I've bought these kind of headphones I bought these kind of heads-up headphones from Amazon before not the same brand but the same type the ones with the ones with the loop around the ears you know the ones about which you know probably some of you out there don't want to wear that but these are Bluetooth they don't fall out because you there looped or under there looped around your ear and yeah I mean they're cheap and they they sound great you know a lot of people say give you don't have Apple earpods it means you're poor but people are always complaining about the ear pods and everyone's got a friend or themselves they lost an ear pod and they wish apple sold individual ear pods they probably do at this point and I mean I would think an ear pod they would just fall out of your ears so just like those bay atul ones they just fall out so these 13 bucks beat wannabes yeah yeah they're like beat wannabe head headset headphones and I've never wore this brand before this blue blue stream from brand smart but I'm gonna give them a whirl because they look they look exactly it's probably this exact same headphone that I had before they were fine and I can go running I can deadlift I can do whatever grunt and move around and they work great you know so I'm gonna charge them and tomorrow we'll see how they work out at the workout so yeah my first day back at the gym that was my experience of you fit then you can do a good job I would say yes this is a brand-new this you fit they just opened up so you know I there was the manager that was there was a manager from a different you fit that I normally go to so I guess they were they need they needed help and either we're gonna be busy but yeah I mean they only they only have a couple of benches in there they only have one working squat rack so but yeah I mean you know they're doing a good job we're doing they're doing the best that they can you know I'm sure it's it's like corporate and they have to do all these all these things but everyone was nice everyone was polite and yeah people have a good time and work out maybe some people just a little bit aggro that the benches and the squat racks were not available so we were all in there just tweaking our workout just to you know get it in well YouTube thank you so much for watching if you found this video entertaining any bit at all please leave a comment below thumbs up subscribe to the channel or let me know or let me know hey don't talk about this or talk about that or maybe talk about this you know throw some suggestions my way I know I said a lot of homes in this video but thanks again and have a great one.

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