[Music] in thrum sir a small city in the north of norway the winters are long and hard from November until January the polar night renders the Sun invisible and for 24 hours there is almost complete darkness and then there's snow so thick that it disrupts the day-to-day lives

of the city's residents the conditions make things difficult for the local football team to throm sir al the northernmost top tier Club in the world have been forced to do things differently since their inception in 1920 located on the island of thong Sawyer north of the Arctic Circle

the city is connected to mainland Norway by bridges inevitably travelling to games is made more difficult by the remote location the closest team to Trumpster in the ëletís area and last season was thronged I'm based Club Rosenborg BK and even then that's a round trip of over 1,400

miles to drive it would take more than 16 hours so flying is a necessity and over a season it can prove costly it's also tiring for the players one of the main challenges of the distance first and foremost is the economy because of long-distance flights and sleeping over

Morten ieva head of Academy at thrombus atoll Tefo we spend more time traveling than the rest the EVAs role takes on added importance at trump sir the adverse weather conditions and the isolated location make it harder to attract players particularly from other countries some are reluctant to move

somewhere so remote although Yahveh insists attitudes have changed in recent years I'd say that it was more like that before he said now probably with the world being more and more connected most players know that it's not that different and it's only a two-hour often cheap flight back

to their family some are simply deterred by the cold the average temperature during the winter months is below zero and snowfall is common and the almost constant darkness is easier to cope with for some than others because of the longer winter here than in the south of Norway

we have to cancel more training sessions due to snow added Ieva we have some indoor fields to Train but they're not full-sized pitches suited to eleven aside also the snow has to be removed more than the other stadiums in Norway so there is more damage to the pitch

and more human resources go into maintenance and removing snow from the field in the stands to avoid constant postponements an artificial pitch was fitted at the club's Alfheim stadion in 2005 underfloor heating was added to and it became easier to manage heavy snowfall despite the unavoidable difficulties they're

faced with tromsø have never been owned their situation they've adapted gone about their work professionally and managed to compete consistently at the top of the Norwegian game because of our location we had to be really curious and open to the rest of the world be a vert said

this also made us a bit more innovative and creative we have the advantage of being curious and open to new ideas at the same time you'd think we've been a bit more hardened over the years which has made us tougher and braver but this is not a science

I would love it if someone did research and a science project find out what the actual difference is mentally and physically from Sur have achieved an impressive amount given their clear disadvantages they won the Norwegian Cup in 86 and 96 and qualified for the group stages of the

Europa League in 2016 eventually losing out to Tottenham NZ Makhachkala and sheriff Tiraspol the likes of Chelsea and Galatasaray have also faced ignominy astir feet at the AL foam stadium the former losing out on the snow-covered pitch in a game played with an orange ball during a blizzard

things have not gone entirely to plan for trauma served light they finished second from bottom and last year's elite Assyrian unable to avoid relegation and continue their five-year stint in the top flight instead they'll play next season in the second tier looking for an immediate return but what

is certain is that they won't be deterred by this setback they've battled the elements economic hardship and the challenge of travelling thousands of miles for every away game our history is really interesting says yahveh the future for this truly unique club should be to you

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