hi my name is Megan and welcome to the channel where we talk all things travel-related I recently flew from Canada to Vietnam a questionable decision and in today's video we'll be sharing 10 ways that the corona virus outbreak affected the airport and airplane experience as well as what

the situation is like here on the ground in the night let's start by talking about the trip over here I flew from Canada to South Korea and then into Vietnam and the travel experience was definitely different from any travel I have done over the past few years the

first major difference was that the airplanes I was on as well as the airports were relatively empty there were very few people that I was flying with and it was a little bit eerie number two is that not only where the airports and airplanes empty they will also

spotless heavily sanitized frequently cleaned cleaning staff everywhere the third big difference was that everyone travelers and staff included were wearing a mask on their face also when you arrived at a new airport there would be separate lineups for visitors that were coming from China or any visitors that

had been in China or a country that had a local outbreak travelers also had to declare on arrival if they had recently traveled to any countries that were experiencing a local outbreak at the time I was traveling this included mainland China and Japan and would now likely include

South Korea Italy Iran it's a pretty long list at this point number six is one that I did not expect it was that the water fountains in the airports were out of service there were also many signs urging travelers to wear a mask and to wash their hands

frequently the last three changes that I noticed but actually on my arrival into Danang every traveler on the plane had to fill out a medical declaration form as well as indicating that they were not sick and any country that they had visited prior to arriving in the night

once we all got off the plane we had to get a big lineup and have our temperatures checked several travelers were actually taken out of the line after having no temperatures checked which is something that I had never seen happen before let's talk about the situation in Vietnam

specifically here in denying the Vietnamese government was quick to come out with new travel restrictions months ago just at the beginning of this coronavirus outbreak it was recently stated that anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus that did not report the case to authorities would be duly punished there was

16 cases reported in the country all of which have been released from hospital we then had a 22 day streak with no new cases being reported in Vietnam as a foreigner it's been quite nice living in the city everything is open but many of the hotels the attractions

the spas the restaurants are offering pretty hefty discounts due to the decline in tourist activity while there were very few short term tourists here there are still plenty of long-term remote workers like myself to connect with the decreasing tourism activity also means that many attractions which have historically

been jam packed with tourists are relatively empty such as the Golden Bridge if you've been following along on my Instagram stories you'll see that it's actually a little bit eerie during the day because most of the locals are working and then the remote workers that are in the

city are also working meaning the streets are pretty empty definitely a rare sight for Vietnamese city I've also tracked all of my expenses over the last three years for every different city that I've lived in this trip so far has been significantly less expensive than the last two

times that I've visited denying in 2018 and 2019 my yearly trip to the market where I go and I buy all of the necessities that I'll need for the time I'm staying here like shampoo and a blender ended up being significantly cheaper than it was last year and

even cheaper than it was back in 2018 it was the first time that I went to a Vietnamese market and did not even attempt to haggle or negotiate the price down so yes the last few weeks living in the city as a foreigner have been a pretty good

but things changed very fast when I woke up on Monday morning as of this week many businesses in Danang have canceled events close their doors decrease their hours for our offering delivery services only risk of a local outbreak here engineering is very real as with many Asian countries

people live in close quarters there are many people under one roof and it would be very easy for the virus to spread quickly I previously mentioned that as a foreigner it's been kind of nice to experience fewer clouds and discounted prices it has not been nice for the

residents here in Danang or anyone that is operating a business here in Danang particularly if they are relying on tourism dollars even if we were not factoring in the coronavirus there was already a greater supply than there is demand for tourism services in this city so with the

coronavirus and the huge massive decrease in tourism activity these are certainly tough times a couple that flew in on that London to Hanoi flight suspected of having the corona virus were actually in the city of the name their exact itinerary from what hotel they stayed at to what

restaurants they ate at to what attractions they visited blew up over social media the hotel restaurant and attractions named could quite literally have lost all business overnight I am concerned about how a depressed economy will be affecting daily life in the city for example petty crime is already

an issue here in Vietnam and I wonder if that will become a bigger issue will there be animosity and hostility towards foreigners that are enjoying the services of the city without having to deal with the economic pitfalls another concern I have is actually getting out of Vietnam the

government is continuing to place greater travel restrictions both on incoming and outgoing flights I actually flew in with a layover in South Korea the day before hefty restrictions were placed on flights coming in from South Korea with many of them being cancelled a week ago I found out

that my flight from Danang to South Korea as the first leg of my trip back to Canada was also canceled this flight isn't happening until late April and now isn't happening at all but I won't know an updated itinerary until closer to the dates in addition to getting

out of Vietnam I'm also concerned about getting anywhere in general including back home to Canada I mentioned that last week they canceled my flight from Danang to South Korea and then a few days ago they actually canceled my flight from South Korea all the way back to Canada

again this will not be me ticketed until closer to the date likely because the situation is changing so quickly that an airline can't predict what cities they will be able to and won't be able to fly in and out of for the lay overs I'm consistently monitoring travel

restrictions globally as well as canceled flights to be completely honest I have a fear that I will wake up one day here and find out that there are no flights coming in or out of Vietnam and that I will not be able to get back to Canada and

essentially have to stay in the country and wait it out until this coronavirus blows over who knows how long that will be a part of me feels like I'm being overdramatic in saying that and that it won't actually happen but then looking at the news that not pretty

much what's happening in Italy where the whole country is on lockdown I'm getting quite nervous about how this coronavirus is progressing globally and if travel in general will end up at a global standstill if you are looking for more frequent updates from my perspective I do update my

Instagram stories pretty regularly and I will always be real with you on there about what is happening even if it's not glamorous also if you have any questions about living and denying or about travel in general I have my contact information in the description below and I'm happy

to help speaking of Instagram something else many of you have been DMing me is asking if I regret my decision to travel to Vietnam this is not an easy question to answer because hindsight is always 20/20 but I will say that if I was in Canada right now

and I had not left several weeks ago like I did I would choose to stay in Canada and not to travel it's become clear that the coronavirus is not a passing concern or something that's going to be blowing over anytime soon of course the decision to travel is

still yours to make to some extent there are new restrictions on who can get a visa based on your nationality as well as plenty of new flight restrictions if you are coming from a country where there is a local outbreak also if you are still considering travel definitely

check with your travel insurance provider to make sure that you will be covered for the countries that you are going to policy wording can sometimes be like a whole other language so I highly recommend that you email and get the information in writing about what will be covered

and what won't be at your time of booking the travel insurance that I use is linked below and I am still covered prior to booking with them I did go on to their chat system which is very responsive to get in writing as well as a transcript other

conversation emailed to me to confirm that I would be covered for travel in Vietnam that's it for me today and I hope this video was helpful in giving you a behind-the-scenes look at travel during the corona virus outbreak as well as life here in Danang before you go

I would really appreciate it if you gave this video a thumbs up and just hit that little like button down over there I also hope you'll subscribe us I'll be back here soon with more updates as always thank you so much for being here and I hope to

see you next week bye

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