[Music] what's up guys today we've got the 50 defenders and always get a lot of love but today we're gonna bring it to you hard core and that is why I brought in a superstar trainer so wait when when's he coming anyway guys [Music] okay so now we

have to get into the principles of defending a very important part of the game if you don't have the basics down then you can forget all of the rest so in order to understand how to defend obviously you guys should know standing straight up is not going to

work we want to get set that's the first thing we don't want to turn completely sideways that leaves us very much exposed on both sides we want to be at a little bit of an angle okay I'm mainly left footed so I lead with my left foot alright

if your right foot it would be like this and it's also gonna depend on the strength of your attacker keep low keep it a little bit of a bounce that way you can move back what you never ever want to do is turn your back like this as

a defender you guys have all seen the highlight reels of guys getting torn up like this so if we brought in a superstar attacking minded superstar player like this guy right here you could see Jay Mike is right footed so obviously it would be best for us and

especially considering the goal if we push him to the outside in a way from his Swift so it would be like this we would keep ourselves right here now as we go back one thing we definitely don't want to do if Jay Mike is coming in on us

just lunge in like this leaving us exposed thinking that we're gonna grab the ball immediately so if I knew he was coming in immediately I come like this I check like that that gives me a chance to at least wait for some cover and not dive in so

guys depending on where you're defending on the field that's going to be important that you listen to the people behind you you can't always just run in and think that this is going to be the best way to defend it might even be possible that you night drop

off your defender behind you will let you know what's best to do learning to communicate as a defender is quite possibly one of the most underrated aspects of the game you should actually look at each defender as a leader of some sort you don't defend in silence depending

on your position it may be necessary for you to organize the guy right in front of you the whole defensive line or even tell the entire team to push out regardless of where you are you need to take responsibility for giving your teammates in front of you the

proper and you're behind a teammate and you can see more of the field than they can and instructions should never be complex call their name we have the drop push force them left or right whatever you do don't leave your boys hanging you haven't learned this by now

and you don't pay attention then you will find out the hard way when you get Meg or completely burned because there's no easier way to get smoked as a defender and by rushing into tackles and not assessing the situation properly no you can't contain forever what you should

do is sprint in and when you get close enough that the attacker has to worry about you you get set like we explained and wait for the right time to make a move the key is figuring out when is the right time to strike and a little short

that you should get used to trying is to step in at the point where the attacker has extended his stride the most right after they take a touch and their foot is headed back to the ground is a perfect time to step in as with all things practice

will make you better so always train with and against skillful players so you can level up this is a simple and useful tool for all defenders and under no circumstance when a player has his back to goal should he feel as if he's not under pressure if you

can time a nudge or a slight push at the same time the player is receiving the ball you can force them off balance and get them to play it back or at least not allow them to turn and it's not always about winning the ball at times if

you can delay forward movement that means that your teammates can recover and you guys can get set behind the ball be sure not to be too aggressive near your own goal there's no need to commit a foul when a guy has zero chance of shooting and lastly don't

overuse this if an attacker realizes that you're consistently staying tight on him he will rightfully try and spin you learn to mix it up as you play and you'll find it'll make you more efficient you spoke about this once before but it's just too important not to talk

about since it's something that all defenders will deal with attackers with a lot of pace can cause you some headaches so you have to learn to deal with them you get isolated 1v1 with space and behind know that they will try and use that space to their advantage

playing the ball into it and take it off instead of chasing after them learn to throw your body into their path and then immediately start heading for the ball by doing this you can neutralize their speed when containing always give yourself a bit of extra space when you're

up against speed the real problem begins as a defender when he gets you on your back foot or plays a ball and behind always be aware of and strengths there's no way getting around this one professional fouls are part of the game in a perfect way to stop

a counter it's not really a position you want to find yourself in because what it means it's most likely that your defense had a catastrophic breakdown and there's either one player or a bunch of players on a counter towards your goal in any case grabbing an arm or

a shirt pole is a simple way to stop what would otherwise be an obvious and clear chance at goal there's no other reason to do this you will end up with a yellow card and you don't want to commit a foul like this unless it's absolutely necessary but

if you must just remember that it usually leads to a pretty pissed-off attacker who might retaliate so most importantly you just remember to keep your cool and try not to let them play the ball quickly this is for attacking minded defenders but it applies to all players transition

and football is one of the most important keys to gaining an advantage and when you can put pressure on a team steal a ball and start an attack quickly it can lead to a number of chances at goal it's only available though if you're in that mindset and

when you work hard to recover the ball you might think it's time to rest but if you can flip the switch on the attacker you will most likely catch them sleeping one of the best ways to neutralize a good attacking player is to attack them right back and

force them to defend especially on the wings for instance you can see here in one of our indoor winter preseason games as I go back to double-team the guy with the ball my teammate knocks it out and I can gain ground up the field before the defense is

fully set up I've played a great ball up the field which I played back and he tucks away the principle applies no matter where you play so if you keep looking out for these opportunities they will come up constantly so with the weather warming now we are back

outside where we belong and if you guys will see highlights updates and goals follow at gold Raimi and team glory me on Instagram all right guys I hope you liked that video I hope you guys learned a whole lot comment down below with what else you want to

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