hi guys welcome we are right now in Cusco Peru the city is really pretty here I wonder here you can see all the houses in brick color and all the churches we are right now in historic center of Cusco Paris it's pretty always so many people and always

full people selling you stuff with restaurant and massage tours and stops Lola will you just move I'm staying in the hostel just a little bit outside of the historic center of Cusco just they're somewhere around like of 10 to 15 minutes walk a little bit outside is pretty

nice walking around you can see like all the local selling fruits and all dreams on the street extrude put like this also it's nice I like it cuz go is also the first place that I've tried alpaca meat for the very first time the moment of truth my

first bite of alpaca meat and I say this is yummy [Music] and it didn't offend and then should we make it to the salty nemetes dude vegetables [Music] really tender steak really that good oh you know where yourself something if you don't know who what I'll I look

like it looked like this by the way this is so so alphago got it from a shot like a fair trade shop in oriented on bow one of the second rally here in cusco so it feels like I'm I'm tired all the time walking because the other didn't

everything since make you feel tired all the time like literally it's actually a thing here to eat a pukka pukka pukka alpaca everywhere almost every single tourist restaurant go says tourist restaurant because just the other day I was asking my horse where to go eat up a cow

or a local eat and then she was like loco don't really eat al fucka the eat v's and other things but not really like alpaca I'll put guys more like touristy thing by the way today I'm not alone I'm gonna be walking with G I met him at

the hostel we never he stayed just like his feed always on my head oh no no no right hit hit hit it like eating up our God at first is kind of really excited I've never tried I don't know what it's gonna taste like and stuff but after

like all the uppercut Jenny like barbecue or the burger and steak I've been having it's gonna be your first time huh just being here for almost like how long 20 days 20 days and never had up a guy at all even though they serve it everywhere he even

told me like right the minute he say that I told him look at the side we're gonna go have some alpaca today probably like a polka steak okay whatever I'm not so sure but it's gonna be a restaurant that the hostel owner that we staying at recommend the

place call do not drag me walking into a restaurant really miss the vibes like this I just shows the being on the menu called a parka and L o Koopa it has this too spicy sign so I hope it's gonna be so spicy before many times never never

now let's talk about why are we eating up again and why do people eat up hug on people eat up I've got because it's delicious ready yeah play they claimed that alpaca is Colonel a sweeter than beef most of the time is liquid me lean there's not much

of the fat which is gone chicha Morada it has become one of my most favorite thing ever in Peru you know what it's Nina no corn apple juice pineapple juice and a little bit of way Gunilla cinnamon try [Music] [Applause] the bunker the register is the cooking wine

core marinate in decree or solid the spicy sauce all people in the decoration develop is sweet chocolate I think it's pretty late interesting never seen usually in the Rochon they're gonna give just roasted corn or deep-fried corn like peanuts now one really interesting thing is that this is

a black thing that they used to decree entry chocolate breathing trouble one more on us make sure my butt nice nice you can't really taste it so much you lose that muscle as a young work is very spicy spicy sauce but it's not that becoming another hot spicy

yeah one two three what's in there a nice baby huh yeah what do you think is it like being poor is this different it's a little bit like beef yes Tom was to be to see ya good mine I'll focus eliminated in the outfit Almonte accompanied by yellow

and red panda she leaves also over mashed potato top with vegetable in a physical and paprika this looks so nice like last night I have it everything I was in aguas calientes when we went to Machu Picchu [Music] little bit of mashed potato right here [Music] this is

so far the most hinder and then now okay look so nice smell so good sure that's so emotional I'm just gonna burn it right now should I burn it ruining it what's the first give the order to do me yeah thanks [Music] okay I'm so good smell likes

a little bit smoky and peppery and I didn't ask if it's like medium or medium we're bidding and ask me so I didn't tell them but seems like it's medium meet him well hmm I can tell the difference look at this you have to look at the meat

here the pink you need how cute let's talk price this one I'm having right here four days six soulless fifteen dollars yes mm-hmm I'm so going and the one that G is having right now the su-25 so listen there's noodles and alpacas and eggs and potatoes so much

things inside yes it's really nice not much of a taste really I think it's really like warming I love the pink in the me so much really [Music] love them befriend them eat them look at that delicious healthy and I thought this because it's the Alpha gut itself

I you know it's already cool in itself by eating like the meat itself you know like no need to pick up anymore just yeah it doesn't look so big of a plate but actually I'm so who right now and I didn't even finish the potato or so

see Tamra okay I'm just so good this is like so refreshing and also it's really good for help it's like Oh everything packed in there potato corn like corn pineapple apple juice and lime so much brightening we all start to sketch the this one again I had one

for candy it's a candy and the flavor to Taboada just like this thing that we just had we done for noona rainy wait it was so awesome Nate's meal good service also oh my god I'm starting to get like really tired again because it's good school here that

we need to see movie now so in Peru in general like it at the part that's not cusco you can actually find it and like a little bit higher class fish on but in Cusco literally you can find it in almost single restaurant but not like the local

one where you go for like um like menu didya if you come in you know do like a minute of the day five dollars six dollars you're not gonna find us because our commit is a little bit expensive than other things so not a little bit more also

in Chile in some part you can also find it in Bolivia and also in the US this added for you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this apakah episode if you come across one make sure you hit it up because I think it's pretty nice and it's quite

a unique experience I myself like it a lot because first I know that it's good for health so Appa guys so I know that it's going to be healthy like for me also and at the same time it's just well at the school cool to eat up okay

so I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] let me ask my friend over here what country boy can lose yes one ever

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