good morning everyone I'm Esme Murphy right now Minneapolis police chief mid-area arredondo is holding a news conference about a shooting last night on Lake Street and Hennepin area I first want to give my condolences to the one homicide victim who's deceased obviously to that individuals family and friends I also want to give my thoughts and prayers for full recovery for the other victims who were wounded in yesterday's senseless gun violence we have seen unfortunately over the past several months an uptick in violent crime in Minneapolis and we are certainly doing our best to address that but I want to be very clear that while we will certainly be in those spaces in those locations and certainly utilize our intelligence and our in our data gathering to try to prevent that this is going to take more than just the Minneapolis Police Department the numbers that we are seeing are truly it's a public health crisis and so we are going to need all stakeholders to to step up be a part of the discussions for solutions and help us as we navigate certainly through this I also want to make note that during Uptown's shooting last night that we we saw humanity we saw officers and we saw community members rushing to aid those victims to assist them to get to EMS personnel and I and I do believe obviously the the professionalism and the courage that our Minneapolis police officers and community members strangers to many of those victims we saw humanity last night and that really truly inspires me and it says it hope is here in our city and it will remain here in our city and we have to build on that but make no doubt the gun violence has to stop and we will bear all resources we can to hold those responsible I've been on the phone this morning with certainly my team leads of our local state agencies and I've had also a very good in-depth conversation with our local FBI special agent charge and they will be bringing resources for us as well the violence has to stop and it is a call for everyone who cares about this city to to make sure that we are all doing our best to come to the table to make sure that we offer up solutions and and that we stop at the Minneapolis Police Department we are going to continue to be out there protecting our community members but for those of you who are out there who are harming our communities you have to be held accountable we cannot have this and so thank you yes ma'am what happened last night connected is a similar crowd kind of describe how so the drag racing events that you had talked about over an uptown the previous night don't believe that had any sort of connection to last night's event we are certainly seeing with obviously certain venues of entertainment that have typically would be open this time of the year not being open we're seeing some of that be some of that is being decompressed into other parts of our city where more crowds are gathering larger than they typically would be but the drag racing event from Uptown the previous night to what occurred last night we are not seeing any connection to that you know I know that our city leaders and certainly mayor Frey is looking at all of those as possible tools but the one thing I will say a curfew doesn't stop an individual from wanting to place a gun in their hands and cause harm to community so we and I certainly as chief from the public safety standpoint I have to make sure that we're doing all we can to prevent those types of things but but certainly that is a tool that are certainly the mayor will certainly consider yes I also want to say again our community has been so good and bringing us information forward so we absolutely do have several leads in that and we're certainly our homicide investigative teams are taking up on those leads and I if I could just preface again humanity showed itself last night we had our police officers who were responding very courageously in to the sound of shots fired we had them working alongside community to to give aid to those to those victims of gunshot wounds to make sure that they got to the local hospital right away which I truly saved lives and so really a credit to seeing that humanity of our Minneapolis coming together and so but we must we must prevent and stop this gun violence truly so we are we certainly have a lot of leads and we're following up investigations are certainly looking at all those leads we're still getting more that are coming in this morning so that is a good sign know we've heard about officers being slow to respond I think it goes back to the these areas have far more people now congregating than they typically would certainly certainly last year preak Ovid so even vehicle traffic getting our squads in can be a little bit more difficult to manage but our officers there they're there they're acting very courageously professionally and I can't commend them enough so just to note our first officer last night at the Uptown shooting was on the scene within three minutes yeah there's no reason at this point in terms of the information that I've received that what occurred last night in Uptown is is some sort of reaction to mr.

Floyd's death this this truly there were there was an individual there who showed up and decided to cause harm by firing off a weapon and so I certainly do not want to disrespect mr.

Floyd's death and have that be any connection to that so yeah for our our business owners in Uptown and certainly our residents it all of us know that that is a very mixed neighborhood of businesses and residents I hear your frustrations and I certainly can only imagine what you've been going through from that still dealing with the pandemic and now with these these incidents of violence as chief I can tell you for our business owners and our residents in our city we're going to do everything we can to prevent that we're going to work with our partners both our local state federal sheriff's offices to help bring in resources to it throughout our city but we're also going to need everyone to come to the table this is this is not going to be just solved through policing alone and so but we will be there with you we will continue to make sure that your communities are safe and you will certainly have whatever I can to offer to make sure that the community stay safe so we don't have all that information detailed yet but our homicide teams are following up on all those leads that are coming and I want to thank again our community for continuing to provide us that information thank you so much thank you very much thank you and that was Minneapolis police chief midoriya Arredondo discussing what was a violent night in the city specifically there was a shooting last night in the Uptown area right around Lake in Hennepin where 12 people were shot one person has died 11 others are injured there have been no arrests the police chief indicated he did say that they have a number of leads he says he does not believe that this shooting which 12 victims including one who died is related in any way to the unrest involving surrounding George Floyd's death he did say several times that quote gun violence has got to stop in Minneapolis and he also said that humanity showed itself last night that bystanders and police officers responding to the many injured in this shooting incident we will have much more on this story on later editions of WCCO TV at 5:30 and 10:00 and throughout the day.

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