Ryan: I'm Ryan from extremeterrain.

com andtoday I'm gonna take you around our campsite.

We just finished up with day one of a two-dayoffroading trip where we're shooting a couple of videos about the Jeeps you see behind us.

We did a build on the Dune JK, make sure yousubscribe to our YouTube channel to check out that build, and we did a couple of othervideos with the other Jeeps.

So again, subscribe, check out those videos, they're gonna be pretty cool.

But we are setting up for camping.

For tonight, we brought a bunch of gear outhere with us that are gonna make it a lot more fun and a lot more comfortable for usto be out here that I thought a lot of you who use your Jeeps for camping might likeas well.

So I'm gonna take you around and show youwhat we brought.

When I'm camping, one of my favorite partsis the food and the drinks so, of course, you're gonna have to have a way to keep everythingcold when you're out on a trail during the day.

And we've all had our big coolers full ofice which ends up just full of water by the end of the day, and you end up with a soggysandwich.

Well, the ARB Fridge Freezer is one way toget rid of that.

Now this isn't gonna be for everybody, thisis an expensive item, but if you are somebody who does a lot of camping, a lot of overlandstyle offroading, you can't keep ice for an extended period of time, that's where thisis gonna come in.

This is a really, really nice option.

This is going to be the 37-quart ARB FridgeFreezer, you can fit a ton of 12-ounce cans inside of this, you can fit all kinds of otherfood, in fact, I'll pop it open for you here.

We have our sandwiches inside of here, andlike I said, you don't have to worry about your sandwiches getting all soggy from meltedice, and you have room for everybody's food inside of this thing.

As you can see, it closes nice and tight, you don't have to worry about it opening up, you're not going to have to worry about anythingspilling.

In fact, if you wanna really make sure it'snot gonna bounce around on the trail, they even make a strap kit for this thing to keepit nice and tight.

If you wanna be able to pull it out very easily, there's a slide kit.

You can get a couple of different accessoriesfor this.

It's a very, very nice unit.

As you can see right on the front here, youhave an LED readout, all of your buttons, turn it on, adjust your temperature.

You can even make ice in this thing if wantedto.

You can crank it down that low and it willget that cold.

But one of the smartest features of this isunlike your regular fridge or freezer that draws a ton of power, this is going to onlyuse a very small amount of power, and it's also smart so it will automatically turn offif your battery gets to a low enough voltage.

That way, you know you're still gonna be ableto start your Jeep and you won't end up with a dead battery on the trail.

All you need to do to get this thing firedup is plug it into any 12-volt power source.

Of course, your Jeep has one right in theback here, it makes it really, really convenient for you and it'll start getting cold rightaway.

So like I said, we keep a ton of stuff inhere, got some fruit over here as well.

And one of the other items that I really likein the back here when we're talking about food is the TeraFlex Tailgate Table.

And this is the version with the cutting board.

It's available both with the cutting boardand without it, and you see the cutting board is right on here.

And the cutting board is actually really nicebecause you can move it around and bolt it into a couple of different locations so regardlessof what you're using it for, you can move it and make it most convenient for you.

And of course, you're probably gonna havea table or a picnic table or something like that when you're camping anyway, but thismakes a really nice food prep station and it's gonna be right near your fridge freezeror your cooler, whatever you might have.

This is one of those things that you reallydon't think about, but when you have it, you're going to use it all the time.

So that's it for this stuff as far as thefood prep goes, but we do have a couple of other things that are gonna make your campingexperience a little bit more comfortable, so let me show you those.

One thing you're always gonna have a ton ofwhen you're camping is gear, especially if you have a lot of people at your campsite, like we do tonight, and being able to organize it is always a good thing.

So what we have here is the Rugged Ridge StorageBag.

Now this is gonna be something that's gonnahelp to organize your gear, it's got a strap on it, you can just grab it out of the backof the Jeep, take it right over to the campsite with you, and it is gonna help you organizebecause on the inside it's actually subdivided into four different quadrants here so youcan keep your stuff exactly where you put it.

Got a little bit of a pocket up front herethat snaps closed as well.

I mean, this isn't gonna be a complete gamechanger but it is going to help to organize some of your gear which is gonna make it alittle bit easier to get set up and get to the fun.

Speaking of the fun, let me go around to theside of the Jeep and show you one of my favorite parts.

One of my favorite parts ever since we addedit to the website has been the Jammock 2.

0 and that's what my buddy Dan is hanging outin.

Dan, you look pretty comfortable.

How are you doing? Dan: Yeah , man, it's comfortable.

I'm relaxing, enjoying the trip.

Ryan: Yeah, this is really one of my favoriteparts.

This is a dual purpose item, this is goingto be pretty much a mesh top, a bikini top, whatever you wanna call it, it's gonna beable to live right underneath your soft-top or your hardtop and give you some shade whenyou have those tops flipped down, but as Dan is demonstrating right now, this thing isalso going to be a hammock.

So whether you're camping, you're tailgating, you just want somewhere to hang out, you can hop up here and even if you're a big dude.



Imean, Dan, how tall are you? Dan: I'm 6'5″.

Ryan: Dan's 6'5″ and he's comfortable hangingout in here.

This thing is really a great dual purposeitem, and for the price it is a must-have if you're a camper.

Well, we have a couple more parts to showyou so I'm gonna hop down and get to it.

One of the last items we brought with us todayto our campsite is this Mean Mother Maxi 4×4 3 Compressor and this is gonna be great forthose of you are doing a lot of camping or even just guys who do a lot of wheeling becausethis is going to air up your tires very quickly, you're not gonna have to wait at the closestgas station pumping in quarters to air up your tires.

You're gonna be able to do it at your owntime and it's going to do it, again, very, very quickly.

So when you're using a compressor for airingup tires, it's not so much about pressure as it is about volume, and this moves a lotof volume at the pressure that you're gonna be using it at, so you're gonna be able toair up even a big 35-inch, 37-inch tire really, really quickly.

Now, this compressor does also have a uniquefeature, this comes with a remote control.

And you might be thinking, “Why do I needthat?” Well, you can actually hard mount this compressorwherever you want, hardwire it in, and then use the remote to turn the compressor on andoff when you're out at the wheel so you can get it up to the perfect pressure.

So it comes right out of the box with a setof alligator clips, you can just plug it in, use it how we're using it today, or you cando that hardwire mounting which is just a different option for you.

But since we're on a two-day wheeling trip, we're not gonna air up the tires tonight.

What we are going to use it for this eveningis to have a little bit of fun.

This does come with a needle so you're gonnabe able to air up a ball, have a little bit of fun around your campsite before you hopup into your tent.

So I'm gonna air up this ball and then I'mgonna show you the last thing that we brought with us, which is one of my favorites.

My favorite piece of gear that we've broughtwith us today is the Smittybilt Rooftop Tent that's behind us.

I've always thought that these things wereso cool, the way you can just pull them with one strap and boom, you have a tent and youhave a place to stay.

This is going to mount on any roof rack thatyou have over your soft top or your hardtop, or even one of those load-bearing roof racksthat you can screw directly through your hardtop for a really neat and clean design.

This just mounts in four locations, pops up, very easy to install, even easier to set up, and the thing has a ton of really cool features.

So let me show when we get up there.

So like I said, this thing is absolutely fullof features.

You flip it open right away, you don't haveto set up any sleeping bags, any sleeping mats.

This has a foam-padded mat on the bottom ofit so you and the second person that's sleeping in here with you because this can hold twopeople, are gonna be really, really comfortable.

This has a couple of spots to let air in andout, all of these have screens that zip close and also other shutters that you can put downover the top of them.

Each one of the windows has a rain fly overthe top of it that again is very easy to set up, a couple of metal poles, it only takesa second.

It actually has sunroofs right in the tophere, so again you're gonna get a ton of air that's gonna be able to come in and out, andyou're also gonna get a lot of light in here.

But when it does become night time and youneed a little bit more light, this has an LED strip that's built right into it, it justVelcros right on and you can power it through any USB cellphone charger, any battery charger, or run a cable right down to the 12-volt on your Jeep and power it that way.

You have some straps that are built rightinto the frame of this thing to help make climbing up and down the ladder a little biteasier.

And there are some accessories that you canpurchase on top of what you get out of the box that will make it even more useful, especiallyif you have a big lift, you can get a longer ladder, and a few other things that make iteven nicer to use this when you're out camping.

So that's the gear we brought with us on thiscamping trip to make it a little bit more fun and a little bit more comfortable whilewe were out here, and it's some stuff that I think you guys who use your Jeeps whilecamping might enjoy as well.

Well, that's it for me.

I'm gonna go light a bonfire, cook up somehotdogs and crack open a nice cold beer.

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