hello everyone I'm jeath and today I'm continuing our rundown of best in slot corruptions with healers don't worry ranged DPS and melee all have their very own videos and the video for best in slot tank corruptions is up on the channel of our very own scope we just wanted to make the information accessible without you having to jump through a 30 minute video or flood your sub boxes with one video for each class in spec that's assuming you guys have subscribed right one thing we should note unless you really need upgrades for progress we recommend waiting to buy tier 3 where possible as it's often more efficient in terms of saving gear slots on your character and in terms of EKKO currency another note is we're going to be generally recommended stat percentage over proc stat game corruptions for example severe increases the amount of critical strike you gain from all sources by 6 9 or 12 percent as opposed to deadly momentum which gives your crits a chance to increase your crit by 32 41 or 72 up to 5 times if you're equipping better slot corruption that should be going into a best in slot or near best in slot item in terms of its stats here's an example show you how it works let's say with all your gear and gems you've got 2000 crit for any corruption from 20 corruption with rank 3 severe that 12 percent increased spirit gives you a flat 240 critical strike 20 corruption of deadly momentum that's the only 205 corruption when it's fully stacked so you're getting 12 points of crit for every one corruption with severe but only 10.

25 with deadly momentum which doesn't have 100% uptime as more and more guilds move away from progress into farm your trusty DPS and tanks are gonna be taking less and less damage as they learn not to stand on mechanics maybe as such you may find yourself less pressed to maximize your eeling because of this we'll be including some DPS Corrections for those who like to show the DPS how it's done let's kick off with priests running with holy for maximizing holy priests throughput we recommend ineffable truth or masterful it might be hard getting mastery cloth with fire mages in the raid but your master scaling is great so it's time to farm some echos ineffable truth also a very good option particularly on longer fight since a lot of holy priests healing is locked behind cooldowns and ineffable truth will let you cast those powerful spells more often to increase your damage gushing wounds and twisted appendages help as you even smites and keep holy fire up on the boss four-disc it's all that haste so expedient should be your go-to expedient also helps maximize your damage throughput by helping you smile your way to victory gushing wounds twisted appendages and on longer single target fights infinite stars will help you really crank out that damage for resto druids trying to maximize their healing it's all about that haste so by expedient if you're looking to do some feral weaving and help deep pissed on the boss Cushing's twisted appendages work pretty well with you being in melee Twilight devastation is also a viable option particularly on AoE encounters such as carapace and azov' or hive mind holy paladin's just got a stack ineffable truth the more neckl truth the more your throughput goes through the roof because every single button holy paladin's Bush is a cooldown so ineffable truth giving you that 200% Plus cooldown reduction just lets you push everything more if damage is more your forte then we recommend catching wounds twisted appendages and four mythic plus or any AE we encounter Twilight devastation just be careful not to pull through the walls and told to Gore with miss Weaver monks we recommend flash of insight which comes from the dress the Gath weapon after that severe is the best option for maximizing your healing throughput with versatile at decent backup option if you're looking to crank out the damage as with all the other specs bashing wounds and twisted appendages are your best bet for single target fights and again for mythic plus and other fights with a lot of ads such as hive mind pilot devastation can have a huge impact and it's definitely viable sadly the nerfs to miss Weaver have taken the 400, 000 HP s potential away but they're by no means out of the race and can still blast with the right gear finally we have restoration shaman's for maximum throughput you want one flash of insight on your trusty dress to get weapon and then as much severe as you can carry fully stacked severe shaman's will see 70% Plus crit on all their spells chained heel goes vroom restoration Shaymin have perhaps the best secondary DPS built in the game for healer and would recommend stacking twisted appendages and filling any right remaining corruption with gushing wounds if you're going all out on damage with fully stacked DPS resto shamans sending over 70, 000 this is your best setup to show those DPS who's boss for long single target fights infinite stars always viable option if you're feeling lucky with the procs anyway that's our rundown of best in slot corruptions are you excited to finally be able to grind what are you picking up first let us know in the comments down below and make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss our videos on range DPS melee DPS and tanks as well as our shuttle lens update videos and everything else method.