just last week we talked about the fact that a CDC report had found that African Americans are being disproportionately affected and it could be impacting their mental health Golden Globe Award winning actor taraji P Henson is aiming to change that as the founder of the nonprofit the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation she has launched a new initiative to provide mental health support for those and underserved communities and taraji is waking up early at for us this morning she joins us live from Los Angeles good morning to you happy good morning to you no question about it you've been a longtime mental health advocate let's talk about this new initiative that you've launched it's called The Cove in nineteen free virtual support therapy program or campaign what are you hoping to accomplish well we open this registration for participants to sign up for therapy on the fifteen and we knew we had nearly 1, 000 people trying to sign up day so the need is massive you know and I knew it would be because people are suffering and they're isolating and they're alone and families are being ripped apart in the fear of what if I get it I have to go in the hospital by myself that's trauma so you know we need as much mine and support as possible we had to shut the server down to recalibrate that's how that's how big the need is out there and I couldn't just sit by being an advocate for mental health and not do anything and I've been floating this by myself try not to go broke but we need people to step up and really really you know donate because this is helping this helping thousands of people stay alive during this time you're right you know you're right it's interesting I was assuming with friends and family members this weekend and what's so clear to me is that people are struggling in so many different ways and one thing I underestimated is there were people who were facing dark times before all of this and who felt isolated there have been people who have been struggling for a while and my fear is that this might be the straw do you know what I mean absolutely and that's why that my call to action was immediate because I mean I know if you're already suffering you know from past traumas and you're like this is just added trauma you know their families being ripped partner and their loved ones dying alone they don't know if they can't have funerals I mean this is traumatic for all of us so you know I'm just asking that everyone please just donate it could be anything you can to help no stigma sets no stigma two seven zero seven zero seven zero right now because people need help in this suffering and they have no one to turn to I can call my therapist and I think about it you know but most people can and we have hundreds of you know competent culturally competent therapists on our line on our website right now that are willing and waiting to help so we need everyone to pull together we're gonna get through this together amen to that we're gonna put up that information on our website at third hour today calm before you leave us this morning I have to say a lot of people frankly to get by are watching a lot of television and your hit show prior ending tomorrow night I read that you know it's the series finale obviously um you had to shut down a little early due to due to the pandemic any spoilers for us can you just tell us what's gonna happen I've been over here trying to kind of guess in my own mind I have like four or five different endings I can't wait to see we actually had an ending for you guys but Kovac shut us down so I will be finding out what's happening at the same time you guys are no idea I have no idea we've really got shut down yeah we got shot we will inflated to do 20 episodes we got shut down in the middle of production on episode 19 so they had to go into the editing room and make movie magic to give you guys a finale and I honestly don't know how it's gonna end I used to know we're gonna get the popcorn and we'll watch together so before you leave this I was looking on your Instagram page all of us are trying to keep busy doing different things self-care is a top priority to a lot of us tell us what you've been doing to pass the time I know you got your nail line or you got your haircare which by the way I track your conditioner it's fantastic we'll get into that next week I'll show people how it worked I got it all curly and what anyway have you guys have you been have you been passing the time my house and I've just been teaching myself acrylic it's soothing for me it's therapeutic in a weird way that was my side hustle in college but I'm perfecting it now just in case this acting thing doesn't work out I've been doing a lot of hair for eels you see I had a lot of time I braided this hair myself so I've just been I'm finding way to make myself feel kind of normal in this strange time well I will say with everything we're talking about self-care goes a long way you know if there's not a slump you want to look in the mirror and like what you see so honestly it all kind of comes full circle thank you so much for talking with us this morning any what happens with the series finale and again if anyone wants more information about the free free virtual therapy support campaign or if you want to support just head to our website third hour today.

com talked about an uplift guys Alan Craig you just can't beat that no that woman and I love that she's practicing acrylic nails just in case the acting thing doesn't work out you.

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