hey guys welcome back to my channel andI am about to film a summer essentials haul video for you guys and I realizedI'm not fully set up like I thought I was like I didn't organize I have allthe stuff right here but I don't have this oh there's the stand I don't knowabout you guys but I have been living in my room so much more that it's reallyhard to keep it clean and I already did like a closet makeover video like afull-on deep clean in my bedroom those are videos that I'll put downbelow if you're bored go watch but it's like I don't want to just keep postingthose this is what I put you guys on when I film it was all my mini tripodcan't remember what I was filming with that but today is going to be a reallyfun filming day but I am super excited about this video because during my haulvideos I get to kind of also just chitchat with you guys and trying tomake the most out of summer we're in quarantine I'm trying to makeit exciting it's kind of hard though cause like like last year with hot girlsummer time and that was so cute I loved it and now this is quarantine summer andit's just I'm try to make it sound cute quarantines every time I can't sing sothat just makes it worse if I can find the product links I'll put them downbelow some of them may be affiliates but I'll make sure to indicate that just tohave some transparency here but all of these products I personally use I love Ican tell you I recommend them hey let me get you propped up here and anotherthing too though it's hard doing a haul video because it kind of tells people toalso go spend money and I don't know I was already going to do this videobecause I think it's the perfect kickoff for the summertimeagain I don't want you to think I'm encouraging you to spend your money likedon't like this is just just take it for fun right now and then when things get alittle bit better spend your money you know how I treat you so sweet peayes I'm looking at and I got so excited with this hall that I'm actually goingto be showing you so many products there's like another Bowl over hereand so I'm going to break this down by category of course like I saidbesides product links they'll also be details in the description I'llcategorize it I can timecode this because I know some people only careabout this or that hey guys welcome back to my channel this is going to be asummer essentials haul and this summer haul is going to have various categoriesthat I will pop up on screen and some of them include some summer skincarerecommendations especially for sun protection affordabletech at-home workout equipment and more intro using appropriate keywords checkso ok we can get down to business I got a power through this starting withflirty fits so of course I'm going to feature my kit clip my clip on it catears from critter clips calm I am NOT an affiliate I hope down the road to be butthere are small business I think they're so cute but a couple days ago my highschool friend texted me about them and thought that I got these from a sex shopand she didn't really necessarily think that I was using them for kinky purposesbut still she thought they came from a sex shop so I just kind of thought tomyself like if she thinks that do you guys think that oh there's nothing wrongif that's where they came from but they didn't wait let me show you mycollection actually they have their own special drawer these ones I kind of likefor Holiday Edition because they are extra sparkly pink cuz you know me Ilove pink natural and I think I need another a pair of natural because myhair I'm a dark blue but it can bleach from the Sun andsometimes I like to get balayage so I kind of need different versions like Ineed another natural pair for my winter Sheen hair and then these green ones areperfect for st.

Patrick's Day like I like to take really good care of themlike I was horrified when I found my cat chomping ah yesterday this is myfavorite tanning bikini I like it cuz I'm small chested so to have moreruffles than a typical bandeau top that is so tight it's like a sports brawithout pads you know I like it and you can manipulate the top with a scrunch Iknow I got this on Amazon because somebody bought it from my Amazonwishlist but I know that Savile has a lot of these going on right now thissummer and I've seen them on the models that have bigger chests and they lookcute there too so I feel like this can be like a very universal model of bikinithat works for everybody and then the bottoms they naturally right up on yourhips that's just you can see from the angle so it's not just me hiking them upthey stay up because that's the style but I will say the bottoms are a bitflimsy so when I tan in my backyard these are perfect if I went to a poolparty I might be giving a Peep Show and maybe you want to give a peep showbut there's too many people that love to expose people on snapchat and tik-tok soI don't do that I had a gift card at Victoria's Secretso of course a little vs pink haul I got these spandex super cute here is thiswould be the front I believe yeah these are the front and then the back I likeit how these circles for your butt so it makes it look cuter usually I wear asmall @ vs pink but it's smooth kind of like shouts and stuff you know littlepersonal stuff so I chose to try on the medium and I was a little nervousbecause of course you want it to be firm and uplifting and whatnotbut I tried them on they were so cute and I got this topit wasn't sold together but they actually looked really cute so this itfeels cozy like a pajama top but I plan on actually wearing this outside itssheer be aware again like do you want to give a peep show tonight and then ofcourse you know how it is when you spend at Victoria's Secretyou get panties let me show you I got these I love their mesh they do a prettygood job about making them soft in my opinion but just 360 view moving on tobeauty skincare and healthy hair so I have a lot to get through some of thisstuff like I'll go in detail or include more items when I decide to do a dailyroutine video like I want to do a summer morning routine some are a nighttimeroutine so just subscribe now if you haven't but let's do like a rapid firewith this so sunscreen I know what you're thinking like of course like duhlike sunscreen but I want to tell you that a lot of people don't know this butthere's a lot of sunscreens on the US market that are completely approved bythe US but the chemicals go directly into your bloodstream and they're justnot as good healthy for you in the long run I'll include more in the descriptionbut as you can see this one is Nivea and my mom actually purchased this overseasjust because Europe is stricter with their guidelines when it comes to sunprotection but again I'll talk more in the description just read that becausethat will help you out with finding your next sunscreen when it comes to sunprotection and moisturizers for your face I recommend Eucerin I have normalto dry skin and I'll include more details of my skin ID in the descriptionbelow in case I can help you guys out but I'm not a skin care professional I'mnot professional with anything okay there's my disclaimer but I love thisbecause I spf15 in it and I put this on everymorning even when I know I'm staying inside because I'm hearing more and morethat blue light is damaging and even though you won't see the damagingeffects right away like you would maybe the Sun like it could take years andyears times another like 30 years to see it it's just not worth it because I knowyou know that you consume a lot of tech so just to be mindful I also likeJergens natural glow mainly because it smells so goodit's like my favorite smelling lotion I remember sometimes I would actuallystill have residue on my hand and then when I was in school taking classes Ijust like smelling my hand the one thing I gotta tell you is on the Box it callsitself a daily moisturizer no because this will tint your face I know what tostart getting darker and darker it's just not worth it like even if you'realso tinting your body with like their body lotion or whatnot just do a littleokay did I talk it can get the best of you it's really good to have someprotection on your lips this is one of those cos eggs that has SPF 15it goes on thicker and it has some mild flavor to it and then I have Sun balmright here let me get this you guys probably seen this becausethey're both available in drugstores sometimes this is a little pricier of anoption this one though has SPF 30 so it'sdouble and a lot of times they say you should at least have SPF 30 and it goeson really buttery like really buttery and it's so flavorful so I don't know ifyou're somebody like you lick your lips all the time cuz you like to eat thechapstick which I totally understand because I like to eat the chapstick ifyou're someone who eases the chapstick like maybe don't get it or if you do getit keep it on you cuz you're gonna have to keep reapplying it but I definitelyrecommend both of these and then before bed I love to put on thisallies of skin lip balm it does not have SPF in it there's I don't think there'sany indication that has heavy aloe so it's not like it's an after Suntreatment it's just before bed to keep my lips moisturized aloe vera like justplain aloe vera I'm not for sure the difference between green and blue Ithink they just make them different colors for fun but that you can getthese for super cheap at a drugstore I know they have lotions that are infusedwith aloe vera and I still recommend that but I also make sure to have thisbecause like right after I have Sun I apply this I also have these real coldlotions just because in general I do love interest Gold Bond they have somefor healing or if you have eczema this one has hand sanitizer infused with ityou know and take quarantine Edition this one this one's a healing foot creammy other ones are in the bathroom but just isn't it like just as proof I lovegold bond I support them and they do have lotions that are infused with aloeand of course I have the derma roller let me show you what sorry it's a newerderma roller so it's always harder to get out here we go this one is supernice so literally you roll needles usually primarily for your facesometimes your body it depends on what type of derma roller I've actually madea couple of videos that go in-depth about it and I'll include like a littlemini description about them in this video's description my computer is dyingyeah I got had to get the charger this mat is so cushiony but at the same timeI'm sticking to it it keeps taking inappropriate noises sorry I'm talking myself I got moreproducts though for you now another thing also especially needles scare youI also love to have a Jade roller with me and what's great about a Jade rollertoo is like it helps the puffiness and I did a video on thattoo that you can check out to learn more but you can actually put these in therefrigerator and it has a more cooling effect and it helps calm down your skinand I think it's even more important during the summertime because if you aresunburned and your skin is trapping the heat in there get the get the hell overhere out get your freezing cold Jade roller and just roll it out you knowwhen in doubt roll it out I'm only gonna touch on makeup a little bit I knowthere's just so many products on the market but these are two drugstoreproducts I really like so this is Maybelline Dream BB fresh paint and onebeauty bomb skin Perfector they have such long names but you've probably seenthis sometimes they alter the packaging has SPF 30 in it it has a tint to itI am the lightest shade which is 110 light /medium sheer tint but it's reallygreat about it because I think it does give me a glow covergirl LashBlastvolume you can get them at different types of shades I'm more of a brownblack kind of girl because it's a little bit softer and then they have awaterproof version or a regular version I've had luck with both kinds so lookfor the orange tube when it comes to hair I am still experimenting a lot withmy hair because I actually started bleaching it or doing some type ofprocessing treatment on it since I was in middle school so I'm still learningabout my actual normal non processed hair but just a couple products to showoff is not your mother's love for hue color care UV protectant so again likewhat makes it unique is usually you don't have us sun protection hair sprayyou know and it's just something unique it's a good add-on especially if you'rea girl who loves to grow her hair out very long you know like that's then yourhair is experiencing multiple summers you gotta you gotta treat it welland then I just love finding different oil spritz just from time to time I loveto continuously nourish my hair I have other serums that I use and other heatprotectant stuff but like from time to time I like to throw in a little spritzoh and I got something from at Sephora I always feel so fancy because for itskind of icy but I really like this eyebrow pencil this is my second timepurchasing it I think isn't it benefit yeah it's the benefit goof proof browpencil and I use the shade number two I kind of was thinking like oh like when Iget my summer shade in can I like get the one and the lady was like no youcan't pull that off here's a little sassy but I think some people are justnaturally sassy they don't mean to be rude apparently though the number oneshade is a sheer so you kind of really got to match that but let me open her upso here I feel like this is always a waste they trying to make it look likeit's more than it is by having the little brush thing but you know maybeyou want to do some grooming slanted as you can see so it kind of looks I wantto see like a little bit of a teardrop shape maybe a little more like a rhombusbut I've had a lot of luck with this type of shape point with detailing youmight think we are done with this category because my bucket is empty butno I got a little BB w whole bath and Bodyworksso they had a deal okay I went a little crazy with the deal so many deals and somany coupons if you sign up for the email list it's crazy so this I shoppedat the mall when I got my DSP my bbw prior to quarantine or else I probablynot would have not made these splurges but I did so I got a thousand wishesI love wishes this one is just a Shea and vitamin e shower gel because I'msomeone that I'll always use up a shower and then the breasts or lotions so I gotanother thousand wishes which is so funny because if you guys areMillennials like me when I was like in middle school maybe in high school I wasobsessed but their love spell sent wait no it was a love spell vs pink lovespell might have been betray a secret okay well love spell it was the superobsession and I still found some love spell that I'm using up but it's justit's not the same but my obsession for a thousand wishes have remained the samelike I am in love with it years later I can see why it's like a signature scentfor them and then I got white citrus smell this again I will say it smells alittle more neutral than you might think with other certain citrus scents it'snot to smell like an eye it's hard to define it if I don't thinkit has a much of an orange scent but I can't really say oh that's lemonoh that's lime it's like a general citrus oh pretty see I haven't accessedthis back in a while so this is a whole new to me this is a pretty as a peach mmm that's really sweetthat's peachy last lotion at the beach I you know I went to school in Tampa for agood reason I just love the smell of the beach which I will say this reminds meof the beach too a lot of not your mother's products arebeachy smells okay let me smell this one again and describe it I'd say it's likea little sand would is there are infusions of leatherit smells really good now I know some of you girl he's livewith your boyfriend's so if you want something that's a little moregender-neutral at the beach works and white citrus I can still see how boysare so fussy even if they're in quarantine with you and not hanging outwith anybody else like there's no way that they would get discovered if theywere wearing curly lotions the guy still won't wear itI don't know cuz you know they love it they're good and then I have a candlethat I'm saving for another category okay we are done with the category butnot this video fitness Oh so of course as usual like all myworkout challenge videos I feature this Matt to me it's an investment it's agame-changer especially if you're someone that's really bony like me nottoo fun doing these at home workouts while your bony on hard surfaces so it'slike you can try your best to keep it up on a blanket or a rug or your bed butseriously just take the leap by the mat bones cracking this bowl was usedinitially to try to make slime but now when I get crawfish I have a bowl forthe crawfish and then a bowl for the mangled pieces that I have so it's finethey were cheap think of a dollar store so I have this workout bag my boyfriendgot this for me he shopped my wish list to make me happier and Quarantine and itworked so this is vs pink and I think it's just really cute now some of youguys really shouldn't be going to the gym right now but it's a great way tostore things like if you have any like tinier at home fitness equipment likeworkout bands roly stuff I don't know you can all kind of keep it organized inhere and then my boyfriend also got me this fanny pack so if you're somebodythat loves to hike or maybe you don't love to hike but now that's like theonly option you got now that we have to social distance this works really wellboth of these are firm Amazon and I have one other Amazon thing that he got methat I'll show you I know the homeboy went shopping and opener and I justreally like how this looks so nature II how its that textured blue but you havea pocket in the front ooh I like the bright orangeI only peeked a little in here because I was saving it then you have a zipper andhere for another separate pocket for organization and then there is a zipperin the back so that definitely helps with keeping things organized especiallyof course like I said during this time you kind of want to know where you'rekeeping track of like your credit card cuz that swiping and touching things oryour phone or you want to have a little alcohol pad from the certain section soit just works out and the lining itself is very water friendly so you can takethat alcohol wipe and wipe it inside there too okay I won't talk anymoreabout journey stuff okay I can't I want to show I'm going to show it to you soeventually you're going to see a workout challenge video featuring this I don'tknow if you've seen the ads for it it's kind of one of those gimmicky thingsthat still has potential to work it's a hip trainer from Amazon and I don't knowif you saw the advertisements there's no way you thought it was this big likeit's as big as my head it's like a bone so it's heavy too but I kind of like itbecause that makes it more legit and friendly for all types of thighs but Ican't recommend this yeah like I haven't even started doing the workout for it Ijust wanted to show it to you cuz it was weird tech and accessories so I'm tryingnot to get too high-tech with this category here cuz most of you guys youlove Instagram or you're just like your everyday person but I love this minitripod it's affordable and some way to it in case you need to holdit like this and keep a stable hand on it but also what's kind of great about amini tripod is this helps you get low level with your angles my boyfriend whoshopped my Amazon wishlist he also got me this kind of hard to see and it'shard cuz it's for the iPhone and I'm filming with my iPhone you guys so Ican't like put you up there right here I think you have it it's all attached tothe foot of the tripod this is the foot that's like a little plate that goes inhere so let me take off the foot so you see the product for the product it gripsyour iPhone but you can rotate it and this allows you to shoot vertically thishelps again like you know snapchat tic-tock tic-tock a huge one if you'retrying to give yourself little self-portraits and then it comes with astand in case you want to give it to somebody to point and shoot and film youcuz that's what I make my boyfriend do I don't make him do it because he seemsalways down for hanging out with me no matter like in what capacity but at thesame time it's like oh my gosh like he's filming me like I'm gonna have to makehim some mistake or something like you so nice about it and then I got thisfrom Amazon I actually got this free it to review but I love it push this buttonand it becomes a fan I think of me waiting in line at Six Flags where Iwear like a fanny pack because you want to be hands-free and like nobody wantsto put their purse and a cubby where somebody could steal it you know so it'sso much easier to have it strapped on you you put the fan in the fanny packbut you can open it up trying to give you like a little demo well I have youguys open it up and in here there is a sponge it's not really absorbent itholds like a little bit of water you can put it in the fridge then you put itback on and then you kind of get a cooler mist blow it all in your face itis a different Department compartment then where the battery is but I feelkind of funny drench this with water so like do that at yourown risk but at the same time too like if you'rein a really hot environment this might just dry up so quickly like there maynot be a point in like doing it and banking on the mist factor but just ingeneral I'm a warm body I'm a Leo I'm a fire sign I need cooling down so thisdefinitely helps cuz it's handheld books because I'm intelligent and well-roundedand of course well-spoken now if you guys have a book that you love and wantto recommend please leave a comment giving the title the author and a littlemini description to help people out and I hope this I hope this will be a verycultured comment section quarantine health for quarantinesummertime I figured it was necessary to include but I have this at the end thisis the last category now not to jump into affiliate mode but I love Grovebecause they partner with companies that are very ethical they treat theemployees well they treat the environment animals whatnot and I reallylove that they have this signature hand sanitizer gel it is in the scent bloodorange it's a little hard recommending it because they do are continuouslyrestocking it but they have to restock it in little bursts and like right awaypeople are signed up for the wait list and they're buying it all right away butjust in general I love their hand sanitizer they have so many othervarious disinfecting products like disinfecting wipes they have they haveroom sprays that are not aerosol for people like me with a lung condition Ijust feel better about it I feel better having my pets get sprayed in the facewith no I'm just kidding I don't spray them in the face but I feel like Ireally got to say that on the internet make sure people know because thecomment section can get real rough real quick no but like I've talked about thatbefore so yes like I started out as just acustomer for Grove but I just love them right awaycause I gave them my information and applied for the affiliate program I'mapproved so yeah I got affiliate links but I really love and chopped them infact I have a box that should be delivered today and the final productbecause I know some people are just not wanting to buy household cleaningproducts they want to go back to bvw and shop I wanted to feature this at the endin this category because I feel like candles are such a mood booster ifthey're so relaxing and and I didn't go crazy with candles shopping but I gotthis it's perfect for summertime they have this new brand called white barn Ithink it's a very sophisticated look and this one is called Aloha Kiwipassionfruit scented candle made with essential oils so it's so good um okayWow Wow if you guys made it this far let me knowwell thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed my summer essentials haul ofcourse if you guys have any items to recommend this is the community soplease leave that in a comment down below but I hope you feel very informedyou know very complete after watching this video and if you want to see morevideos I have them linked down the description to continue your research onthe products but if you also just like entertainment I post just a lot ofentertaining content on here so hit subscribe join the fan Bam and I loveyou I mean it bye.

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