Hello there, I'm Alec then welcome to the latest episode of you asked we answer if you do to the series It's very very simple You send us your questions and we put them to the games experts players and coaches so you can improve your game today We're helping out Twitter user G babbling 39 He wants to know how he can improve his strength on the pitch to help him do that We've teamed up with Reading FC and sports nutrition experts a scientist sport so you can eat and train like a pro Let's find out what they've grown store for us today Olly Teddy great to see you both Now today you're going to put us through a strength sessions Yeah, help us get a little bit stronger on the pitch And if you could tell us what what exactly we're going to do how that's going to get us stronger on the pitch Yeah, perfect.

We're gonna start off with a dumbbell I do.

So using the dumbbells a Romanian deadlift just to work the hamstrings We're then going to go into a split squat, which is more you need natural work just into the rack Okay, we're then going to go into a landmine jerk, which is more power based exercise for them.

They're going to assisted Nordics Okay And then finally finish off with a core exercise just a pale off press Which hopefully will we can take out to the picture to utilize the makes it a bit stronger? Fantastic, sounds good.

Let's go cracking.

Perfect So we start off with a dumbbell Romanian deadlift with dumbbell.

I do get a half the dumbbells out of front of you Okay, you're not going to lock your knees out? Okay gonna slight bend Okay, once they've been I've been them any further from here keep it pulling the shoulder blades back – you wanna try and squeeze your shoulder blades together as if there's a 23 piece try squeeze it together keep the dumbbells nice and close just forwards Squeeze glutes stand back Miss Gracie loops and stand back up three sets about five reps.

Okay Ollie really felt hamstrings there.

Yeah an exercise.

We also the hamstrings are so important.

Yeah How important is this exercise extremely important with today's modern football over the high speeds they run out? You need to train your hamstrings in order to be able to cope with that high demanding of running quickly So this is more of a quality of hip dominant hamstring exercise which is which is absolutely essential It's going to be a split squat So what we're going to do have our left foot forwards and I right-click behind Making sure that they stay fit with the part and that they're not aligned with each other I've just put the blue mat there as a little guide for how far my knees should go down Make sure that it stays off the floor I'm not going to do from here making sure that my mid front knee stays locked out.

It doesn't fall in Revere It's gonna go down And back up down back down You want to make sure when you go down that the front knee doesn't come over the toe, okay and you bend the back knee And then the front is you just follow okay rather than bending forwards Here is just a lamb my jam, so we're going to use use this bar, okay Grab in your right hand keep the elbow nice and close to the body again.

You get hypose feet pointing forwards Okay, you're going to slide bend in the knee and then from there you're gonna drive the bar up Okay and get into a split stance position.

Okay, nice and simple sit down And just up.

Okay, so not that front knee out for the back legs locked out as well if there's a bend in it It's not bending in okay nice and locked out with the right arm fully extended Okay, step back up.

Oh just cut it.

You just do the same in the other side Okay, opposite arm.

So left arm goes up line.

It comes out Holy that's a bit of a full body power exercise.


What exactly is that working? So it's mainly focusing on power production and focusing on triple extension So that's obviously gonna be when you sprint in so you get extension in the hip the knee and the ankle see getting into that position That's tension just just trying to do the movement as quick as you can and and a little bit of core work as well because if you stop when you start to add the weight on it's going to be Obviously a lot heavier, it's going to want to fall you try and stick in there use the core muscles, okay? Usually they just hold that together.

What we've got here is the a Kaiser assisted this is the cars machine-assisted notice in order to essentially exercise Rather lips rather explain how important they are, but the Kaiser just adds a bit of assistance So it's not to overload them too much.

What I'm going to do is I'm just going to put the Quite exciting here to tell you I'm gonna hold on to his knees.

Hold on to that from sorry And then all you're going to do from here tell you keeping those hips forwards just fall forwards Forwards Forwards you guys hips forwards Good Good see more keep their six fours.

You should hit it in the hamstrings.

Good let the Machine pull you back up good That's one keep those hips forwards Good that machine way better.

If you don't have the Kaiser assisted you can just do a normal normal Keep his hands on his hips keep his hips pushed forwards as soon as he feels that you can't cope with it anymore Drop your hands down into small forwards one.

Last exercise is a core exercise and anti rotation type exercise You can do it with a Kaiser or if you have a thick band that you can do it with Or something that's going to apply resistance going in another way.

Then it works the same.

That's all you're going to do Pull it out, okay Have it just in line with your chest.

Then we're going to do from here.

Just push it out And the machine is wanting to pull me in.

It's constantly wanted to pull me back in so I want to push out Just back it Come back in keep it in the middle of your chest.

I'm here just Michelle Okay.

I just wanted to pull me in Kind of keep it there Back in people.

I Think about the target here.

You have to keep it in each time Ollie Teddy really enjoyed that session just to finish things off How many times a week should I be? You can seduce strength sessions.

And also if I have a game a weekend one exact time do you want to get at least one it if possible you get to Try and do it as far away from the game as possible So if you've got a game on the Saturday, maybe the Tuesday or Wednesday You could focus one on a body sort of session and then the second one is a sort of total body sort of strength session once maybe twice a week if you've got the time to Again, trying to keep it away from the game as much as you can freshness for the game Make sure that the games you've used in the session have time to recover so that they become useful out onto the pitch.

Mm-hmm and Teddy else There's someone trying to break into the first team and trying to really catch up with us first team lousy We're really starting to read those benefits and feel the benefits.


Yeah every day we do gym more in the way we do gym Throughout the months I start to feel a lot stronger and my hamstrings obviously these sessions Helped me even written through that Ted that's our strength sessions finished with now obviously we've got to refuel and make sure we make the most of that What exactly should we'll be eating for me to the others or drinking? Ideally look for a lean protein source for the session that you've just done so I did a little simple sugar low in carbohydrates and high in protein Usually you can't go go for protein it contains between 20 to 30 grams of protein Anything more than that, you know isn't really needed for the session that you've done today if you were doing full body Exercise out on the pitch were leox Expended a lot of energy maybe look to go up to 40 grams of protein and include carbohydrates in there to replenish your energy stores There we go guys that's the session done g1 in 39 I hope that's what you're after If you liked the video make sure you hit that like button if you move to the channel subscribe If you've got any questions do please leave them in the comment section below I don't forget if you want to feel your game like a pro because if www dot Sport calm we'll catch you next time.

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