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When Kayce and Rip fight, I think it's the best sortof boxing match in the world.

It's a little bit like your dadarguing with your uncle.

You know they're going to killeach other, so maybe it's fun.

That's not what it's likewhen my dad and my uncle fight.

That was two different.

That's not so fun.

Those guys are amazing actorsand performers.

To do that took days.

To jump back into that daywas nuts.

Just take after takein the dust.

There's no real faking that.

There's amazing stunt performers that were involved obviouslyin capturing that scene, but those actorswere throwing each other.

They were there.


Just up and down.

I was tired from standing.


I know.

We were just pulling upon our horses ever time.


I was like “I'm exhausted.

I don't know how many more timesI could pull up off this horse.

” They just get the snotknocked out of each other.

Want us to get in there? No.

This needs to happen.

Seeing what Rip is willingto do for the family.

Kayce needs to learnhow to run this place.

What it takes to give upyour ego and your pride.

Needs to learnhow to lead these men.

To get beaten in such a way.

You understand what I'm asking? For the greater good.

Go Kayce.

Take it.

Come on.

To sacrifice.

It's so nobleand brutal and awful.

Well, you made him earn it.

Thank you.

And they both win, they both get what they want.

It's brilliantly conceived.

Now I need you two to get along.

He needs to be ableto depend on you, Rip.

I think it's such a fascinatingkind of dichotomy of two human beings coming togetherwith their different ideological standpoints the waythat they see their family, the way that they seeJohn Dutton.

One is his father, the otherone sees him as his father.

Well, I hope you candepend on him because I haven't seena shred of proof that you can.

I guess you seesomething I don't.

He's my son.

That's what I see.

It's a pretty intensekind of circumstance really.

It's also they've been snipingat each other for a season and a half at that point, so it's also like “All right guys.

Get it out.

” Yeah.


I think there's partof that energy too.

If this means thatwe can move forward instead of continually fuckingtaking shots at each other.


Instead of keepthe same cycle.



Then I think that's worth it.


What the fuck you doingstanding there? Start wrapping wire.

Hell, I'm leaving tonight.

Rip hates Walker because Walkeris the antithesis of Rip.

Walker won't commit himselfto something he doesn'tnecessarily believe in, and Rip is so fullycommitted to it.

It's Rip's way of life.

I think Walker existsas a reminder to Rip, as a constant thornin Rip's side.

This nagging attackon the values that Rip has risked his life forand given his life to, which are the valuesof this ranch.

Spend my week's wages atthe bar for all I give a shit.

Walker doesn't careabout anything.

Don't I know it.

Rip cares to the enth degree and then Walker gets rewardedwith the affection from Beth.

Well, I recon I got a fondnessfor the farmer's daughter.

Guess we got thatin common, don't we? I can imagine that just blows upRips head.

The focus of all his ragehas got to be on this guy who really hasn'tdone anything.

He just does his workand Rip needs an outlet, he needs an enemy, he needssomething to fight at all times.

It's hard to fight a guywho doesn't want to.

It is.

It is what it is, bro.

If you feel like we gotto fight this thing out to make whatever you feelbetter, then we'll do that.

There's no power in that.

You instantaneouslydisarming the other person because that other personwants you to be where they are.

It's so infuriating.

It's so infuriatingto be pissed off at someonewho doesn't give a fuck.


You just can't do it.

Like you said, them being rewarded with Beth's affectionand attention is just even more because it's like nowhe's having to deal with trying to fight Kayceand dealing with that, then having to figure outwhat John's situation is, but then also tryingto keep control of us.

We got two miles of fenceto build.

Go to work.

Now he has this other guy, and the only person that Rip can ever actuallybe affectionate with is Beth, now that same affectionis going to the very person that reminds him thatthere's another way to live, it just makes himso complex in and of itself.

I would imagine that's why hehas such a hatred towards him.

So just to clarify, Colby's mom, that's a cougar? That'll be the last timeyou ever refer to my mom as a cougar.

She prefers wildcat? Meow.


That's one of those funnymoments where art imitates life because Denim's momis really hot.


That scenewhere Jimmy calls Denim's mom a cougar is honestly, I'm glad that made itinto the cut because I didn't even knowthey were rolling.

Denim's mom is a cougar.

You seemed like you werespeaking from the heart.

That's what was hurtfulbecause you didn't run it past me just emotionallybefore we had gotten there.

You had made commentsoff and on, but I just never thoughtit would make it out to the real world.

That was definitely interesting.

I think the bunkhouse is the oneplace where we can be us.

These guys can be themselves without the fearof this external pressure, where they can actuallyfuck around and they can actuallyjust be friends.


It's a safe zone.

What the? Bitches! How did she cheat?She doesn't even have sleeves.

Gimme a beer.

It's that bunk house, it's the fort.

It's like the tree house.

Nothing really bad is goingto happen if we're in here.


Unless you're talkingabout somebody else's mom.


As soon as Rip movesinto that space, all of the suddenthe rules in there change.

This is like a parent cominginto your bedroom and saying “Hey, when you're having yoursleepover with your friends, I'm going to also bein here too.

” Yeah.

I know, but.

I guess as it goes on longer, we'll probably just ignore him I'd imagine.

I would think that, but at the same time, maybe not because you haveto be able to demand that same type of controlwhen we're outside of that, when we're on the job, on the ranch.

The same jokesthat we're making, we can't makewhen we're in the field.

He doesn't look at anyonein the eye in the bunkhouse.


I assumehe feels knocked down a peg.

As soon as we walk outside, he's up in your grill.


And terrifying again.

What are you dipshits doing? It's a Saturday.

I know what fucking day it is, Jimmy.

Maybe we have powerover him in the bunkhouse.

I don't know.

We'll playwith that next season.

One rule on this ranch, cowboy.

You want to fight somebody, you fight me.

I guess you forgotthat rule, Ryan.

Sit down.

I think that startedwhen he fought Luke Peckinpah's character, which was called- Fred.

Fred, right? He kicked Fred's ass, and the line is You want to fight somebody, you come fight me.

I'll fight youall goddamn day.

“You want to fight, I'll fightyou all goddamn day.

” Then the joke around setwould be if somebody said somethingand Cole was nearby, somebody hugs somebodyor whatever, and Cole would turn around”Hey, do you want a hug? I'll hug you all goddamn day.

” You want a hug? You hug me! You hug me.

I'll hug you all goddamn day.

So whatever it was, That's a lot of hugs.

That's a pretty aggressivehug actually.

You guys going to the spa? You go to the spa, you take me to the spa.

I'll spa with you all day.

You're right.

You're right.

We should give you spa days.

I'll wear the clay maskall goddamn day.

You deserve the spa day.

You're right.

All goddamn day.