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Welcome to my YouTube Tuesday 10 workout from sunny South Florida.

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This is a seated and standingtotal body core circuit workout featuring core no-floor, posture, strengthand balance exercises.

this is safe for seniors, beginners, people with limitedmobility and health conditions.

This workout is flexible for any levelbeginners can start slow with one round 10 minute in the chair with low or noweight, you can use a water bottle filled or two rounds for 20 minutes for amedium level with light weights or advanced clients three rounds notholding on with resistance , whatever your level get up and get moving! You can do it.

Cheryl give me a wave Cheryl there she is, Cheryl is doing level three today, here's Pam, hi Pam.

Pam is gonna be modified in your chair today, if you are somebody who needs to work out in the seated positionyou're gonna follow Pam and this is Miss Teresa, Terry we call her she's so greatand Terry's gonna be doing our level two so you can follow Terry for that.

I hope you enjoy your workout! This is a seated chest press-sit down on your sitbones to the front of the chair lengthening up through your torsoshoulders back, down and together hold the weight and then inhale and thenexhale push out without moving keep your abs nice and tight and inhale exhale two and three andfour inhale exhale five six seven eight nineten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and fifteen now hold your right leg up twothree four abs nice and tight six seven eight nine ten now your left one twothree four five six seven eight nine and ten good job.

Stretch for your back, tuckyour chin, pull your shoulders away.

Nice inhale and exhale slowly up.

This is asquat one-arm row.

Feet shoulder-width apart, you're going to stand up in front ofyour chair then bend your knees hinge from the hip, reach downinhale and then exhale pull back and up make sure to push through the heels, yourbody is nice and tall and you're pressing up and go! Inhale down exhale up.

one, keep that core tight, two inhale exhale, three, inhale exhale four, inhaleexhale five, six, nice flat back, seven Keep those shoulders down, eight, nine ten, eleven and twelve.

Good now the other arm inhale and get ready and exhale one, inhale pull back two and three, four, five six, good work come on, seven, keep it upeight, 9 10 11 and 12 sit down and roll thatback forward inhale and then exhale slowly roll it up.

This is your splitstance two legged balance Triceps kickbacks get to the side of your chairstep out with your your outside leg and step forward with your inside leg back make sure both feet are straight both hips are closed and even.

Your core incenter.

You want to make sure your front leg is bent into your heel and you have that hinge to inhale one, two exhale threeinhale exhale four five, nice hinge, six abs in, seven, squeeze those triceps inthe back, eight, nine, ten, tuck that chin 11 and 12, Now we're gonna hold ourtwo-legged balanced squeeze back the weight and hold three four five six seven eightnine now going to switch sides remember outside leg forward inside legback and get ready step forward both feet straight get into that hinge, weightin the front heel.

Inhale and exhale back two, inhale exhale three, exhale foursqueeze back five, shoulders down six seven, eight balance hinge core9, 10 two more 11 and 12 now hold it again we're gonna hold it back and hold thatbalance two three four five six seven eight nine and ten.

Good job! This is yourseated shoulder circles core stabilizer exercise.

Sit nice and tall through yoursit bones make sure they're underneath your shouldersyour torso stretched tall, your chin tucked your heads detracted like achicken your shoulders are back, down and together your abs pulled tight and we're going to start and go and one and two inhale exhale three, abstight do not move four five six seveneight nine and ten now reach out your right leg and do not move out of thathip position.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten switch legs one two three four five six seven eight nine ten stretch forward, tuck chin pull shouldersaway inhale and then exhale up nice and slow.

Good job! We're gonna go into ourstanding tree stance that means we're braced into our core as we work our balance exercise and we're gonna reach up the seated version is if you have a shoulderproblem you only want to go up a little you don't want to go past your head and ready andgo.



up one and exhale two inhale exhale threedo not move out of your poor Center five and six seven exhale eight keep thattummy tight nine ten eleven and twelve this is your standing one leg balanceknee up bicep curl so we want to get in our standing stance both feet straightabs in you're gonna inhale and then exhale the knee up you're not going tolean back you're gonna keep your abs nice and pulled inwe're gonna start in now go one inhale exhale two and three good job keep thoseabs tight don't lean back four exhale five inhale exhale sixgood job! seven eight, great Terry nine ten two more eleven andtwelve now try to hold it two three four good ladies five go six seveneight nine and ten switch sides and get ready get your feet straight inhaleexhale up one two nice and slow three don't lean back use their core fortuck the chin pull your head up nice and tall six seven exhale eightinhale exhale nine, you guys are great nine ten two more eleven and twelve holdit now one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

You rock good job! This isyour seated cross knee crunch you want to try to bring your elbow down to yourknee on the exhale as you pull in your abdominals across your body, not yourknee up to your elbow so you want to go down crunch pull those abs in fourinhale exhale five inhale exhale six and seven and eightgood come on.


nine crunch ten work those ABS eleven twelve and switch sidesinhale exhale one and two and three inhale exhale four five come on work itsix little knee big elbow eleven and twelve rest down good reachup those arms and then nice and tall and exhale down oneinhale exhale down two inhale up exhale down three nice stretch four and fiveand hold one two three and we got Oh big hugs one and A two and A one two threebig hugs from Melissa yay you guys were great tune in next time don't forget toSubscribe come see my Thursday video.

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