Hi I'm Melissa the owner of Feel BetterFitness and the creator of the Steps to Progress program.

Welcome from sunnySouth Florida! Thank you for joining us today for the ten minute seated andstanding total body circuit workout Please hit Subscribe for what I call theTuesday 10 because it comes out every Tuesday morning this workout is flexiblefor any level.

Beginners start slow with one round 10 minutes in the chair withno or low weights or Two rounds 20 minutes holding on with light weights orAdvanced can go three rounds not supported with heavier resistance.

Whatever your level get up and get movingyou can do it! Enjoy your workout please Check with your doctor before starting anew exercise program, if you feel pain dizziness or shortness of breath stopimmediately.

You will need for today's workout a water bottle or a light weight.

Hi Terry Cheryl and Pam we are doing level 3 outdoors today in myneighborhood.

I'm so glad you can join us I will demonstrate level 1 seated andlevel 2 supported.

Stick around for the end of the video for a special FREE bonusLet's get started CLAP This is seated chest press wide leg for a level-1level-2 holding on pushing out with one hand and level 3 which we're going to bedoing outdoors is a Squat down push back, hinge press up with one leg up and oneleg off the curb.

And go one and two three exhale four five six seven eight 9 10 11 good job, 12 13, nice hinge, 14 15 Let's hold it down for 10 and press it out and in, we're gonna hold for ten, holding that hinge squat and press it in and out for ten nine eight seven, six five four three two and one, good job March it out and switch sides, in yourchair you're just gonna do another set squat down and press out- one two threefour, good, five six inhale exhale seven eight nine teneleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen now squat hold, tuck chin push it outfor 10-1 and 2 3 4, good hinge 5 excellent 6 7 8 9 and 10 March it outgood job, Now we're going to do step ups level 1 in your chair step alternatinglegs and level 2 we're going to stand behind the chair and level 3 we're goingto start on the left lead left step up and down and go 1 & 2 & 3 4 5six, if you can get your hands up like a W, 10 11 12 good 13 14 and 15good now switch legs right leg up right leg down and step upone two, good guys, three four five six seven eightbeautiful, nine ten eleven twelve, three more three keep going- and one- beautiful March it out Next is a side step opposite arm lateralshoulder raise.

Level one in the chair, level two holding on and levelthree you're gonna actually move.

And one and two three and four six seven eight, good lateral raise step out, ten eleven twelve, now switch sides one, switch directions, two, good threefour five six seven eight nine ten eleven and twelve good job! March it outNow our step up forward press out we're going to step left and keep our right onthe step, so we're going.



and go, one and two three four five six seven eight nine ten elevenalmost there, twelve thirteen fourteen and fifteengood job! Switch legs now we're gonna switch sides now you're gonna step rightand keep your left on the step and up and press out one and two and threeinhale exhale four inhale exhale five inhale up so six and seven eight nine10 11 12 13 14 and 15 rest down now for our Tricep overhead extension you can dothis in standing tree stance braced in with your abs super tight or sitting tree inyour chair and one and two keep those abs tight three elbows infour five six seven, come on guys eight nine 10 11 and 12 rest great job!Guys keep going we're almost there now we're going to do our split stance holdbalance so we're going to hold the hinge push through that front heel, make sureyou got your runway in between your legs inhale and exhale, we're gonna hold for 10- 10 good hinge, 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and 1 Switch sides left leg Hinge, both feet straight make sure yougot your runways reach up tummy in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10good job great job now sit down in your chairnice and tall on top of your sit bones nice tall chestyour shoulders down back and together stretch out your arms palms tothe back and push back for ten nine eight seven six five four three two andone now one arm out the other one out andcross to the front and one and A two and A one two three Big Hugs from Melissa!Thank you for joining me and staying for the whole workout you did great for yourBONUS please visit feelbetterfitnessprogram.

com/workouts for your FREE printout of this workout(link in description).

See you next week and don't forget to Subscribe, PLEASE.

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