– Is salty food sweet betterthan sweet food salty? – Let's talk about that.

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning! – Armonia in Spanish, johwa in Korean.

Or if you know Klingon (imitates Klingon speech) But no matter whatlanguage you're speaking people all across theuniverse love harmony.

Especially when it comesto the delicious flavors of sweet and salty.

– Mmmm, but today we'rethrowing all that harmony crap to the wind and seeing what happens when we take classically sweet foods and make them crazy salty.

And take traditionally salty foods and make them oh so sugary sweet.

It's time for salty-sweetversus sweet-salty.

Which one's a treatand which one's faulty.

– Okay so a few weeks ago we posted a series of salty-sweet foodsvs sweet-salty food match ups and you voted on which one youthought we would like better.

Now you gotta be followingus on Facebook and Instagram so you can participate in this stuff.

– At mythical.

– Yeah, now we're gonnafind out if you were right and the prize or punishmentat stake is for you.

– That's right.

You'll get a point for each round the majority of you guess correctly.

If you get three or more points we will put on fabulous Fabiowigs in front of blowing fans and tell y'all mythical beastsjust beautiful you really are But if you don't get three right we're gonna post a photo of us holding up a hot steamingbowl of loser soup to our Instagram.

And everyone of you must comment, “Please sirs may I have some more.

” Or, “I'm a slurp gurp.

” – All right let's get sweet and salty.

(upbeat music) – Okay, we wanna start bymixing up the sweet and salty of some favorite foods of ours.

We got salty S'mores anda sweet blooming onion.

Where you wanna go first? – I don't know because both of them actually sound really good.

– Uhhh, let's start here.

– [Rhett] You don't seem sosure as you reach over here.

– [Link] I mean if I was a mythical beast trying to predict .



Ohh that's a lot of – – You gotta grab – – [Link] You have a fork or something? What are we doing Nicole? Nicole what did you do to this onion? – [Nicole] I put it insome funnel cake batter and then I put powdered sugar over the top to give you the full funnel cake effect.

And I mixed – – How did you get a piece? – You gotta grab it son.

– [Nicole] Rip it.

– You gotta really grab it.

– It's hot.

– [Nicole] Grab it and rip it.

– It's not hot at all.

– It is hot.

– You gotta stick yourfingers in more hot things.

– And then what's the dip? – [Nicole] That's asweet honey mayo aioli.

– Sweet honey mayo aioli.

– [Nicole] Mayo aioli.

– I love onions.

– That's good.

I like sweet onions.

– It's a little weird.

– You know those little onions that come in the jars thatare like little pearl onions.

– [Nicole] Pearl onions, yeah.

– I'll just go to town ona jar of those by myself.

– But it, yeah, it'snot bad.

I'd like to – – I like that.

– I'd like to go in there again.

– I like that.

– Did a little bit more, now – – But salty chocolate isa thing I already like.

– That's a thing, yeah.

– You're gonna grab your S'more.

But salty marshmallow, that's a bit odd.

And a saltine cracker.

And we'll give it a little dink.

And a sync, an air dink.

– We're air dinking these days.

– Ummm, it's startingto melt.

That's good.

(chewing) – I like a S'more withsalty chocolate already.

The salt's not overwhelming.

I like both of these.

– You didn't make it so salty that it's just a stupid thing.

– [Nicole] I tried to makeit a little palatable.

– This is actually, you tried – – [Nicole] I did.

– To make it an endeavor.

– [Nicole] I did.

– And you may have succeeded.

This is actually a difficultdecision that we have to make.

I'm gonna give you thehonors of the stab Rhett.

– The stab? – [Link] While I takeanother bite of this.

Here's the one thing, I'm really missing that graham cracker experience.

Cause I really only eatgraham crackers in a S'more and to take that away from this, It's not that this isbad, it's actually good.

– But it still has a great texture.

I really like both of these.

But I think that this, in my mind might be an improvementon a regular S'more and this is not as good asthe regular blooming onion.

I prefer the savory bloomingonion but I really like this.

– I don't think it's better, but I do think it givesit a run for its money.

– It's a close, close, this is close guys.

– Did you predict this? – [Nicole] 53%.

– Oh! – [Nicole] Of the mythicalbeasts thought you would like the salty S'more better.

– Yeah, listen – – Okay, all right.

You got it.

– The thing is, is that, that's so close, 53 to 47.

We're all on the same page.

Look at us.

(upbeat music) – Okay, now we're getting into something that Link holds very sacred, cereal.

And we've made salted flakesinstead of frosted flakes and sugar fish 'n chips.

Okay, so what's goingon with these Nicole? What's the approach here? – [Nicole] With the sugar fish 'n chips? – Yeah.

– [Nicole] So I made an eclair batter and I dipped it into your fish, it's Cod.

And then I made somehoney butter french fries topped off with powdered sugar.

And then the side is a tartar sauce with a little bit of white chocolate.

– You wanna get just a bite that's got a little bit of everything? – I kinda wanna taste it separately.

– [Rhett] I'm going alittle bit of everything.

Now it's hard to make that crunchy.

– [Nicole] It gets a little hard when you got wet fishin the middle, you know.

– Yeah.

(laughter) – Ohh, that's odd.

– [Rhett] Ummmm.

– Man that's weird.

– Fish needs salt, I've just learned that.

– And it don't need sugar.

I'm really interested in this fry though.

– [Rhett] Wow.

The way that the fish – – [Link] That's tough.

– [Rhett] Is not offset by the sugar.

– Yeah, woo, woo.

– [Rhett] Is not good.

– It actually makes thefishiness, fishy-er.

What about this fry? – The sweet fries are not bad.

– [Link] They're not good either.

– But they're also not good.

– You really have this expectation and it just blows it out of the water.

– This is playing with something that you got an expectation for.

– But so is this.

– Let me pour some of this milk.

– No, actually, this is kinda my thing.

– Oh, sorry.

I forgot.

– [Link] See look at that.

– [Rhett] Well forsomething that's your thing, you got a little messy.

– I've never used thisthing to do my thing.

– I like salt.

– I'm Rhett, I like salt.

What is this, like speed dating? – I just anticipate liking this.

– [Link] I've never done speed dating.

– How salty are these? – [Nicole] You tell me.

(crunching) – Very.

I mean, they're as salty asfrosted flakes are sugary.

– But I like it.

(crunching) – I don't know, it's like you'vebeen scuba diving all day, you come up, you get back in the boat, and you just start eating cereal, but you're coated in all of that salty.

And the ocean gets in your mouth, and you ain't gonna stop are ya? – It's not any saltier thana really salty potato chip.

It's like putting potato chip in milk.

– Yeah, that's stupid.

– [Rhett] Which I might do now.

(laughter) It's better than this crap.

– Um, yeah, it ain't good atall, and I don't recommend it, and I'm mad that I had to do it, but – – I'm still doing it.

– Dang, you're – – [Nicole] Okay, we'reback at that number 53.

53% of the MB's thought you would like the sugar fish 'n chips better.

– Yeah, that's what I thought.

– It's got a better name but it doesn't have a better taste, sorry.

– All right, you're 50/50 guys.

(upbeat music) Let's see what happens whenthe snack aisle flavors of a 7-Eleven get allfreaky Friday up in here.

It's time for fruit saltups, like a fruit roll up.


Versus sugar and vinegar chips.

– We both love salt and vinegar chips.

– I love my wife andshe loves them the most.

– Do you love your wife becauseshe likes salt and vinegar? Or do you love salt andvinegar because your wife does? Or do you love both independently and it's just a perfect tri-union? – I would say the thirdreason I love my wife is cause she loves salt and vinegar chips.

– Now they're still very vinegary.

I can sense the vinegar.

– So you just took plain chips and you – – [Nicole] Yeah I coated them – – Sugar and vinegarized them.

– [Nicole] Yeah, I coatedthem in white vinegar powder.

Which is an amazing little ingredient, and some powdered sugarand some regular sugar.

– Oh, what! I don't even miss the salt.

– This is weirdly awesome.

– Salt boy doesn't miss the salt.

(laughter) – Yeah, cause the vinegar makes you think there's still salt somehow.

– I wonder if your wife would like these? – We'll never know.

(laughter) – I'll mail her one.

(crunching) – I'm gonna mail your wife one chip.

(laughter) (crunching) – I mean you can just drop it off.

– How would you feel about that? – Just drop it off at the door.

– No, no, I wanna be a little creepy.

– I wanna mail your wifea chip in an envelope.

– Well, I know that Christy said, “Don't let Rhett come over any more.

If he needs to bringanything let him leave it at the door.

” – And I wanna try – – You don't have to mail stuff.

– I wanna cut out letters from a magazine and give her a little note.

– So did you make thisfruit roll up from scratch? – [Nicole] I did.

– Because that's theonly way to now put.



– [Nicole] I did.

– Sugar.

– [Nicole] I put in a little bit of sugar just because I needed itto give it that stretch.

But it has Maldon Sea Saltsprinkled over the top.

– Molton sea salt? – [Nicole] Maldon.

– Maldon? – [Nicole] Yeah, it's fancy stuff.

It's like those littlepyramid shaped salt crystals.

– Salty, chewy, fruity.

Still sweet.

– I love sweet-salty things man.

– [Link] Yeah, like I said – – [Rhett] I don't know what to do.

– [Link] You can't getrid of the sweetness because there's fruitiness.

– [Nicole] The only way you can get the texture of a fruit roll up is if you add just a little bit of sugar so it gives you that stretchand taffy like consistency.

– This is – – You know they makeunderwear out of this stuff.

(laughter) – I won't mail your wife any of that.

– That is my – – [Rhett] I'm only mailing her one chip.

I don't know how this became a conversation about whatI'm gonna mail your wife.

– Yeah, don't do that.

– Yeah, I'm gonna stop right now.

But I will mail that chip.

– This is really good and – – It's really good.

– And in someways it'sbetter but it's not – – It's not a revelation.

– It's not a surprise.

– This is a revelation.

– And I think we've got to say we're more excited, andtherefore we prefer – – I agree with this summation.

– The sweet a vinegar chips.

Did you predict this Nostradamus? – [Nicole] 59% of the MB'sthought you would like the sugar and vinegar chips better.

– You know us so well.

– Now you're on the winning side.

You're out of the red.

(upbeat music) – All right this one goesout to all of the folks who've ever thought theirsnow cone was too sweet.

Or their Bloody Mary was too salty.

Be careful what you wishfor cause now we've got salty snow cones and sweet Bloody Mary's.

– Ahhh, where do you wanna go first? – [Rhett] Let's drink second.

– Yeah, you know what they say Bloody Mary before snow cone, never – – Use the phone.

(laughter) – [Together] Snow cone before Bloody Mary.

– Call Gary! – Gary.

Hey, get over here man.

It's happening again.

All right so we got asalty snow cone, aww man.

– I feel like a deer.

– A deer in the woods on a salt lick.

– I love a salt lick.

I licked a salt lick onetime in a cow pasture.

– Are you Rhett? Do you like salt? – I'm a salt boy.

– I was there when youlicked that salt lick.

– Why didn't you lick it after me? – I did.

(laughter) – I did.

– I mean – – Salt licks are great, I want one at my house.

– I'm not gonna leave a salt lick hanging.

– Why can't people havesalt licks in their house? You should have a salt lickright when you walk in.

– [Rhett] I like it.

– It's like drowning in a frozen ocean.

– You think I got a deficiency? – You must man.

– Is that why I like salt so much? – Yeah.

– I got a mineral deficiency.

I'm like one of thosepeople that eats dirt.

– I mean, you're gonna shrivelup if you keep up this habit.

– Yeah, it's not good for you.

– It's just not good.

– Okay so how'd you makea Bloody Mary sweet? – [Nicole] I put dextroseand corn syrup in it.

– What's all that green stuff? – [Nicole] I put thyme in there.

It's like my secret ingredient that makes my Bloody Mary's really good.

– Nicole got some Bloody Mary pride y'all.

– [Nicole] I do.

– I think I got to swirl the thyme.

– [Nicole] Oh and that'sa maple bacon for ya.

– Maple bacon, oh yeah, you gotta get that thyme evenly distributed.

– You got a maple rim too? – [Nicole] Yeah, oh therim is celery sugar.

Instead of celery salt.

– Okay.

– Okay.

– [Link] All right.

– It taste like you justtasted spaghetti sauce before it was finished being made.

– Yeah, very spicy.

And then you.



Taste some of that, ooh, thatsweet sweet bacon, it's good.

– The bacon's good.

– Bloody Mary good too.

I don't drink enough Bloody Mary's to have an expectationthat's been subverted here.

I just like it.

– I do drink Bloody Mary's with Gary.

And I – – I'm voting for that.

– Really? – Yeah.

I like it.

– We only got one golden tongue man.

– I know – – I feel strongly about this.

Like I feel – (Laughter) I think that you could – – It's salty ice Rhett.

– Yes! Exactly! Now you're on board.

(laughter) – No.

– Think about, no, no.

You break this out, I guaran-damn-tee you, that if you break this thing out at like a snow cone place, all the adults who are mineral deficient like me will just come up andjust start licking on it.

– But there's so many sweet drinks to make this one sweetand it's still so spicy? – [Rhett] But I think I got – – It's good man.

– But I'm the Bloody Mary authority.

If you serve this at a place that people enjoy Bloody Mary's and people who like spicy, tangy things.

It takes all the spicy and the tang out.

– Which one do you like better? Let's let Nicole be the tie breaker.

– Okay.

That's fine.

– [Nicole] Are you guysgonna get mad at me? – Yeah.

– No.

– Only one of us will be mad at you.

– [Woman 2] The comment section might.

You're putting Nicole in areally hard position right now.

– Have you tasted both of them? – [Nicole] Yes I have.

– Well what's your preference? – [Nicole] Ooohhhh, okay, I really like the Bloody Mary.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, okay Rhett, we respect your opinion, but you have a deficiency brother.

– All right.

– [Nicole] 70% of the MB'sthought that you'd like the sweet Bloody Mary better.

– See and they're on my side too.

And you know what, youearned, ooohhhh man.

A compliment from two Fabio's.

– You are.



So where is he from? – He's from, not from America.

– You are so beautiful.

– I look into your eyes and I see edible underwear.

– I would like to mailyou one solitary chip.

And a weird note.

– Thank you for subscribingand clicking that bell.

– You know what time it is.

– I'm Leslie.

– And I'm Les.

– And we're here to ride the Sky Wheel in Panama City Beach, Florida.

– [Together] And it's time tospin the wheel of mythicality.

– Whoo! Panama City.

– It looks deserted.

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