Road to Kingdom Best Moments (ENG SUB) | 로드 투 킹덤

Sunwoo: This is what I want.


we'd go in and find out that we're the only team on this show.

Turns out it was a surprise event for us.

– A hidden camera prank.




Younghoon: Who else is participating? Kangmin: Will you tell us? [VERIVERY] [ONF] [GOLDEN CHILD] [THE BOYZ] [TOO] [ONEUS] [PENTAGON] Is there a team that you wish wouldn’t participate in the show? Wyatt: Our seniors, Pentagon Daeyeol: 1, 2, 3 [What?] Sangyeon: Oh.



I see.

Juyeon: You’re VERIVERY, right? – It’s GOLDEN CHILD.

Eric: (Why did you speak?) Juyeon: [They won’t know my voice] Jaehyun: I know who he is! I know that voice! THE BOYZ.


That’s Juyeon Juyeon Juyeon Sunwoo: Which beauty salon (샵) do you go to? Jangjun: Do sharp.

Do sharp.

Sunwoo: Do sharp? [Don’t use your real voice] Sunwoo: I didn’t ask about the notes.

Jangjun: Fa sharp.

– Fa sharp.

Sunwoo: Is this… Hui: If we flip number 7, it looks like L.

It stands for “Load to Kingdom” .

Kino: It should be R.

Jinho: It should be R.

Hui: It's supposed to be R? Kino: He wants to be funny.


Hui: I wasn’t trying to be funny.

Kino: Let’s do this again.

Let's do a retake.

Let's do it again.

Sunwoo: Guys beware of the loud sound.

I think the members of ONEUS will be really surprised.

An anonymous chat? Right now? Really? Jisu: We’re going to talk to celebrities? Right now? Chan: We’re celebrities too! [Right] Jisu: (Write) “Nice to meet you”.

Wyatt: “Nice to meet you” Say “Yeah, hi” E-Tion: Does that sound too cocky? J-Us: No way – No, it doesn’t It doesn’t – We… E-Tion: Okay, got it! Wyatt: That’s how we want to look for our concept! Chan: Since ONEUS volunteered, we’ll choose THE BOYZ.

Donghyun: Wow! What a plot twist.

Hwanwoong: You’re so mean! So mean! ONEUS has volunteered for the second time.

Hyunjae: We choose Pentagon.

ONEUS looks quite exhausted.

We’re not.

– We are not.

Seoho: Actually, in order to be selected this time.


we prepared something.

– What is it? We’ll show how appealing we are.

We’ll start.

1, 2, 3 It’s a heart! Jangjun: Oh, it’s a heart.

Bomin: You showed us a heart.

– Yes It was nice to see the heart, and we’ll choose VERIVERY.

Before we announce the result, does any team think they won first place? Hui: When it comes to first place… Hui: Why? Are you not confident? Oh Hui.

– I’m not confident either.

I don’t think our team is in first place.

Wooseok: Do you see this? “Do not watch the rehearsal!” Not being allowed makes me want to do it even more.

Hui: Does it work when you turn it on? Don’t.

Don’t do it.


Stop! – They’re testing our morals.

Don’t~ It’s a test.

Wooseok: Let’s just clean it.

Hongseok: Hold on x100 Woongi: Why did you leave me behind? – Hm? When did you wake up? – You looked like you were tired.

We were watching the sunrise.


and thought of choosing “Rising Sun”.

Chan: First let’s listen and then we’ll talk more.

Chan: Come down.


and make some kind of pattern.

This is it! That’s it.

This is it! This is it! This is it! [TOO] Q: Sorry Dongheon: Instead of cute and fresh.


let’s make it cool and fresh.

Gyehyeon: And we could also wear uniforms.


– True.

Kangmin: Okay then… Are we.


are we all done? If we are, I need to do my job.

Dongheon: What’s your job? Yeonho: Oh, he’s the MC.

Kangmin: I’m the MC.

Okay now we’ll… Yeonho: Wh-what will you do? Kangmin: Shall we walk together? Yeoone: I want to walk with you! I want to walk with you! Juhaknyeon: Cute~How cute! That was so cute! Yeoone: “Shall we walk together?” Hui: No, I’d rather run.

Donghyun: What about (if we choose) our senior H.


T? “I told you that I only love you.


the words I've prepared.



” Juyeon: I’d be really cool if we do it as a musical.

Hyunjae: Are you saying that to our teacher? No, no.

No? Juyeon: Just a thought.

The cost of production.



That was a surprise.

– It was.

– Those sound effects… E-Tion: What’s the name of it? I want to set it as my alarm.

J-US: It will wake you up for sure.

E-Tion: I can’t watch.

The 4th place is.



Yuto: I hate this.

Yeonho: Oh this.


Wyatt: What are these veins? Jinho: Now seriously… – It’s okay as long as we're in the top 3.

I’d be happy to be 3rd.

Hongseok: Why did we become so humble? [PENTAGON] Hyojin: Something’s…gosh! Chan: It’s like they’re taking a trip.

They should be careful because of COVID-19.

Jaeyun: Wear your masks.

– Chan: Don’t forget about your masks.

Chan: And use hand sanitizers.

[ONF] E-Tion: It was so touching that we needed time.


to suppress our emotions.

J-US: So we tried our best.


to keep ourselves from becoming emotional.

Jangjun: That’s… Jinho: What is that behind him? MK: What is that? Seriously… J.

YOU: What am I looking at? 6th place is.


Jibeom: Seriously, it can’t be.

We’ll reveal it after the commercials.

Kino: Our MCs? – Yes? Kino: Jinho is… acting like a viewer and is having so much fun since he won’t be competing.

He’s laughing.

Kino: He’s sitting beside me, saying, “This sounds like so much fun!” Jinho: This is going to be fun! Hui: Can we please kick him out of the studio? – Why? Kino: I think he should leave.

Ravn: I think they looked at us.

Seoho: No! Q: Is it us? Hyunjae: Why are you looking at us? Juhaknyeon: No! Why? Kevin: They looked right at us.

Jinho: They looked at them so it means it’s not them.

Kino: You’re right.

– Because it’s more comfortable.

It’s comfortable to look at them.

Jinho: I’m watching this as a viewer, so I take hints quickly.

Sangyeon: We tend to be a bit shy.



we should become close from now on.

Hwanwoong: Of course.

Kyungho: When we heard that we are collaborating with VERIVERY, we really wanted to learn synchronized dancing from you.

I see.

Kyungho: I was excited about that.

Gyehyeon: Don’t worry.

Dongheon will get you in sync.

He will go, “Your fingers look different.

” Wyatt: Let’s go deep into the cave.

Hyojin: Let’s make it deeper than we did for “Everybody”.

J-US: Let’s make it ethereal, yet painful.

[Painful?] [Cave? Deeper?] [Ethereal?] Hongseok: Once again, the song arrangement will be everything.

Wyatt: We know Hui will do an impeccable job with that.

Hui: Okay.

Now we’re going to reveal the songs you originally picked now meant for the another group.



Jaeyun: What is it with today? Donggeon: Seriously.



all at once! Younghoon: What song would they have picked? Kangmin: What is it? Please.

– What? “Hard Carry”? J.

YOU: “Hard Carry”? – “Hard Carry” by GOT7.

Jerome: Us? Keonhee: Alright so.



who thinks he is Romeo of the current age? Firstly.



Seoho: Firstly… Keonhee: RomeHo Xion: Rome-Ho Seoho: I want to recommend someone.

Just a recommendation.

Xion: Ohh you startled me.

He wants to recommend someone.

– I want to recommend someone.

J-US: “It’s Raining” was specifically written for Rain.

– That’s true.

– He looks sexy just by breathing.

J-US: When we breathe, we just breathe to stay alive.

E-Tion: Rain is very popular these days.

– That’s right.

E-Tion: On top of that, it’s raining today! J-US: It’s Raining! Hui: The overall theme of our performance is inspired by.


how the “Follow” chorus part sounds like they’re saying “pharaoh”.

Hui: So our theme will be pharaohs.

Shinwon: Hey, was it you who brought it up? Yuto: Yes, it was.

Yuto: I don’t know English very well, so I didn’t hear it right.

Without the lyrics, I definitely heard “pharaoh”.

Hello? Kangmin: He just woke up.

Dongheon: Teacher, did you just wake up? Yes.

Dongheon: We got the song for the next round.

We got “gogobebe” by Mamamoo.

What? Dongheon: We got “gogobebe”.


[How do I look?] RAVN: You look like a fool.

You could still feel a bit nervous, so please ask the viewers to vote for number three.

New: We will do that.

– Okay.

New: 5, 6, 7 My eyes, breath and heart.


want yo-want number three.

I am sorry.

No, but still you prepared something.

Sunwoo: It’s “want number three”.

You “want number three”.

Sunwoo: See you when we go back to the dormitory.

Kyungho: .


I was so impressed by it.

Seoho: The ending scene could be a commercial for cosmetics.


Minchan: I’ve seen so many comments that told us, “You’re doing great”.

That gave us a lot of strength.

Seoho: “Thank you for becoming a singer”.

Shinwon: “These are our boys”.

“This is my favourite group”.

Hyojin: “The main vocalist of this group is excellent”.

Dongheon: “I want them to scold me”.

Kangmin: It’s a such a shame that we can’t present this stage right to our fans in person, but I hope that you’ll continue to watch us.

Hwanwoong: We’ll always stay earnest, continue to work hard.


show you our best sides and become great artists that bring you great music.

E-Tion: We are really grateful that we could receive your love and support.

We’ll continue working hard as we move on forward.

Hongseok: Let's stay together until the end.

Thank you so much for all of your support up to now.

Juyeon: We could prepare all of our performances well, all thanks to you and your great support.

Thank you.

I love you! Shinwon: Is that a hard carrier? Kino: “Hard carrier” – No way Wooseok: Is that a hard carrier? – Hard carrier!.