Ridiculousnessly Funny Clips That’ll Keep You 😂 Best Of: Ridiculousness | #AloneTogether

– Alright, let's talk aboutDude Perfect a little bit.

One of the most engagingthings about the videos is what happens when youguys actually make a shot.

Take a look at some of these celebrations.

(upbeat music) (screaming) (cheering) Go back, go back, go back.

We got the most rugged, rugged guy of the crew, he's got the mean beard, he'sgot some croc cowboy boots on, he's going to this.

He throws up the cross and then wham.

(laughing) (chattering) I mean it is twinkletoes at its finest, man.

Go ahead, watch him spin it out.

(cheering) – That's horrible.

(audience applauding) – Alright, our first category dedicated to the way the dudes celebratecalled Dude-brations, take a look.

(cheering) Oh, what's this play? We remember this play.

I get it, we all experienced the moment, it was a very exciting interception for those that are Patriots fans.

That does not warrant a junk jiggle.

Doing it big.

(cheering) Nice! – [Man] Hey, chew it, chew it.

– You don't eat it, it ain't real.

Let's all hold hands and go for it.

Get there.

They got it! – That's awesome! – Even the mountain's smiling! – I got this, don't, don't, don't blow it.

Don't be the one that blows it.

Don't be the one, don't be the one.

Alright, uh-oh.

Does it matter that we lost by 15 goals? There it is.

(cheering) – One, two, three.

(cheering) – That's a lot of bro-verload for kind of a small shot.

– Okay, this is complete bro-verload.

You the best.

I am the best! (laughing) (bleeping) These are the timeswe're never gonna forget.

(audience applauding) So when you guys are coming up with different types of shots, a lot of times you'll combineall different types of sports.

What are some of the favoriteones you've ever done.

– All sports golf battle we just did where we just went andplayed golf with everything except golf clubs, we justtook out hockey sticks, baseball bats and people werekind of looking at us funny but you just pass themembers and take the scowls.

– Do you think youinvented a sport in there that might come around one day? – Why not?- I felt like we did.

– Yeah.

– Alright, this categoryis dedicated to people that have tried to mix sports, tried to take two differentworlds and put 'em together simply titled Mixed Balls.

Take a look.

(cheering) Should be good.

Seems safe enough.

First to the ball andfirst to the hospital.

(groaning) – Dude, he stays out!- [Man] He knocked him out! – I thought we weregoing paddle to the face and then all of a sudden it just woop.

– [Rob] You got it, been there.

– He had it! That's just an unforcederror right there, he had it.

– But at least he's got a helmet on.

Okay, a little bit of golf and soccer.

Fore-skin! It's a fish, dunk, yeah! He's got a football helmeton, he's fishing, he's skiing, he's playing basketball.

Oh no, oh no.

– [Man] Blindsided! – [Rob] Yeah, he got clipped from behind.

– Is the logo on the t-shirtlike some burning balls or something, what is that? Balls on Fire, that'stheir team name, I think.

– What, where do you see this? – How are you gettingall this information? – Look at that ball right there, look! – What do you see here? – That looks like veiny balls.

– Okay, all right, I'm gonnatell you what we don't have on Ridiculousness, veiny balls.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

– Yeah.

– It felt good.

It felt good and if I'm not mistaking, two or three people back here, gun right back at you, man.

– It's an older reference but I'm trying.

– Okay, let's take it back to some good, old fashioned stand up.

– Yes, sir.

– You did a little bitabout big ass man pigeon.

– Yeah, okay, yeah.

– Is what you called an ostrich, right? So did you really getran down by an ostrich? – 100% true.

I'm the guy that somethingalways (bleeping) happens.

This ostrich is a very true story.

We had to pee but it's justroad so we stop and we pee and the ostriches are behind the fence.

As I'm peeing the fuckingostrich keeps coming up and you know when you mid-flow I'm not gonna show my boy my (bleeping) 'cause if I turn around then it flows so I gotta just see what happens and ostriches came andlooked at me like so close and stayed here and I'mwas like yo, I'm out and when I went to go I zipped up and he didn't move hisbody but his head spun all the way around andhe started following me and I was like yo man, get the (bleeping) out of here, ostrich.

(laughing) You know when you get realscared you try to get tough and he started doing that walk and that neck started going.

I was like it's go time, this ostrich about towhoop my ass and we ran.

– Well look, look, any giantbird, it's just a scary thing, it's just not meant to be.

– Yeah, pretty much.

– But nothing is more absurdthan a big ass man pigeon.

Take a look.

(audience applauding) (upbeat music) (mumbling) (bleeping) This is how it could've went down.

Oh get out! You damn (bleeping).

Stay down, play dead, Mark.

– Do you understand Iwas (bleeping) myself.

I was.

– If you wouldn't have ran, this is what would've happened to you.

– Oh my God.

– Alright, how about you eat, no, how about I take the whole thing.

Thank you, thank you.

(laughing) Look, this, I picture this.

(bleeping) I picture this is exactly how you driving.

(bleeping) – This is hill.

He's going like 70.

– That's a fear, that'sa real fear of mine.

(bleeping) If you on your bike and you look back and you see that (bleeping).

There's no way, there's noway you don't fall instantly.

– Oh boy.

(laughing) Enough is enough! Enough is enough! I'm out, let me be free.

There you have it for big ass man pigeon.

(audience applauding) Okay, this is Ridiculousness, this is the skyline of what beautiful city? – [Kevin] That's Philadelphia, P-A baby.

– That is Philadelphia, P-A, man.

– Philadelphia, P-A, yes.

(audience applauding) – Now what did it meanto watch your Eagles finally win the Super Bowl? – Oh my God, man, that was aday that I will never remember for so many reasons.

(laughing) We drank man, we drank from thebeginning of that Super Bowl to the end and it became a blur.

There's a piece of it that becomes a blur but we walked down to the field and they said I was grabbing turf, putting it in my pocket.

(laughing) I took like confetti and Iwas putting it in my pocket and my wife was like what areyou doing with the confetti and I was like it's gonna be worth money.

– It adds to the history of it all.

– Oh my God.

– That's what makes itso special but look, you weren't the only personthat was drunk that entire day just like everybody in thiscategory, Philly Special.

Take a look.

(audience applauding) (cheering) Yeah, what are we, what are we? You guys gonna go? I'm gonna go with you, let's go! Oh (bleeping).

Just oh man.

What's he gonna, jump in the window? – He just wanted to be with the team.

– [Rob] Let's get uphere where it's unsafe! (groaning) Alright, we're (bleeing) talking about a good old fashioned canopy.

We're not talking about a balcony here.

(bleeping) Already fully sunken down.

Oh yeah, we got roomfor four more, Philly! Look celebration.

– [Kevin] Yeah.

– Yo, yo, yo mother, yo, E-A, Tony Romo.

(laughing) – [Chanel] What? – Okay, go back.

He gets the E-A and bails and then he's like Tony Romo.

– Yo, yo, yo, mother, yo, E-A, Tony Romo.

(laughing) – Nailed it, nailed it.

– [Rob] Oh yeah, that's right.

Wait, wait, that's my car.

– Actually turned it over, that's mine, oh (bleeping).

– This is how you really celebrate.

Everybody clear out, this one's for fools! Give me some of that good old fashioned Philadelphia horse (bleeping).

Oh God, oh don't do it.

(groaning) Okay, that is a truePhilly Special right there.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

Welcome to Ridiculousness, I'm Rob Dyrdek.

With me as always, Nucky and Steelo Brim and Chanel and Weezy West Coast.

All right, our guest today is a legend.

There's nobody on theplanet better with dogs.

From his Emmy nominatedshow the Dog Whisperer, the one and only Cesar Millan.

(cheering) (chattering) Okay, look, we had to do it.

These two got two crazy dogs.

We figured let the master just take a look and catch a vibe.

'Cause right now what do we got? We got Nucky over here, he's being pinned down by Steelo to his chest.

– This is a lot for him.

– [Cesar] Is it?- Yeah, it's a lot, man.

– [Rob] Explain to Cesar, what's up with Nucky? – Nucky has a lot of problems.

Oh, he just farted, oh God.

– Oh man.

– That's classy, that's classy.

Bulldogs and the Frenchies do that a lot.

– Do you catch a vibe from a dog? – [Cesar] Yes.

– Do you know immediatelyokay, this guy is like– – Nervous, anxious, stands, aggressive, fearful, but it's never the dog.

I always say I trainpeople, rehabilitate dogs.

So I don't train dogs, I trainthe human to behave properly so the dog actually does the right thing.

– Alright, now listen– – Look at this, this is what I'm saying.

– What's happening right now? – It's being territorial.

– How do you train Chanel not to let that dog be territorial? – If she's away from Chanelshe's going to behave completely different.

– That's a he, that'sthe problem with Weezy, he's so smart, everyoneassumes it's a girl.

– Oh it has the size of a girl.

– [Chanel] Be careful, he bites.

– I got it, I got it, it'swhat I do for a living, Chanel.

(laughing) – No, he's about to snap on you.

– [Rob] What's happening right now? – He's nervous.

He gets nervous whensomeone new touches it.

– [Chanel] This guy is untrainable.

– [Cesar] No it's not, no it's not.

– Man, this is the impossible.

This dog has never been calmeddown in 100 plus episodes.

Okay well look, look, we'retrying to do what we can– – [Cesar] You gotta ride the wave.

– To manage the wave of Weezy but let's start this show off with some dogs that they need help 'cause these dogs arecompletely out of control.

We call 'em Cesar-less, take a look.

(cheering) (upbeat music) (laughing) Oh no! – But the guy is comfortable.

– You gotta train that owner right there to not take it from behind.

– [Rob] He set himself upand he's enjoying himself.

– Yeah, too much.

Super excited, oh my God, the guy was drooling.

– [Steelo] He was drooling.

– Drooling.

– [Rob] Let's just go for a walk, I gotta shut the door, of course.

– Oh! – Look, it's a horror scene! Look at her legs! – She's still holding on.

– This girl, if somebody passes by.

(mumbling) – Oh boy.

(dog squealing) Look at it having nightmares right now.

– These people, what are they doing to my cousin on the farm.

If you want to do this alot less painful than this just walk the dog, let the dog swim and then give him a littleCBD and then you do this part.

– Yeah, yeah.

(laughing) – I love America, you know what I mean? (hip hop music) – [Rob] I can't dance.

Gimme back my dancing slippers.

– This is what happens whenyou play tug of war with a dog.

Yeah, I want that.

– [Rob] And he's going for your slipper.

Oh boy, okay.

– He almost got that junk.

– [Chanel] He did! – [Steelo] He almost got that junk, boy! – Oh! – Good thing the dog is playing, you know.

– That dog might be playing but he's playing rough.

There you have it for Cesar-less.

(cheering) Okay, so look, we started offwith some Cesar-less dogs, okay, they were a little bit crazy but we wanted to showcase dogsdoing amazing things as well.

Throughout your travels and journeys and meeting so many dogs have you ever seen dogs perform acts that just blew your mind? – Well my dog Daddy, my previous pitbull, he was incredible.

That guy knew exactly what I needed to do.

One time I was doing a Dog Whisperer and I couldn't get thisdog out of the table so I went to the RV andI just opened the door.

Daddy came out of theRV, touch the dog nose and brought him to the RV.

You can't train that, you can't work for that, he was just special, man, he was just special.

– And how long did you have Daddy for? – 16 years.

– [Steelo] 16 years! – 16 years, yeah.

– We're struggling withsix right here, man.

We pushing every day.

– That's good, that's good.

– Okay, well look, this category dedicated to amazing dogs just like Daddy.

Take a look at Pack Leaders.

(cheering) (inspiring music) Whoa! – Wait, what? – [Rob] We're talking abouta dog 24 feet in the air! – That's Air Bud's son right there.

– [Rob] I can walk, yes, yes.

– [Steelo] Is this the kinky channel? – [Rob] Yeah, and I can do this, oh.

– This dog killed a challenge though.

– Nah, his scooter game kind of trash.

He didn't even stay on it and ride.

– He's a dog!- I want more! – He doesn't have fingers! – [Rob] Oh man, gimme aball, gimme some glasses and watch me spin! – [Steelo] That's him on CBD right there.

(laughing) That's what's going on with that dog.

– They just wanted to cut his nails, next thing you knowhe's got sunglasses on.

(laughing) Yes.

– That's a fast damn dog!- That was fast.

– [Rob] Just like run as fastas you can at me and by me.

– Even so! – Legitimately this dogis traveling through time.

– That's right, that's right.

(upbeat rock music) – Look, honestly, there you go.

This is beyond.

– [Steelo] That's good, that's talent.

– [Rob] Like a person can barely do this! – Wait, I love that he hashis whole own skate video! (laughing) – And look, he's got thetop of the board gripped and he's (bleeping) turning.

Kick it out! Trust me when I say that'sreal skateboarding right there.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

Travis, talk about life right now.

What's life like right now? – Man, it is extreme, it's cool.

– What, albums out, you're touring, you're doing a show everysingle night, a different city.

What do you hate about it, what do you love about it? – I love the chaos, I lovethe blood, I love the sweat, I love the joy, I love the love.

– So this album, why didyou choose this cover? Take a look at this.

What made you be like, you wanna know what? I'm gonna be an action figure.

– Man, I felt like I should'vebeen born like that, man.

(laughing) – Well on Ridiculousness, there is a way to become an action figure and that'sgetting knocked out cold.

Our very first category, Getting Action Figured, take a look.

(audience applauding) (upbeat music) So I'm turning myself intoan action figure today.

(groaning) – Oh, oh, oh mayor.

– You got hit in the face and just went.

– Hit so hard you startreaching for Jesus.

Lord, help me! – [Rob] Don't play with me toohard, I'm a collector's item.

(laughing) – But you know I gotta point out, when you get hit hardyour booty just clamp up.

– [Rob] Dad action figure, comes stocked with heart attack.

(grunting) Oh! That's like true action figure hand.

– And his head fell in the dog bed! – [Rob] Sorry kid, I'm an adult.

(bleeping) – Oh man! He was knocked out on the way down.

– [Rob] Nobody wants thesecurity guard action figure.

(laughing) – Wait, wait, wait, wait! It look like he is deflated.

His body just deflates! (audience applauding) – Alright, let's talk aboutthe song Antidote, man.

We're talking about notletting it leave the windows.

We're all leading to the night show.

– Yeah, exactly.

– What exactly is Antidote by itself? – To us, me and my homies, it's just kind of like whatwe do to get ready to go out.

But it's not like aspecific potion or whatever.

– Okay, okay, well, inorder for that antidote to make its way out the window, it's gotta be some sort of smoke, right? But sometimes there might bea little bit too much antidote and individuals nevermake it to the night show.

We call it Antidote SideEffects, take a look.

– Oh for real.

– I'm sorry! – Bro, what are you sorry about? – I don't want to die.

(laughing) – Look, he really thinks he's gonna die.

– He needs some milk.

– Whoa.

Whoa, whoa, what, what, what? – Oh my God is he wearinga Big Black sweater? – [Rob] Black and Big was canceled? – What the (bleeping)? – My pizza gone.

(crying) I'm high as (bleeping) and my pizza gone.

– I've been there before.

– You've been there beforewhen you were crying because you had no pizza? – I was so hungry and Ithought there was pizza left and there wasn't and I gotvery emotional just like that.

– You realize she probablyate the pizza, right? (laughing) – [Man] Calm down Phillip, alright? – Here, I'll feel, stop.

– I can't breathe, my heart's going.

Let me just verify 'cause I'm high too.

– [Man] Phil's crying, why you crying Phil? – [Rob] Why you crying, Phil? Phil, why? (laughing) – [Man] You gotta call his Mom, bro.

– Call his Mom, she's the onethat sold us this (bleeping).

(vocalizing) – He definitely ain't on no antidote.

– He also (bleeping) though.

When you don't get bothsides of your hair done you know you on some (bleeping).

(laughing) – [Man] Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the property.

– That's not too much toask for too much antidote.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

Sterling, when you went skydiving did you think if the parachute didn't open that you could survive? – You don't think about that.

– [Rob] You don't? – You don't wanna be going up there thinking if the parachute don't open.

If the parachute don't open it's too late.

– No, no, no, no, just fornext time, you squirrel out.

You squirrel out.

– That works? – Like bring you down from300 miles an hour to 170, then you look for a hill and you use your arms as flaps and you try to slide into that hill.

– You've done this? – No, I just think about whatI would do if I got there 'cause believe it or not a body can withstand a fall from eight stories.

– Eight stories is not skydiving.

Eight stories? And I'm not even sure that's a fact.

(laughing) Actually, that's not a (bleeping) fact! – I'm not gonna say it's a fact but it's something similar to it.

But here's the reality, the truth is you can get too much air and as someone that spent his whole life flying through the airoccasionally you push it too far and you get broken just likeeverybody in this category, TMA, Too Much Air.

(upbeat music) Okay, get 'em up there, triple jump.

No, no man.

(groaning) – Oh, why would you land on your feet! – Hey, he didn't expect tobe 20 feet in the air, okay! (Steelo drowned out by music) – All seven years.

– [Rob] All seven years like preschool, electric motor bike, first BB gun and now this.

(laughing) All right, keep going, bro, keep going.

(water splashing) – That's some rough water to land into.

– Man, that's just rough altogether.

– [Steelo] What are you doing? – About right here it's time to bail out.

– It really is.

Let go, why you this high in the air? – And you're about to start going down.

You bailed at the wrong time.

Let it rip, Daryl! (screaming) (laughing) His arm ninjas.

(mumbling) It looks like a chicken, looks like a chicken! (bleeping) (upbeat music) Coming in hot.

(groaning) – Oh, oh, oh, the man's amazing.

Never lost focus.

– He just knows everything'sbad right there.

Okay, I got you, I got this, let's get it.

Here we go! – You know what I'm realizing, it's a white man with dreadsand a Jamaican flag parachute.

– Well first of all, Idon't give a (bleeping), it's too windy.

I get it but someone's gotta say hey, it's not that safe out there today.

Forget this, mon.

Stop talking like that.

Forget this, mon.

– I'm telling you right now! – Stop talking like that, man, it's dangerous out there.

Stop it, mon, here we go.

(bleeping) – Oh, oh, I didn't see that coming! – It ripped his dreads right off his head! – He woke up with a fade.

(laughing) – There you have it for Too Much Air.

(audience applauding) Okay, I need some friendlyadvice from you guys.

– Okay.

– My children are getting older and they need to be punished.

How do you suggest I punish my children? – You put 'em in time out.

– [Rob] Okay, time out, okay.

– I think time outsare the most effective.

For me as a kid— [Steelo] You got time outs? – If I had to be in thecorner and couldn't play, look at the TV, it was devastating.

It was like my life was over.

It was only like five minutesin the corner but you know.

– That's it? For every black family outthere, I got my ass lit.

– I miss it.

My Mom had a real scaryvoice so I just listened.

You have to have a strongtone of voice and be stern.

– You can't.

– No, no, you (bleeping)get in the corner! You get in the corner now! (laughing) But look, everybody in this category, they need some form of punishment and we call 'emPre-lin-quents, take a look.

(upbeat music) What's up though? (groaning) – She don't want no siblings! – Man, not only that but hecan't get up to punish her.

She said, ah! – Mind your own (bleeping)business, bitch.

(groaning) – I mean, is she wrong? Mind your (bleeping) business! – Mind your own (bleeping) business.

– [Steelo] And she's theone with the coupons? – Mind your business, I'mtrying to save us some money! What's up, Grandma? (groaning) – He has a mean throwfor a three year old! – Yeah, he's gonna be astar, he's gonna be star.

He's gonna make it to the NFL one day and be like if it wasn't for my Grandma.

He lit her up.

– No.

– [Mom] Eddie.

– No.

– [Mom] Do you know another word? – No.

– [Mom] How about a different word? – No.

– [Mom] Any other ones? – No.

– [Mom] Just no? (bleeping) (laughing) – Oh man, kids are crazy, man! (kids screaming) – What the (bleeping)?- [Mom] What? (laughing) – Wait.

That was amazing.

That baby's body languagewas like well sorry, you say it all the time, I didn't know, jeez.

– What the (bleeping)?- [Mom] What? – [Steelo] She is pissed.

(laughing) – Okay, maybe I won'tuse that word anymore.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

Welcome back to Ridiculousness, we are having some funwith Michael B Jordan.

Michael, you are a true actor.

– That's a compliment.

– Thank you, even just yourvibe is like I can act anything.

Don't you think so? So let me ask you this, when and how did youteach yourself to cry? Did you have to go to schooland they said look Michael, you gotta dig deeper, you gotta find when that puppy got killed.

– No, it's actually really messed up.

When I first met Sterling we did this movie called Hardball.

– So you had to cry in Hardball? – Yeah and our director, he said just imaginethe saddest thing ever, picture your Mom dyingand I was just like, it messed me up, it messed me up! – And you just said (crying).

– I was just balling, justballing, could not stop myself from crying at all.

– Since now I feel badthat they scarred you at such a young age I'd liketo have some other things for you to look at to be inspired the next time you gotta cry.

– I appreciate that.

– [Rob] By this categorycalled Crying Styles.

– Look, look, watch.

– [Rob] What are you, okay, just channel that inner child.

Channel that inner child.

(kid crying) (laughing) – [Woman] What happened? – [Man] Andy spilled a soda.

– You hear his wife ask what happened and he quickly blames the little boy.

Listen, listen.

– [Woman] What happened?- [Man] Andy spilled a soda.

(laughing) – He threw him under the bus so fast.

– [Rob] Taco Bell atthree AM was a bad choice.

(kid crying) (groaning) I think you're fine.

– Aye, aye, aye.

– That sounded like someAsian porn, aye, aye, aye.

(laughing) – Aye, aye, aye.

– He was on it though.

– [Woman] Look up at Mommy.

(kid crying) – [Man] You're all in on this and over it.

– Where's he going? – [Rob] He's gone.

– [Man] On your marks.

(kid screaming) Get set.

It'll be okay.

– That's like Alvin andthe Chipmunks in order.

Alvin, Theodore and Simon just chilling.

– [Man] Okay here we go, on your mark, get set, go.

(kids screaming) (laughing) – Oh my God, that kid has issues.

– Okay, so you guys as roommates, I know you guys loved tobattle in video games.

Who always wins?- Me.

– I do picture Sterlingbeing a really bad winner.

– And a really, really bad loser.

– I picture both.

When he loses like thisgame is (bleeping) up.

You already I know I had (bleeping).

I never play the Bengals.

– You've never seen me playbut that's exactly who I am.

– That's it, that's exactly it.

Same (bleeping).

– Okay well video games canbe incredibly frustrating.

It can drive people crazy.

Our next category is dedicated to that, Game Over, take a look.

– Can somebody help me, holy (bleeping), team eight! (laughing) Send in, you better (bleeping) me! What the (bleeping)! (cup breaking) – Thanks a lot, Bull! – That's him on Call of Duty.

– Happens sometimes.

– Chanel, is that you? (laughing) I'm not lonely, I just love video games.

(banging) Pacman is bull (bleeping).

– I told you to turn itoff before the remote.

(crying) – Go to bed.

(sobbing) I know, I know you don't.

– Loser.

– Got real personal with it, man.

Took it all the way backto you get bad grades and you're a loser.

Uh-oh, uh-oh.

– You guys just suck.

Shut up, you're like 42 years old.

I'll beat your little stupid ass.

No, no, I had that shot, I pressed R1! You see this, I pressed R1right before you got hit! (screaming) – Oh man, I've walked in onhim screaming at little kids.

He'll be on his headpieceand you'll hear a 10 year old like yeah man, I just killed you.

Shut the (bleeping) up, man! For real, you suck! – Where you live at? 973.

– Video games will turnyou into a devil, trust me.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

You got it.

Off the wall.

(chattering) (groaning) – Oh, is that scorpion?- That was a scorpion.

(groaning) Okay, just go back so wecan just feel the pain of what we love more than anything and that's a pure scorpion.

Stop it, look.

It is the logo exactly.

It is the logo exactly! This young lady put her face in about a foot and a half of water and tapped the back ofher head with a heel creating a perfect scorpion, give it to me full speed.

(groaning) – Wait, I gotta go back.

I thought this blackdude just got excited.

(chattering) He's jumping around, hell yeah, hell yeah! – Welcome back to Ridiculousness, our guest today is a master cake-smith and he has made a cake for this segment and I have not laid eyes on it.

Apparently it's a scorpioncake that I'm going to see for the first time in thisexact moment right now.

(cheering) Oh my God, oh my God, thisan edible, this is a cake? – [Cakesmith] Yes, this is a cake.

– This is unbelievable.

– So the first time I saw Ridiculousness you were talking about scorpions.

– Our logo, it's our logo.

– Scorpion, that's so awesome and I think yeah, you lookdumb when you kick yourself in the back of the headbut there is nothing like hugging yourself and that's why I'm so excited about the scorpion.

(audience applauding) – This man's work, lookat this man's work.

Can I just like, where's the core of the body? Is this?- Here.

Wow, you just went for it.

– It's so good, it's so good.

In honor of this, we've gotourselves a scorpion category.

(upbeat music) Woo, scorpion! Scorpion! – Oh my gosh! – Oh, baby scorpion! Chick scorpion! Skateboard scorpion! Woo, go back, go back.

This is one of the mosthardcore scorpions ever.

Look at the distance.

It is so rare that a mancovers that much distance in a scorpion, good lord! Ladies and gentlemen, please, give it up! Now this next category isall about putting your face deep into the ground and letting your toes tickle the back of your neck.

This is our logo, Mr.

Big Black, you know what it's called? – That guy's prettymuch my death sentence.

(laughing) – We call that gettingscorpioned, take a look.


(upbeat music) Oh! Damn! (laughing) (grunting) Oh! (squealing) Oh! Oh! (bleeping) Just bring it back for me.

– This is a warehouse.

They're fixing cars in themiddle of a wrestling ring.

(bleeping) – Everybody has dreams, Sterling.

And every now and then inthe middle of the dream you just get a really bad scorpion.

Here's the thing about snow.

It is the perfect placeto create scorpions.

Now why is snow so perfect for scorpions? – 'Cause it's slippery? – And you fall face first.

– Because most times you'regoing as fast as you can in snow you lose yourweight, you hit your face and if you've got skis or a snowboard it gives you extra juice to scorp up.

(laughing) Dedicated to our logo in thissnow-diculousness episode, Snow Scorpions, take a look.

(audience applauding) (“Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions) Oh! Oh yeah, what's it feel like? Let's pause it and see if he touched net.

Boom, he got net.

Oh man, that's a sideways one.

Here we go, transfer to scorpion.

– His head is like, he's buried! – He is literally buried in the snow, man.

– That was awesome.

– Yeah, it was.

Scorpion mountains.

– That was a good one.

– That's the last timehe's gonna snowboard.

♪ Here I am, rock you like a hurricane ♪ He scorpioned so hard youwouldn't clear the footage so we gotta blur your face.

I don't want people to know I scorpioned.

– And they don't want peopleto know them, look at him.

They blurred too.

I don't know that (bleeping).

– [Rob] This is the impossible, the reverse scorpion.

I'm going backwards.

You know it's like athoroughbred pure scorpion when you reach for the lower back, man.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, got him.

There you have it for Snow Scorpions.

Just an average kid on a trampoline.

He got scorpioned, he got scorpioned.

Now you know, deep down insidethere's something going on, he's a little upset.

– [Boy] You okay, Andrew? – Hate face! This is our very special 100th episode.

This episode is gonna be filled with just our favorite categories.

And behind us we have what looks to be one of the most incredibly bedazzled logos the world has ever seen.

(cheering) What is that logo? – A scorpion.

– A scorpion.

– That's right, it's the scorpion.

One of our very favorites, Scorpions, take a look.

(cheering) (“Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions) Oh, rock it up! Only a cheerleader could do this! Flip and scorpion.

Sand scorpion.

Wee! – That was a slow scorpion.

– [Rob] Yeah, I'm gonna call that a crash.

I'm going backwards, forwards and grinding on my face.

Skate scorpion.

This is my world of a scorpion.

Full impact and you can not for the life of you understand whythe back of your head is bruised when you justlanded on your face.

♪ Here I am ♪ Tree scorpion.

♪ Rock you like a hurricane ♪ – Oh yeah! – It's a baby scorpion.

You got it.

Oh, just eating snow, tappingthe back of your head, having the time of your life.

Look at him ride it out.

♪ Here I am ♪ There you have it, our scorpions, man.

You got it, off the wall.

(chattering) (groaning) – Oh, was that scorpion? – That's a scorpion, man! Look at it, look at it! Welcome back to Ridiculousness, we are here with Dominic Monaghan.

(cheering) All right, this showis very similar to you in the fact that we love scorpions.

– I just love animals and I like the ones that are misunderstood and scorpions are one of those animals that have a lot of myths attached to them.

They'll kill you if they sting you– – Will they? – Some might.

(laughing) – How is that misunderstood? (laughing) – They're nocturnal, they're shy, they're sweet, I like them.

– So do we, man, so do we.

Now that's the real life scorpion.

We have the viral sensation scorpion which is basicallyhitting your face so hard that your feet come flying around and tap you like a stingeron the back of your head.

One of our favorite categories, Scorpions, take a look.

(upbeat music) Gym scorpion.

How about a little bit of beach scorpion? Snow scorps.

Stripper scorpion.

Scooter scorps.

Scorpion! Scorpion.

Oh, scorpion.

Guess where you're headed? Scorpion.

– That was a classic Ridiculousnessscorpion right there.

I appreciate this, man.

So tell me about growingup in New York City, man.

You've been around the world.

What is it about New YorkCity that you love so much? – Oh man, New York, you gotenough influences around you to make you want to do positive things, it'll make you do negative things or try to achieve it too fast.

That instant gratificationwill make you do the negative things that are there.

– Did that motivate youwhen you were young? – Yeah.

– Well first let me just say, me and you were in a movietogether called Righteous Kill.

You played Spider.

I believe you were a gangster.

– Yeah, yeah.

– I played Rambo.

I was a pimp.

(laughing) – A skateboard pimp.

– And basically whatRighteous Kill was about was guys like me and you, drug dealers and pimps.

(laughing) Somebody out there killing 'em because it was righteous kills.

Just like me and 50 getting killed because we were pimps and drug dealers, everybody in this categorydeserves what's coming to 'em.

Here we go.

What, you (bleeping) with this? You got a pink one, I got a green one? (bleeping) you bitch.

What happened last night, I stomp that guy out? No.

I'm gonna tell you what, (bleeping) a monkey.

What? – He went right back tothe position he was in.

– This is a true street monkey.

He knows people, I know exactlywhat this (bleeping) at.

(laughing) Uh-uh, uh-uh.

(horn honking) Okay, go back, go back, go back.

For context, he's on thewrong side of the road.

This guy is literallytrying to run him over.

I tell you what you ain't never gonna do is jeopardize my ninja.

What? – Hey.

– Hey, we just been smokingcrack for like three hours.

(laughing) And we thought you was a spaceship.

(shouting) – [Man] Did you see what the(bleeping) you just did to me? I got that shit on God damn camera! – I don't care, I don't care! – [Man] No, bull (bleeping).

(banging) (groaning) – Hey, your girlfriend's ugly.

Ugly girl.

What, what, left, right, right, left, left, left.

– He's like I got all day, I'mgonna keep whooping your ass.

– Anytime when you're dressed in a coordinated jumpsuit like that.

You know his arms are moving.

You stealing mother (bleeping)? Because if you are, oh no, oh no.

(slapping) This is the most disrespectful.

– If you ever steal againI'll slap the (bleeping) out of your face, you understand? – He keeps saying ifyou ever steal from here I'm gonna slap youwhile he's slapping him.

I said if you ever stealfrom here I'll slap you.

I'll slap the (bleeping) out of you while he's slapping the(bleeping) out of him.

(laughing) There you have it for Righteous Kills.

(audience applauding) All right 50, we found aphoto on your Instagram, I'd like to put it up real quick.

Alright so this is howcake look in the hood.

They love me, at least I got a cake.

I mean, what happened, man? – That was at my grandfather's house.

– And then what, they didn'tknow it was ice cream? – They left it to all melt, that's what it looked like at the end, that's the last birthday cake I got and then they really gave mygrandfather a piece of it.

And he taste it like whatkind of (bleeping) is this? (laughing) – I tell you what, this entire category is dedicated to people havingcrappy birthdays, take a look.

(fire blowing) – What the! – I love her natural reactionis to check the mirror first and make sure she good.

Am I good? I'm good, we good here.

(bleeping) – [Rob] Celebrate, celebrate we hate you.

(popping) (crashing) (laughing) – Look at his face! – I gotta go back.

There's nothing more inappropriate though than him getting thatbottle ready right there.

I got you, we gonna get this thing going.

(laughing) – [Rob] Ah yeah, everybody's happy now.

Oh hell no, Phantom ofthe Opera me, will you? (laughing) (bleeping) – [Rob] At least you hit 102.

– [Woman] Blow it out.

(spitting) (laughing) Blow it out.

(spitting) – [Rob] Oh man.

Alright, cool, you stand right here.

You want a birthday celebrationlike you've never seen? – That's the worst Spiderman! – Even the kid's like man, Spiderman don't wear Nike's.

(laughing) – There you have it, ifyou ain't a superhero, know your superhero limits.

We'll be right back withmore Ridiculousness.

This is a Knife just blew up, so you got a tour, an album.

– I'm a little lost, I don't know, okay.

– Oh, you don't know? – No, I don't know about this.

– So he had an interview, what did he end up asking you? He said like– – He said is that a cross on your forehead and I said no, it's a knife.

– And that's where it came from? – Yeah.

– That's really funny actually.

– And then just exploded so we decided to honor It's a Knife with everybody with the most random things hitting people with we callIt's A Weapon, take a look.

(upbeat music) I tell you what I'm gonnaput on you, jam, jam! Really hard to find parkingin this neighborhood.

– Is that a car seat she hit him with? – Was it? – That was a car seat! She took the baby out first.

– You gotta be (bleeping) me! Here we go, here we go.

Best bachelor party ever, okay.


– He a dancer, look at the wayhe fell back like a dancer.

That was good.

– [Rob] Beautiful, 18th green, perfect time for a littlebit of bird murder.

Got him! – [Man] Oh my God.

– Oh (bleeping), I just murdered a duck.

– [Steelo] He feel so bad about it too.

– Where the duck at? – It's flying in right there.

– [Rob] Duck coming in hot, guy just trying to casuallygolf and murders a duck.

– [Rob] Oh, oh, what type of war.

(groaning) – Why was he sleeping with that bucket? – I feel like this happens alot so he was just prepared.

– That's puke bucket, man.

That's somebody that'sbeen throwing up all night.

Why don't you take theseroses, you old fart? – Stick it up your ass.

– [Rob] Oh, you don't want the roses? Oh hell no, wouldn'tbe on, wouldn't be on! Oh (bleeping).

(groaning) – Oh, he caught him though.

– He hit him with that hook though.

– That was a nice hook too.

– That was a mean hook.

– That's a man that knows how to fight.

There you have it for It's A Weapon.

(audience applauding) All right, let's take a lookat a tweet that you tweeted.

Made a new word and it's themost used new word in 2017.

– I made that part up though right there.

– What? This was 100% made up, man? The internet will get you, man.

I got fake newsed over here.

In my mind, this legitimately is in the dictionary right now.

– It might be.

– In the dictionary andkids are (bleeping) school using it right now.

Teachers are like no, it's fine, you can blend it all together if you want.

(laughing) That's really how far I took it but look, like it or not you didcreate an entirely new word so we decided to dedicatea category to people that also created some words.

We call 'em Word Birthers, take a look.

(audience applauding) – My mama said don't be givingout your padussy to anybody.

Padussy, what? – I never heard that one before.

– Me too.

– That one's kind of good.

– Padussy, what? – [Ania] Wa-ah, wah? – [Woman] What does that say, Ania? – [Ania] Wah? – [Woman] No!- [Ania] Wah? – She funny, she funny.

– It's the most beautiful thingI've ever seen in my life! – [Rob] Let it go.

– [Man] It's water mal-one, inside a water mal-one! – (bleeping) Water mal-one! – It sounds better.

– [Chanel] Water mal-one's brother? – It just sounds better, man.

– [Man] It's water mal-one, inside a water mal-one! (laughing) – [Steelo] It do sound better.

– [Man] What is that on your face? – Bas-cu-leen.

– [Man] What? – Bas-cu-leen.

– [Man] That's a yeen? What is it?- Bas-cu-leen.

– Man, it's 'cause hisface is just steaming, he can't even talk.

– [Woman] They got a new thingcalled Free Sha-vac-a-do! – [Rob] There you go, Free Sha-vac-a-do right here on Ridiculousness, we'll be back.

(audience applauding).