Retrolisthesis Back Pain: 5 Best Exercises/ Treatment to STOP Pain

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet [Music] hi folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist radharani physical therapist yeah yeah famous physical therapist on the internet yeah and I will pinion of course oh my god Brad off-guard there today we're gonna talk about so you ought to say this Rhett roll the thesis right Bob Brett wrote a thesis back pain five best exercises and treatments to stop the pain Brad and I have received this request quite often a over the year over the years so we decided to finally to tackle it because we listened to our audience right and we do spondylolisthesis because I have spine so I'm kind of linked into that but retro I didn't think that many people had it but actually there are because they got people requested yeah and we're going to actually do a pretty detailed video on this so be patient and if you have it you'll want all this information I the way if you're new to our channel please take a second just subscribe to us we provide business honest a healthy fit pain for you and we upload everyday also you're gonna want to go to our website Bob and Brad calm go to the giveaway section we're doing a great giveaway this week the teeter lt3 free stepper recumbent something cross trainer Thomas it's a great device again Marcus if you're listening she'll show a little bit of it put a little picture and little picture of something of it you can go to Facebook also it'll be pinned at the top of the page the contest that is you'll see it there yeah you'll see what it looks like exactly well going Twitter or Instagram for tik-tok if you want a 60-second version of our program here you go all right so retro Louis thesis you can have this in your lumbar area or your thoracic or your neck very very rare I understand for the right thoracic typically it's in the lumbar no back so that's what I'm gonna focus on we're not gonna talk about the neck unfortunate well show us on the spine very bad Bob so Bob won't you stand up and faces this way please all right now bend over I'm just kidding okay just a joke so we're going to look at the spine like here so this if I took Bob spine out he's facing that way now we're gonna look at typically it's going to be l5 l4 or l3 those are the most common areas so we're gonna look at l4 and l5 that's for my spondylolisthesis says we're gonna look at retro it's just the opposite so here yeah so we've got five bones that make up the low back and a number them one two three four five right and we're looking at number four and number five Brad's gonna show let's say we just four and five out of there right on there we can't move this because it's rigid that's the way the model is but if you have spondylolisthesis like me that the top vertebra l4 shift forward actually towards your stomach if you have retro because just the opposite it's just this direction symptoms from I've never treated anybody threatened I have an either ha but after my research on it symptoms and treatment are very very close to the same sure so the same the same as bodies right exactly makes sense to me now a lot of times this can be due to trauma right possible yep are they they don't know a lot of times you just don't know you take x-rays in a sec that is and it is confirmed by X rays and x-rays need to be taken at a lateral view which to dock from the side basically exactly which makes sense to see that it's shifted and there's four grades one two three and four four is the farthest slip by time you grade four you probably need surgery with hardware it's very rare typically you don't need surgery your best treatment is therapy so you have to do it so the things we recommend you'll find out some of the options will be very helpful and relieve your pain some may not so it's gonna be a little different between each person the one thing is with Brad having gone through a spondee deal with spondee it was a while before some of these things paid off right you know I mean do you gotta be patient here and you got to do them yeah and but you'll find out over time you can go from what was probably a surgery you probably would have required surgery to the point now Brad's very active running triathlons and but I'm still limited still limited if I didn't have it I still have pain and if I like I ran three half miles this morning up and down he'll my back's a little sore but not bad I've done it long enough I kind of know if I go too much or whatever so it's taking a while you're almost 100 years old – so no Bob why Bob let's get on these people are waiting right number one avoid postures or activities that irritate your back yeah that seems real simple like well of course I'm gonna do that no a lot of people don't they think well my back hurts it's gonna hurt it's like no you're doing something that's causing it to hurt so you want to analyze it and change the posture if you're sitting do you want to show us anyway well a lot of times a static posture you'll find that standing in a certain way maybe on one foot irritates it so don't do that anymore a lot of times people aren't aware of it if you think about it's like oh yeah I didn't know I stood with all my weight on one foot yeah kind of shift one yeah and some kinks your back and that can put pressure on that area that's injured or so you want to make sure you just go ahead and level out when you're standing and maybe put a little bend in your knee but right I'll show seated position here you know if standing for a long time he retains it you can't stand if sitting for a long time is irritating you can't sit for a long time you may have to do a sit down go back up and that's common now lumbar supports can be very helpful you're probably not going to get one like this because this is probably too specific on the area this lumbar support literally changed my life and like in my car spreads the forces out as opposed to you know hitting one specific part of the spine yeah and it's made of memory foam which adapts to any shape back so it doesn't matter where your shift is if it's l4 l5 or all three this is the key battle Kubota I'm not sure how we pronounce it but I just know I have three of these I used under my car at home and my recliner and in my riding lawnmower wouldn't go without them and that really says now with me you I don't have back pain I don't like this one yeah so they are very specific to people but my guess is have already put a guess forward that yeah this would be the one for spondee and for a retro right something even if it's not this brand something that spreads out and I just think the memory foam is a very high key yeah all right we were to mention a few things just for pain control – right well sure so one thing Brad likes to do is he likes to get his feet up on like a wedge like this you can put your feet up on pillows – yeah but he used to he likes to use an ice pack when things are flared up yep so if I do something silly in my back it was really sore so I go why do they do that it's gonna hurt for two days I will take a leg wedge you don't have to have one of these but they really work well yeah and they're not that expensive you could use pillows that works but not quite as well a cold pack a nice gel one about this size we even have a recipe on how to make your own cold pack so you can put Bob and Brad ice pack if you want them know if you want to make your own yeah it's just rubbing alcohol water and put your laying on the floor you can put your feet up on an ottoman or up on a chair exactly so I'm gonna have to buy exactly a good play pop but whether you have your feet up here something about raising your feet your legs either here or if you went up on like a sofa it feels good and 20 minutes on here and I've had my back pain goal from a 6 / 10 down to a 1 and then I get up and it's much better so now if instead you want to try to get more blood flow to the area a regular heating pad does not really work because regular heating pad only penetrates we got actually a visualization here on the yardstick here it only penetrates just surface so that this represents how deep they're regulating basically skin deep this is why we like to use the far infrared heating system that penetrates two point three six inches right to 0.

36 so that's going to get down into the muscle and into the joints and where when you're born slip and you have that thesis there you want those bones I can mine the disk actually dissident disintegrated overnight of years it could be the same way you want that diffuse so if you can get more blood supply there it's gonna heal better and faster these don't heal over a period of a couple weeks it takes you know months and so I actually use this tool at night you just put it in your chair and I sit and watch TV and you have it on for an hour or whatever you watch TV so it becomes part of your lumbar support right actually right yeah and these are they are expensive so you know you don't have to get one but if if you if you respond well to heat things good it's gonna last for years there's no girls on all sorts here but parts of your body the thermo Tex is one great company from Canada right all right move on moving on Brad what's the next thing body mechanics sure so we should hire someone to fix her back mechanic there you go I'd hire someone to do everything for you I've heard you are jokes yeah you want to be you want to stay active but you want to be active with really good mechanics the best way I think to teach someone how to bend over or pick something up properly so don't irritate your bad is as you take reasonably a stick but you can just take a five foot long piece of Dowling or a broomstick works now and you put it behind your back and Bob's gonna show where the contact so it's three points of contact you want to have it yeah I praise you get a little bit better like this right so you want to have the head touching the mid-back touching and I'm like to the lower pelvis or the the pelvis itself just a little part of the spine right that shows you that you're in good posture if you're not in good posture yep you like this it's no good no only one point of contact so this is a great training device and you you know you necessarily don't have to have to stick around every time but initially do a few bends like that squats like this and then you know with my wife I was trying to she was having trouble with her back and I said just picture the stick like this and she said it was really easy then for her to apply that to real life do you know I mean when she picked some up she just pictured the stick there and she was able to lift correctly there so what you can do it this is what I have my patients do I say take your stick whatever you're using and do 10 squats they do that two or three times a day it takes you about 15 seconds and it's gonna give you remember your muscle memory so that you remember just like Glinda's arab yeah Bob's wife was talking about and you know that becomes a habit that way yep absolutely it becomes part of your daily routine then so alright excellent some core strengthening Brad great um should we go down on the floor for this can we these exercises I think are the best exercises that help keep your back protected and these are exactly what I do I absolutely love them they really have helped my back a lot when I picked all your socks they're nice if there's the thing to come everyone's gonna start worrying oh yeah they are so anyways I thought I'd draw some attention so you need a ball you're gonna have to invest in a ball there's there's no way around it to pretend like that only 15 oh yeah you can get online $15 sometimes 20 you don't need to buy that one that have the video with it and I do simply this and your back is stabilized by the floor it protects it and you're strengthening your core muscles here now so I'll do I'll do 50 of these but you want to start out do 10 or 15 whatever is comfortable and then build up and then I actually jumped to the more advanced one where I do the double crunch same one except for elbows and shoulder blades come off I'm not bringing my head full or not curling way forward he's not yeah he's almost bringing it up you know yeah there you go get your stomach burning with that another 10 or 15 or whatever it takes and then now this is what I don't do but this is when they strongly recommend that it makes a lot of sense to me for retro sure just to do a bridging so you get those guys multifidus muscles which surround that area and you're also doing the glutes a little bit which yeah the glutes attached by fashion exactly while back so now when you do these if they irritate your back there's something wrong you don't do all right not with should anything anything we say today if it hurts your back if it makes it worse starts not feeling right don't do it it's always that pain be your guide and now this one hopefully it doesn't turn my mic off because I'm on my box this is a really good advantage with the ball and you'll go like this and put your forearms down and then you're working these back muscles here as well as your hip and I'll do one leg at a time ten [Music] back is nice and supported while you're doing this and and you can get some good strength and I think it was the other way on the opposite side and again all pain-free but you'll feel the ball really supports that involved area of your back so again I really think the ball is something that you'll want to do it really it'd be a good investment when I was going to the point where I was gonna have surgery I started to do my ball exercises very consistently and I really feel between that and this was that you become a big fan yeah so alright now go over here Brad yes a final thing sorry to take so long is the transverse muscles and the oblique muscles of the core which get missed by those exercises and I do think functionally this is really makes a difference on getting you functionally throughout the day doing daily activities without pain so you and your going to need something with handles in the band and some way to anchor it to a wall you can go to a door they make things that go on the door when you buy the or right we use the wall anchor because they just worked so much better but the exercise is like this so that you just get in a athletic position and then we're starting we're gonna stir the pot Bob oh we go like this sure make circles but you get out so there's enough tension you'll feel your score tighten right now I feel it and I'm just to work and I'll go ten times I'll go ten times this way I'm that right now but that's what else I'll do it's interesting when you do these they don't look that hard no I know from experience these are quite challenging and you're doing with that good posture all right that's slumped everything you do is maintained and then the other one I really like to do is you need to get a different angle so I'm gonna go up to here and it works the obliques really well and I'm gonna care that good posture and I just bring my arm down here like that I'm gonna make it a little tighter it works better like this yeah I can really and I'll tell paint with my fing my fingers I'll feel my stomach muscles right there boy they're really working hard right in that area or when I'm trying to keep so my hand goes to the opposite knee and those obliques are really working I'll do both sides and this feels good my back is completely pain-free and if that's the situation boy your goal that's the exercise you want to work with but again don't expect that this is gonna help even in a week no like these type of exercise right the core strengthening this is an investment of time pick out the ones that you feel comfortable with and that you're gonna do for awhile maybe it's just the ball right now I would for sure you need to avoid the postures and the activities that irritate it I would start with the ball cold pack a hot pack whatever makes that feel better and then these exercises over here is our bonus ones this when you're getting better and you're getting more active and you're feeling better so alright remember Brad and I can fix just about everything except for anything I mean except for a broken heart so we're working on this stuff is a good help for that yeah [Music] you.