[Music] hi and welcome back to football made simple after turbulent few seasons under ernesto valverde on the 13th of january kikes etienne was announced as his successor there was a lot of excitement that he would bring back the croytheon style of play to the nou camp statistically at least barcelona have toppled la liga since he has come in but how have barcelona performed in actuality under his stewardship in this video we take a look let's start with the formations setien has been willing to adapt his formation to the players he's had available early on he utilized a 352 with the personnel often looking like this however the team didn't feel comfortable in this formation and he hasn't been afraid to shift to the 442 with the following personnel as well as the more traditional barcelona 433 which looked like this another factor to note is where valverde had the untouchables a crop of players who played almost every match no matter how they performed sitian's flexibility means that he's more willing to bench underperforming players it should also be noted that setien also hasn't had suarez available since he's come in now let's look at the builder play setien is renowned for his use of positional play and as a result since he has come in their already high possession has skyrocketed by almost eight percent to 69 percent under settian this all starts with tisch dagin who is gifted with the ball at his feet and under sethian has become even more involved in the builder play when the centre-backs are being pressed tashdegen moves higher up in his box to form a passing option which can then draw a man and the person to midfield can find the now free centre-back which is a common method they use to open up space this is vital ascetion likes to have the numerical superiority around the ball and when possible he likes to keep biscuits high up the pitch to have more numbers in the next phase however if this was not possible for example when the ball is too high up for testagen to form the third man then bus gets drops into this region instead it's also worth noting that whilst the rest of the team stay relatively close to each other in order to form options for quick passing the full backs tend to stay much wider this is because it provides an easy outlet for tushdegen with the long pass into them in the scenarios where all central options are occupied but this is also crucial as barcelona now often look to overload one side of the pitch and draw the opponent across to then switch the ball to the full back who can look to attack the flank this has helped as the far side winger usually tucks in to draw the fullback narrow but generally when bars are built through the center most teams know that busquets is the metronome and the key to the builder play and will attempt to manmark him frankie dion in this situation then looks for space to be the outlet instead dropping alongside him to then look for ways to progress the ball up the pitch whilst the third midfielder normally either rakitic or vidal pushes high to push the opposition midfield deeper high up the pitch the absence of suarez has meant that they do not have a dedicated striker who can use their movement to push defenses deep and grow the space in this area this has meant that the dynamics of the front three have been affected with both messi and griezmann taking turns as the forward which leads to different advantages as well as disadvantages when messi plays up top it means there is a distinct lack of creativity in this region the barcelona midfielders tend to be good in possession deeper on the pitch help it to progress higher up the pitch however none of them is particularly creative in the traditional sense in the final third when it comes to threading intricate through balls into the forwards on a consistent basis and when griezmann plays as the forward instead messi is on the right hand side but with him there there's still the problem of a lack of creativity in the central areas and that combined with messi not being a traditional winger leads to him still tucking into these central regions meaning that there is no right winger as a result setien will often start with the front three that looks like this and mesu would drop deeper to create and get on the ball in these regions whilst the wingers on paper tuck in narrow to play as forwards ahead of him this does allow messi to get on the ball for much longer and be dangerous threading balls to those ahead of him and they've created several chances in this manner and by starting vidal nominally as the right winger he has the work rate to consistently make runs to try and push defenses deeper as well as also dropping into the ten roll when messi instead pushes ahead of him and generally passer have shown a lot of this positional interchange reminiscent of total football under setien as evidenced by all three forwards being able to play in each other's roles however this means bastar have had the same problem that they've had for years which is not having a genuine winger also due to dembele's injuries and as a result the central attacks can become more predictable in addition messi is the only true source of creativity as shown by him having 2.

5 key passes per game and an expected assist of 0.

47 per 90 which is in stark contrast to the numbers put up by the other midfielders griezmann and the other wingers are also far behind when it comes to creativity they have tried to make up for their lack of width through the full backs alba in particular is always keen to advance higher up the pitch and look for the cross to one of the forwards or the cut back into messi on the edge of the box however his attacking efficiency has been lowered this season only having one goal and one assist thus far as his crossing has been inaccurate cemedo does move higher up the pitch but his attack numbers are low and he's not a significant creative or goal threat so going forward setion may need to develop tactics which create more chances based on the team's movement as opposed to being reliant on moments of individual quality now let's look at the defensive end of things the central positioning and high fallbacks combined with the fact that his players are in relatively close proximity means that when there is a turnover barcelona are in a good position to counter press men can quickly look to press the ball and the wide regions whilst the others can cover the other passing options into midfield this has meant that the passes per defensive action a measure of the effectiveness of the press has seen improvement as it has dropped slightly from 8.

16 to 7.

94 however many of the players in the current barcelona side are into their 30s meaning that they do not have the athleticism to counterpress on every turnover throughout the 90 minutes as a result they tend to initially drop deeper on the pitch to ensure that the gaps are covered their pressing shape in these situations would then depend on the makeup of the front three this is because of messi who now into his 30s cannot press as he used to and is allowed an almost free pass when it comes to defending by seti in so if he is playing wide in a 4-3-3 he moves higher up to form a 4-4-2 shape with the other winger dropping into the midfield ranks but if you are central in a 4-3-3 shape the shape could flatten into a 4-5-1 with both vidal and griezmann putting in good defensive work with over 1.

5 defensive actions each however for the most part setien gets one of his midfielders or wingers to join messi in the press to try and stop the progression into the midfield regions to try and force the opposition to make a riskier pass which has a better chance of being intercepted or to force them long to allow the defensive line to deal with it statistically we can see the differences between setions barcelona and valverde's barcelona la liga on the offensive end setion has averaged 1.

75 goals per game compared to 2.

58 for valverde's barcelona the team's shots per game have risen from just over 12 per game to close to 15 per game interestingly messi's shots per game have skyrocketed since satyan came in from 3.

94 under 40 to 6.

75 per game now this could be because he now occupies more central regions and gets more shooting opportunities or he is having to take more shots to make up for the absence of suarez since sethian came in defensively under valverde barcelona were conceding 1.

21 goals per game and now that number is down to one goal conceded per game this improved defense could be due to the increased emphasis on possession as a form of defense and it will be interesting to see how this changes once the season resumes overall a-league games is too small a sample size to make definitive judgments on a style of play especially without a transfer window to work with with the mini pre-season before the league resumes maybe now we will see the stronger elements of how setian wishes for his team to play going forward but the return of suarez could also change their team's dynamics completely but i'd love it if you commented down below what have you made of seti and so far and how do you think barcelona play once the season resumes and who do you think will win the league drop it down in the comments below but that's all for today and remember keep it simple [Music] you.

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