hello everybody welcome to my stationhere we'll be discussing how smoking cigarettes marijuana and vaping affectsyour lungs in regards to physical fitness and sports we all know that weuse our lungs to breathe and what do we breathe nobody oxygen correct while weplay sports or workout we ask our lungs

to work harder than normal this isbecause our body requires more oxygen as we push it to perform certain physicalactivities within our sport for example in baseball when you hit the ball youhave to run as fast as you can to first base in basketball if you're trying toprevent a

breakaway you trying to go from one end to the other end of thecourt to try to prevent the opposite team from scoring a basket whateversport you play or any sport in general you're going to push yourself sometimesto your own limitation you give it everything you got you give

it your allthis can be difficult in itself imagine how hard this would be if you actuallysmoked or vaped smoking and vaping damages our lungs and prevents themperforming at their 100 it would be like trying to run with your shoes tiedtogether can you do it of course but it

would make it a lot harder so we will beperforming a short activity just to show you exactly what I mean by this sobefore we begin I'm gonna need a couple things first is a little space not verymuch maybe a piece of paper and a pen if you have

a great memory just remember at-shirt any kind any type doesn't really matter also if you have one of theselike the city of Santa Ana is recommending that we were one of thesewhat would go outside in public during this whole COVID-19 pandemicalright so if you have one great if

not no big deal a t-shirt works justfine okay so I'm gonna be demonstrating this for you guys outside you don't haveto go outside just find a little space in your house but for just ademonstration purposes I'm gonna go outside give myself a little bit morespace so you guys

can actually see what we're gonna do alright see you soon okay so here I am outside I found myselfa little more space you don't very much so I'm going to move back right now andI'm gonna demonstrate a jumping jack for 30 seconds jumping jacks look like this standing

still from this position all you are going to do is jump out and back down all right excellent work hopefully yourecorded your score and also know how you feelall right so understand that this is you nice healthy vape and smoke free lungsokay now for the next part you're

gonna have to rest about two to three minutesright or you could even perform this at a later time today or another day nowwhat you want to do is you actually want to get your breathing back to normal sowhen you feel like you have then you may begin the

second parthopefully by now you feel like you've returned back to normal alright so whatyou're gonna do now is you're gonna repeat the same activity so 30 secondsof as many jumping jacks as you can this time what you want to do is you want tograb your mask and make

sure you put this over your your nose and yourmouth and make sure it's nice and secure so doesn't fall off while you're doingthe jump jacks or if you're gonna use a t-shirtand you don't have one of these grabbing your t-shirt fold it in half sohalf ways I fold

it again so now we have the sleeves on the outside allyou're gonna do is basically wrap up the face make sure the sleeves are niceand tight behind your neck now you don't want this to be too tight just nice andsnug so does it fall off now you're ready

all right how did you do was it moredifficult this time than the first time you did it some of you may have gottenthe same score but even if you got the same score howdo you feel okay welcome back hopefully by nowyou've caught your breath so now ask yourself

why was this harderthan before so the mask for the shirt that we used actually acts as arestriction that prevents the amount of oxygen that we would normally inhalefrom entering our lungs that represents how someone would feel if someone smokedor Vaped even though smokers and Vapers have lungs just

like us the smoking vape thatthey inhale is actually damaging their lungs and preventing them from workingat their best and think about this the more you wouldsmoke or Vape the worse this would become can you imagine running down youknow first base or across the court barely being able to

breathe thatwouldn't be very fun and if you remember in Brenda's presentation shedemonstrated and showed you the difference between healthy and unhealthylungs you could easily see the difference in regards to which one washealthy and which wasn't healthy right the color was obvious one was black ordark the other was

very bright orange or pink hopefully you noticed that one ofthose lungs when she pumped him up they didn't really fully inflate so if onceagain damaged lungs unhealthy lungs smokers lungs vapors lungs so in regardsto physical fitness you can tell which one won't be easier to work withhopefully this

little experiment helped you realize how important it is to keepyour lungs healthy strong and smoke or vape free so if you're interested inliving a healthy lifestyle maybe think about making sports or working out a newhobby alright and that leads me to my next clue in regards to your

secretmessage remember these words that is your clue for your secret message I hopeyou all enjoyed this little experiment until we see each other stay safe stayhealthy and keep those lungs smoke and vape free see you guys

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