I liked potatoes.

I know that you always like potato.

Is it good? Superb.

Good morning.

We have been cooking chicken and fish in the last few videos.

Today I got two quails.

We are planning to fry it.

We have the masala for it ready here.

I will tell you what all are there in this.

There are two types of chilies, Kashmiri chili and normal red chili.

And we have turmeric powder, aniseed, ginger, garlic and pepper.

Apart from this, we can add salt to this mixture.

So these are the things needed for masala.

We have to grind these and apply over the quail.

Mom did the grinding part for me.

It is ground finely, though she did it over grinding stone.

She said we can remove chili seeds if needed.

But she didn't do so.

We don't need this whole masala.

We need only half.

We have another use for the other half.

We will see that later.

Let us marinate the quail with masala.

Let it remain for 2 hours.

I am applying masala over this.

You can make slits on it, if you wish.

But it is not compulsory.

Quail is smaller than small chicken.

So there is no need to make slits over it.

We will fry this in oil.

We have to apply masala properly.

We are using more of Kashmiri chili.

So it will be more colorful and less spicy.

Apply masala inside too.

Mom used grinding stone to grind this.

If we soak the chilies in water for some time, it can be ground faster.

Otherwise, you can grind this in mixer too.

Some people add vinegar or lemon juice while grinding.

It is said that if we add so, the msala will blend well with the meat.

We haven't added all that.

This is a normal masala mixture.

If you love the taste of garlic, you can add more of it while grinding.

I love the taste of garlic.

There is one more way to add garlic.

We can do that.

We didn't add too much garlic in this ground mixture.

We will do something else.

Now this is well-coated with masala mixture.

Let it remain like this for 2 hours.

Then the masala will blend with the flesh.

We will keep this inside or else crows might fly off with it.

I forgot to say one thing.

We added turmeric powder too in this masala mixture.

This is for people who love the taste of garlic.

I have taken around 10 cloves of garlic.

I took grated coconut also.

I am going to crush garlic with this spoon.

When we crush like this, we will get more of the aroma.

When this is taken as a whole, we won't get the aroma very well.

This crushing will release the aroma.

Now we will take some of the remaining masala mixture and mix it with this.

I have taken grated coconut and garlic.

This is a mixture of grated coconut, garlic and masala mixture.

If you wish, you can add more salt to this mixture.

Curry leaves can also be added according to your taste.

I will add it later, while frying this.

You can mix curry leaves with this masala too.

We have kept everything here.

By the time this is ready for cooking, dad will light the stove.

We just need to fry this.

And then taste it also.

Quails have been marinated well with the masala.

We will now fry this in oil.

First we will keep the pan over fire.

Then add coconut oil and start frying.

We have to take more coconut oil as the quail should be dipped in it.

It is good if we take more oil.

If we are using a shallow frying pan, we can flip it both sides and fry.

Here I am adding more coconut oil so that I can dip it in oil.

We are heating oil.

By the time it heats up, I am doing this.

Keya wants quail fry, but Keyara doesn't want.

So I thought of frying some potatoes for her, in the same masala.

So we will have one more item as a company with this.

This is the same masala.

But I am adding only a little, as Keyara doesn't like it very spicy.

I can add more salt.

Oil has heated very well.

It takes time.

Now we can fry this.

We should put quails only after the oil becomes hot.

But oil should not be too hot, or it might get burnt.

We have to flip it both sides and fry well.

I first tasted quail fry in some toddy shop.

It was a toddy shop near Kothamangalam.

I forgot the name.

Yes, it was called Manthoppu Shaap.

It was there that I tasted quail fry for the first time.

Their cooking methods were different.

I don't know what masalas they used.

It tasted good.

We had lunch from there, with quail fry.

Hashmi was with me that day.

Quail fry is very common in most thattukadas.

Recently, I tasted quail meat from a thattukada in Kollam.


Aisha was with me.

She took us to the thattukada.

We tasted the quail meat of Kollam.

Don't ask me whether quail meat in Kollam or Manthoppu was more tasty.

It is difficult to say as there was a huge time gap between both.

So I can't compare both.

Anyway, my quail fry will be tastier that all those, right? If you wish, you can fry this one by one.

Then it will be dipped more in oil.

I put both together so as to save time.

It is very hot and sunny.

I put both together so that I can fry faster.

You do per your convenience.

Some people fry it till crispy.

I don't want it too crispy.

But this has cooked well.

So I will take it out.

One Two.

We have fried both.

There is some masala remaining in the oil.

I am taking it out.

Let the fried quails be here.

We are now taking coconut.

We have kept it ready.

Let us fry this too.

This is a mixture of grated coconut, masala, and crushed garlic.

No need to fry this too much.

It might burn.

Fry this lightly.

We have to reduce the flame or it will get burnt.

Let us take it now.

Some people deep-fry this.

It is all according our individual preferences.

Even if it is less crispy, it is okay.

But if it burns, all taste will be gone.

It is okay if the coconut is not very crisp.

It will retain the taste of coconut milk.

Now we will fry potatoes.

I have sliced it and applied masala over it.

Let us fry this too.

Flip the potatoes both sides and fry it well.

There was a bit of grated coconut mixture in the oil.

That will stick to the potatoes.

Potatoes will turn cripsy.

If we buy quail fry from restaurants or thattukada, we won't get this fried coconut with it.

I saw this kind of fried coconut with a chicken preparation.

It was called Payyoli chicken.

In that, they add fried grated coconut to chicken fry.

I am just trying that combination with quail.

We are using a method similar to Payyoli chicken for this quail fry.

I don't think they used garlic with the coconut mixture.

But I have added garlic in this.

I love the taste of fried garlic.

Potatoes are also fried well.

Let us take it out and keep with quails.

This is curry leaves for a final touch.

I will fry this also in oil.

This needs to fried only lightly.

We will take it and keep it with the other things.

If we like to eat curry leaves crunchy, we can do so.

Let us eat.

Keyara, will you taste this? No.

Keya? I will eat.

Keyara will eat potatoes.

See, this is fried potato.

Is it tasty? Spicy? Not spicy.

Keyara, you eat potato.

I will take out a quail leg for Keya.

Keya, you eat from this side.

Did you like it? You like potatoes.

This is like chicken.

Yes, like spring chicken.

But this is not that.

This is quail.

I have taken the flesh for you.

Is it tasty? It tastes like chicken.

Shall I give you some fried coconut? Taste it and tell.

A bit of fried grated coconut.

This is like coconut and chicken.

Coconut masala, right? You want potato? Just one.

Keya, this is the rest of the piece that I took for you.

Shall I taste this? Keyara, are you sure that you don't want? One bite? No? Then you can eat potatoes.

I am also taking one quail leg.

Crispy fried quail leg.

Dad, you eat this.

Potatoes? Quail has to be tasted before potatoes.

It is good.

Better than what I expected.

It is not very spicy as we used Kashmiri chili.

But it is very crunchy and tasty.

Earlier, I was just joking that my quail fry will be the best.

But now I am feeling that it is right.

I am not boasting, this is the fact.

This fried grated coconut gives it a special taste.

Now let me try a bit of the fried coconut.

I am taking coconut and garlic together.

Let me it together.

It is superb.

Yes, you can eat it with coconut.

You want only the coconut? Try frying like this, with grated coconut.

You might like this.

We can eat fried curry leaves along with this.

This is from our own yard.

I am taking this with potatoes.

Always be with us happily.

We will always be with you.

Let us end this video here.

Next video will come soon.

Do watch.

Give your suggestions.

Bye for now.


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