Hi everybody, this is Wes.

I'm back again, we got Derrickbehind the camera and we are going to do an open box onthe Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Mesh System.

This is the US version.

It's an access point, supposed to befast and have an excellent range.

This is not a router.

This has to work within a router so you would plugthis into your router and configure it to your router.

It is a wireless system.

You can put this outdoors.

This is waterproof Ubiquiti says.



and yeah, so it should be pretty good.

It should have a rangeof about if memory serves, this should have a range of 600 feetand you can hook multiple units up.

There is no limit of how many ofhow many of these you can use.

Excellent unit.

So let's get itopen to see what it looks like.

It's the access point there.

The back of it.

It's got a little cover here.

That's for where you want to plug inyour network cable and/or power.

This is PoE by the way, so it does needpower.

So Power over Ethernet and I believe it comes withits own PoE injector.

We're gonna find out here in the box, in just a second.

It's got some antennas in there as well upon the back in some way, shape or form.

Looks like it just slides right on like that;it'll snap into place.

So this is another little bracket.

It's got a level.

I'm sure you screw this to the walland then you slide this device down into there and you'vegot a wall mount.

Couple of antennas in the box.

We have the power cord, some straps.



yeah, those are the straps forthis bracket right here.

And this is one of thosekind of power cords.

It's not one you can just run down andthat's for the PoE injector right here.

You're gonna power this up, one cord'sgonna go into your LAN.

The other cord's gonna go intothe unit to power the unit up.

I have a feeling that you can havethis just wireless powered up and sending out your signal and thenyou'll just attach all your devices, your wireless devices to this, so like your phones, or your tablets, computers, whatever.

Unlimited amount of connectionsand devices can go on this unit as well as an unlimited amount of thesedevices connected to the same system.

This is not a plug-and-play operationfor the avid novice user of internet.

You're probably still better off going to yourbig box store.



Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, to get a standard wireless routeror cable wireless router combo unit.

This is gonna take a little configuringbut I assure you when it's done, they are supposed to have extremeup time without any hiccups like some of those other products outthere like say the Winsys WRT 1900, the Netgear, what is it; the R8000 orthe Nighthawk X6 same router.

But once again, you still need a routerto use this.

This is just an access point.

It'll work just like your routeronce it's connected, but you still need a router to assign IPaddresses and that's extremely important.

Once that's done, then you would connectall your, like I said devices, your cellphone, your tablets, your PCs to this device.

So let's say you have a bigproperty or a big yard and you want to putsome access outside, this is the way to go.

This will go outside and you can extendyour WiFi signal by several hundred, 600 feet.

This is not a WiFiextender per se.

It could be used as that, but it doesn't work in the same way asa WiFi extender does or a range extender.

This is gonna show upas its own connection and be an actual access pointfor many clients to connect to.

And the software that goes with this is prettysimple if you understand internet and networking.

So you shouldn't have too muchof a hard time with that.

Once again the PoE injector.

And I got mineon Amazon for $99 Amazon Prime and it was, it came to me in two days.

Let's put these antennas on here reallyquickly so you can kind of see that.

This is the easy part.

Now, Ubiquiti says thatthese are the size of a.



little bit bigger than a ballpoint pen, but that's not true.

These are pretty monstrous.

As you can see, compared to a cellphonehere, they're a pretty good size.

But still nonetheless, pretty stealthyfor an outdoor installation.

You got, you know, adjustibleantennas, whatnot.

Anyways, I'm Wes, and that's Derrick.

We're out of here.


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