Hello, I'm Orkun.

I'll explain how to choose outdoor shoes and boots.

We are talking about a very wide category.

As shoes, on this table We only see 20/1 part of Spx store collection maybe even 30/1.

it's a very wide category we are talking about a segment that has so many different varietys we are talking about a segment of a lot of brands with many models out of Spx, The same as ski or tennis choice is decisive as there are various different factors here.

There are many questions such as which shoes should we buy at this table, which one should be used in which season and depending on what.

It can be confusing.

At the same time, there is price differences too.

Same brand has shoes for €100 and €300 I'm talking in Euro In here, it can be very confusing, let's talk in Euro currency So we can compare with world.

I know you check online to see the prices in US or EU There is outdoor shoes for 130$ – 140$ or Euro, it's close or there is outdoor shoes for 300$, 400$ there is even 500$ 550$ outdoor shoes.

We'll try to understand what's the differences between them First of all, First you need to identify your needs, and start with that.

What do I need, what am I going to do with this shoes If you say I will use this shoe in my daily life, I will go to work and I want to use it for a long time, both in rainy winter and summer.

I want it to be durable, very soft, I want it to be a harder base with less elasticity that makes the base less torsion, I want to carry a backpack.

or I'll go to mountain climbing shoes.

In front of me, average except rock climbing or very high altitude, we have a high altitude shoe here but it has it's levels too This is a mountain climbing shoe which you can add crampon too.

it has to.



I'm just checking.

it can be used in high altitude, this is Salomon's Alp I have shoes from every categort except very high altitude climbing shoes.

which you can add board too and rock climbing, which looks like socks We don't have any irrelevant shoes outside of our segment we don't have the extreme shoes here.

The segment which determines %90-95 of the outdoor shoes sold in the world are here.

Now I’ll explain the differences between them.

First of all, We'll start with the basic and progress towards sophistication The most basic, daily shoes are low cut hiking shoes.

What we called walking shoes that we can also use for light runnings.

This shoes has low cut and according to the other shoes it has a softer sole, more flexible base Flat shoes, the difference is, the sole is durable, Because of it’s a daily shoes, it has multi purpose, it can be used both on soil and asphalt.

it has extra layers for cushioning.

and especially this model I'm holding is mesh it means it breathes a lot The purpose of this shoes are to be usedin rainless weather such as summer and spring.

That part is important and the reason is, I'll take the second shoes from the same category, like this They actually look very similar to eachother.

They're both Salomon's shoes, This is leather, this is not.

This is gore tex leather a winter shoes.

This is a spring, summer shoe or for non rainy days.

I'll tell the biggest mistake, For instance, people are buying a gore tex shoe and thinking it's breathing so I can put on both in winter and summer That is very wrong.

Even though gore tex membrane is a very breathable membrane To prevent water to get in, your feet are covered with a synthetic membrane When you look at it, you can see your feet.

If we go even further, here is the shoes what we called aquawhich you can see the feet is completely out there.

It's impossible for gore tex or waterproof shoes to breathe as much as this ones That's why, If you use this shoes in summer Your feet would sweat a lot and get wet.

and that makes a very unhealthy environment for your feet If you wear this shoe in winter or in rain even in summer your feet would get wet from the water that's why the ideal is, to have one shoe for summer and one for winter.

I know it's a budget issue but I'm telling how it should be.

Then again, what we called ultra summer shoe Very hot summer, especially Turkey's june, july and august.

Until the 15 of september, when the weather is more than 25 degrees which you can also use it under water you can even walk in a river, it pushes the water out what they called amphibian shoes.

You can wear both on land and water and it breaths ultra, all sides are open like this Your feet can breath perfectly in this outdoor shoes with outdoor sole it's very comfortable.

I'll continue Like I said, these are the shoes which you can use daily, or you went to the forest for a walk with your friends.

a shoe you can walk 10 – 20 – 30 km on a hiking trip and there is, This is the mid-high verison of the shoes I just showed.

it's called hiking boots.

You know hiking actually means walking.

You walk in the forest or in the city, doesn't matter.

it's a fancy way to say walking This shoes supports your wrist a little more, it prevents water from entering your feet especially in wet environments, I prefer to use this type of shoes in rainy cold winter days.

it's the same shoe with mid-high Usually these doesn't come as mesh typescause it's for winter.

it's a winter collection, that's why you can't find these as mesh.

You can’t find boots with breathable, fabric, it’s usually waterproof, boots are for winter use.

Before we start to backpacking boots, I'll quickly explain this, it's intended to use in snow and very cold with extra isolation, in this you can see they used Thinsulatte 3m, 200 gram thinsulatte.

very thick, very warm, for minus tempratures.

for example this is a female version of Merrell.

Snow shoes, has a snow sole less slippery in icy-snowy environments.

and keeps extra warm.

Sometimes I text chat with the people who comments under the videos For example, this model's name is DMAX Someone asked if he should get a DMAX I said; yes, you may buy a DMAX but you can't use it for 12 months This boots are only for very cold and snow.

and he said, yes I want it to use it for that then it's perfect.

Cause with this shoe which has 200 gram thinsulatte you would be very happy in minus 10-15 but if you enter a closed area if you go to work, your feet become soaked with sweat.

That's why you need to consider it also for this too This is what we called apreski, after skii in snowy environments or in the city If you're living in Erzurum, you can use this all day.

or in Kars, if you have a work outdoor like construction, it can keep your feet warm all day But not in summer.

not even in moderate weather, this shoe makes your feettoo warm even in 10 degrees.

we are raising the level, It's called backpacking shoes, if you check onlineit's under the name of backpacking shoes I mean, more heavy.



when you go for a walk with a 10-20 kg backpack what happens then, because you're walkjing in the nature, The surface is not smooth, it has rocks and soil and you are heavy too it has a harder sole, capable of carrying heavier more durable, you can see the nose and heel protection harder sole, for instance, it has a Vibram's sole but I mentioned before, Vibram has hundreds of different soles very strong a sole can not be harmed easily by rocks a harder sole.

So it can carry the weight.

There is with gore tex or without gore tex or their own brands waterproof soles.

I'm putting this here too If you have a purpose of that, you need to choose a boot like this.

At last, let's not say best, it's the most expensive one.

but, this boots might not be usefull for you it's called Alp This boots for climbing higher, for mountain climbers who takes the backpack, sleeping bag and the tent and climbs up to 3000-5000 meter it has a higher isolation, protective in very cold.

has a very durable sole I won't tell the higher segments mountain climbing boots are out of our subject.

You need to make your decisions on what I just told please choose depending on your needs.

but, one for summer.

Sorry I almost skipped.

This is Trail Running shoes.

with crampons This is designed for to run in soil and fields.

it can be used in daily life too, I'm using it.

it's extremely comfortable.

Has lots of cushioning.

it also has gore-tex or non gore-tex types.

It's waterproof and permeable water models It's up to you.

You can use this for daily walks too, like the other one.

But this is a running shoe.

That's all.

I know I talked very fast, I didn't want to make a long video.

I hope it is useful for you to make a choise.

See you in the other videos.

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