Our Moms ❤️ Stories from the Bunkhouse (Mother's Day Bonus) | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

my grandma wishes that I got hurt more often on the show she keeps saying it's weak as hell our moms have never met your mom watch the show did your mom watch the show my mom's a fanatic okay she watches every thing that comes out she reads everyone's

tweets she does she like puts everything forward I'm gonna bring it a set okay next season oh she giggles in place like like she just she can't control her love she's gonna go insane her heads gonna bubble so you'll love her her name is Pam okay yeah she

is number one Yellowstone mom fan does your mom watch this room yeah my mom Amy watches the show religiously she's a public librarian in Lisbon Iowa and paramount Network very kindly donated some DVDs of Yellowstone to the Lisbon Public Library my mom is yeah she's like a die-hard

kind of yeah she's very kind and generous in her support model watches the show but then I think she seems to know so much more about everybody else that I work with so now like it's awesome you yeah like I'll get a phone call and they'll be like

oh hey honey like how's it going that go great do you see that Jeff was doing something I'm like witty what how how did you know that ian has been out of the country for a where's he going I'm good I'm well thank you very happy and healthy

but also sure but she falls so she falls you guys on social media that's the same thing so Graham and Twitter and all that which is like very sweet but then also like I don't know how to like what do you say to that because you're still trying

to get her to follow you back you're right it's just the way these pending doesn't work like that you just click your Kobe's mom that's a cougar that'll be last time your refer to my mom as a cougar she does like the bunk house baby thinks it's a

very fun kind of interactive to see a different side of the people that she also follows so she's a really big fan always has a lot of questions about everybody on the show yeah my mom wants spoilers yeah and I'm just not about that you're gonna leave up

to the brain I'm gonna fucking take it back you hear me right I won't tell anyone I'm like actually got a message the other day she was like I was sitting on the plane and the guy next to me is a big yellow stone like you know they

look oh you know wow that's amazing [Laughter] [Music] but she loves the show and it's all because she's just really happy to be able to happen of course every time you know she brings up the fact that you know I met Kevin when I was 3 or 4

it's like that's always the thing apparently when I was like 4 years old I was in an elevator with him and my mom had called me when she found out that I was gonna be doing this thing with Kevin she's like oh my god you have to go

up to them and tell ask him if he remembers you because I was holding you in my arms and we're in an elevator Hawaii yeah just finished filming Waterworld for her I think it's like this weird lifelong thing that you never imagined like started an elevator and now

who you are working on is you know the show so apparently that's really what the key to success is just get into an elevator the young age with a movie star yeah we are your parents never know and then just wait and just wait 27 years yeah or

longer however long it takes just wait something will happen Kolbe horses my grandma loves the show but I'm just gonna put it out in writing right now she wants there to be more swearing you shut the fuck up fuck off and do it and she wants there to

be more explicit violence okay this isn't the show for I'm sorry Graham I keep telling her pump it up Taylor [Music] you