One of the busiest and most cosmopolitancities in the world.

The capital and the largest city in the UnitedKingdom, London, dates back to Roman times.

From incredible museums, attractions thatyou will hardly find anywhere else, to being one of the world's main business hubs, London has something for everyone.

But what are the must-see attractionsif you only have 24 hours? In this video, we created an itinerary idealfor a one-day visit to London.

And at the end of this video, we also included some great tips to organize yourself before you go.

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To see all the main sights, let's start early.

It's 8 am, and our first stop is Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames andwas built at the end of the 19th century.

Over 50 designs were submitted when the decisionwas made to build a bridge.

Join more than 40, 000 people that cross the bridge every day.

You can even take a boat ride that goes underTower Bridge for a full experience.

Don't miss the two famous attractions nearby: the historic castle Tower of Londonfrom the 11th century and the ruins of Roman Wall which wasprobably built in the 3rd century.

It is 10 am.

Let's take a metro or the tubeas the Londoners call it to Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

Big Ben, a British cultural icon, was completedin 1859 The official name of the tower in which Big Ben is located was originally the Clock Tower, but it was renamedto Elizabeth Tower in 2012.

Big Ben lays at the north endof the Palace of Westminster, which is the seat of the Parliamentof the United Kingdom.

The palace was largely rebuilt, but it stillcontains some of the medieval parts.

Don’t miss the Westminster Abbeylocated right next to the palace.

If you have time, ride The London Eye justacross the Thames and enjoy stunning views of Londonor just admire it from below.

At noon let's take a walk to Buckingham Palace.

And if you are hungry on the way, stop and grabsomething to eat at Covent Garden, filled with luxury designer boutiques, craft shops, or just grab a coffee or a quick bitesomewhere around Trafalgar Square.

Okay, we're now in front of the BuckinghamPalace, which is considered the most importantroyal building in the UK.

The London residence of Her Majesty, the Queen, Buckingham Palace, is one of the world's fewremaining working royal palaces still in use.

It has been the official residence and administrativeheadquarters for UK monarchs.

If you are there in time, don't miss the iconicceremony changing the Guard, also known as Guard Mounting carried outby soldiers on active duty from the Foot Guards.

A beautiful St James's Park with a lake isalso located nearby.

At 2 pm let's explore some parts of Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is London's main park created in1536 by Henry VIII as a royal hunting ground.

Now it offers both world-classevents and concerts together with plenty of quiet places to relax.

It even features an artificial lake named The Serpentine.

The park stretches to Kensington Gardens, home to Kensington Palace.

In 2004 the fountains in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales was opened there.

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It's 4 pm and let's visit at least one ofmany incredible London museums.


London is full of incredible museums, and most of them are free of charge.

From an amazing dinosaur collectionto mummies, airplanes, and more, there is something for everyone.

There are two museums located in Kensington: The Science Museum, a great place to see, touch, and experience science first-hand and Natural History Museum thatexhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history.

Or you can even visit the Victoria and AlbertMuseum located across the street.

Check our travel guide for more interestingmuseums in London.

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pdf document that covers the top 20 things to do in London, including maps, links, openinghours, and other information.

It's 7 pm, and what better way to wrap up ourLondon experience than by visiting Camden Town.

This former industrial economic base hasbeen replaced by amazing bars, food stalls, and interesting shops.

The area hosts street markets and music venues, which are strongly associated with alternative culture.

Visit one of a kind Camden's Stables Market, that got its name from what used to bea horse stable and hospital.

It features over 1, 000 shops, stalls, and evenCyber dog store with futuristic fashion, clubwear, rave clothes and live dancers inside the shop.

Check out our travel guide for the two andthree-day itinerary suggestions.

And now, let's look at some of the tips thatmight come in handy on your day-trip to London.

You'll have to walk a lot, so bring comfortable shoes.

Feel free to skip any of the attractions, depending on how tired you are, how early in the day you want to start, if you're going out in the evening, if some attractions are too crowded, etc.

Depending on where is the location of youraccommodation, you can even change your plan and visit some attractions in a different order.

Or even change your plan and addnew attractions to the list.

During the winter, days are shorter, so if you want to experiencemore attractions in daylight, you can visit London between April and September.

There are tons of other amazing things todo in London, from exciting museums, fabulousneighborhoods, and much more.

Check out our other London videos and buy our travel guide for more suggestions.


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