kind of is meaning to cheat today you only sport to touchdown so today is football playoffs that's fun twelve o'clock is the first game so that's in like 30 minutes and then if they win it's at 7 p.


and then if they win that they play right after at 8 o'clock leave it in the comments below how many touchdowns do you think Lincoln will score today we will keep track of them [Music] there was a video of Lincoln cheats at football that we put up a few years ago and he didn't mean to cheat at football like he had his thing in there he kind of is meaning to cheat today but it's not really against the rules so here's the deal his flags are yellow and what he ended up doing was he bought yellow shorts they match the flags put it that yellow on yellow nobody else on his team has that [Music] so that was a good play Lincoln ran a good route but then the ball was thrown like 15 yards shorter and when I needed to go serve it back and then he ended up just having to fight to make it not be an interception it's about almost halftime and it's 6 to 14 and Lincoln's team is winning there was a touchdown for Lincoln they're about to win this game that's good [Music] how'd it go bud you only spurt two touchdowns come on no I said oh all games mine oh I hear ya okay we just did what Lincoln wanted to do which is go to football and it didn't want to do us so now we're doing what London wants to do which is go to a carnival I don't know [Music] rooks are you ready to go I'm a are you gonna go that many one mini okay well if you saw those three bound bounce houses and you're like where's the rest of the carnival that was really how is it so we're leaving the carnival and going need to get food in an out burger [Music] [Music] we still have about three more hours until Lincoln's semifinals football game next stop is where we going then in the Halloween spirit Halloween get this stuff this is like creepy eyes that you put over your eyes Oh orange think about this stuff I like it throwback to our iPhone video we found it I'd rather be a unicorn is a doughnut-dog look beautiful best lemon and there's headbands which ones what do you need here what about this and then you can put this tail on okay we can't you find any for nice stuff no nothing spirit Halloween I thought you had fortnight stuff where's the fortnight costumes so nothing there for us London's awesome unicorn stuff but not enough to buy Lincoln really wants to be the skeleton guy from fortnight I think skull trooper hi we are back for Game two we went home and just relax for a little bit they win this game they go to the championship they beat this team once they lost to this team mates why am i holding everybody's byes okay we'll get him Lincoln show no mercy they're about to start I'm a little nervous for but they're under the lights Saturday night under the lights with on the turf this should be fun I think Lincoln's gonna be a little nervous even though it's flag football and I like people who say it's not real football stops have a football it's fun it's a good thing and it's a little bit safer where you don't get tackled and hit all the time game on good luck Lincoln [Music] all right so so far it's one touchdown for the other team and zero for Lincoln [Music] squishy cheeseburgers mushy feeling oh nice [Music] [Music] right there down by about four touchdowns Lincoln's thrown some great passes and stuff but I think they're gonna lose this game it's been a fun season this is probably Lincoln's last time playing flag football cuz he's 12 and that's the last age to be able to play flag football so I think they've gone in five years they've only lost he's only lost five games with flag football so that's pretty good Lincoln you're ever watching this like ten years down the road super proud of you good job but working hard and being a good teammate to teammates it's been fun [Music] if that team was better and that's all right yeah it was a good run it's been like five years of slide football you've only lost maybe five types this is what could have been Lincoln Super Bowl trophies the real Super Bowl trophies look at that yeah it was a lot of fun that's the important thing so next year tackle football I'm excited to see you play that no that's the day I hope you liked flag football I don't know if he's gonna play again but stay tuned if we change your birth certificate so you're here yet no you can't no but you can play tackle football basketball season is next alright thanks for watching guys hey Landon.

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