MY BEST ACE EVER! (Rainbow Six Siege)

What's up guys this is M3RKMUS1C andwelcome back to Rainbow six siege! Today's Rainbow six siege video issponsored by ubisoft! The new season operation steel wave is out right nowand you can currently get Rainbow six siege for up to 75% off right now andplay the new season use this

link in the description to learn more it's the onethat looks like ?!??!?!? but yeah guys your boy Boo-Chester isback on Rainbow six siege it has been quite a long time since I played OBstuff was kind enough to give me access to I think pretty much all of theoperators

so I have access to everyone now it looks like ace and Malusi are newso what I think I'll do for this video is I'll try to play ace and I'll try toplay Malusi J so for AC has a Selma aqua breacher a throne gadget that deployshydraulic pressure pellets

to bridge break free cable breakable andreinforced surfaces words are hard guys okay let's see what guns he has he hasan a k-12 and an m10 14 okay have that then we have a p9 handgun okay so hisloadouts pretty much set details on statistics okay yeah I think it's

safeto say this is gonna be my first time playing ace I've got a bio why is acelooking so smug right here here so that's ace and then you we have Malusion defense looks like she has a banshee sonic defense the playable bulletproofgadget which emits sounds to slow down

opponents in range she's gonna be a highspeed low armor character so I'm probably gonna die really fast loadoutyou can go with either the t5 SMG or you can use the super 90 shotgun oh I'llprobably go with the SMG even if it's not the best move I think I'm

stillgonna do that I think I'm pretty much good to go let's see if this says theyhave a new playlist all they've got house I wonder if this is like aplaylist where they're trying to fix house or something let's go ahead andplay that why not it's new and personally

I haven't seen that beforelooks like I also have some packs that I can open maybe I'll open those afterthis game I still pretty much have the same mentality whenever I play Rainbowsix siege even though I'm like 82 percent sure I have no clue what I'mdoing I'm just gonna

play aggressively I'm gonna do my bestthese are just casual matches for fun man I mean I don't take it too seriouslyalright here we go we're going no one ever pointed out that this is just likea really nice house I don't know I just I like this house this

is pretty nice Ididn't get a chance to look exactly into what the changes are for the map but Imean the lighting looks like it's like improved or at least different like anice little sunset out there come on get him there we go there's akill who take one of

ours I will take you oh how am I gonna fall out the roofman someone saved me Oh someone come get me I'm Anne I'm easy to save I don'tthink they're coming from they're going for that dude first no one wants to savethe guy who falls off the roof

I'm just happy I got one kill what I want to knowis what does my new device do I hold r1 so that the roof air come on these guysprobably hate me I shouldn't be allowed to go on the roof anymore I think Iofficially need a redo that wasn't

the warm-up the guys are just gettingstarted all game modes available to everyone noranking okay I'm down Joe I spawned by the campfire I'm gonna spawn by the campthere we go we got ace we got him four teams going forward always up top he'sup top you know what you

know what come on there we gomy aim was great there well we got the hostage let's go we got through itI'm gonna put down one of these I don't know exactly what it does but I hope itdoes something throw another one I throw all them down I don't

know what they dooh wait it's freezing it did something well I mean I killed them I'm not ahundred percent sure on what the new equipment does but just glad I have myaim only one left we can do this oh I think someone farted down there oh wegot the

hostage no I can't so close yeah I think we got him yeah we got thehostage out of there yeah I'm definitely feeling better about this cake oh theyfound everyone let's go you go first you can go firstwho's fuckin bi me I've got the squad come on one tab

dude no I shot a coupletimes after but okay oh my god you I'm a beastare you savable you can do it there we go got him he's done you can grab him ingrab them all cover there we go like a last guys here come on we got this

dudealmost got an ace that round did I get four kills I think I almost had the ACEI think I was just one kill short I just I love playing casual because if I wasplaying ranked I'll be getting smacked like no chance of doing any of this Ilove being

a filthy casual in my favorite pastime we're gonna try to playmalluci not exactly sure how I'm gonna do playing her but you know it's myfirst time playing ace too so either way I'm winging it I feel like I have such aharder time playing defense versus offense I like

I feel like I try to dothings but I don't know if it's actually a good move guys right there right therego resum I'll cover you can trust me oh they knowwe're all here come on there we go there's ad shot one downfour to go it's nothing there we

go there's another one I thrive inconditions like this oh they got the hostage well that I mean that's a badthing should probably do something about that oh my god okay so let's uh let'skill the people please no come on please let me get this guy okay I couldn't

gethim they got the hostage out of there they basically just had everyonewatching us in that room and then one guy went for the hostage because we didnot have that room guarded it's completely open reverse friendly fireshave been activated for booster no it was an accident man come on

oh it's likehold oh you put it on the ground oh okay there you go cool all right I shouldprobably put this around the hostage room then okay they didn't find thehostage and I'd learn how to use my equipment so that's a good start we'rejust gonna chill here we're

just gonna hang out why is this this guy's justlaying our next me we're gonna look like the dumbest killcam ever dude you've gotto get your knee out of my face there's one down and another one no if I couldhave hit that shot I'm pretty sure we would have

won you could just oh ho hoyou could see me through the couch oh I knew this is gonna be the dumbest gameof 2020 our team had such a great start I don't know what's going on I thinkit's just offense it's just easier to play offense I mean right

now it is a 3dfour so wait I'm actually I'm nine to two I guess I'm just gonna have the gun is a great joke oh they're down heredude they're down here the hostage is right here I got him he's just ignoringthe fact that I'm here okay this is

for everything the first more you can winthis they got stuff here just shoot that I kind of forgot how you stopped stufflike that look I'll just Boop that okay it's bootsdone oh it's just me I really do have to get nice have to get a one before clutchace

one before clutch I don't know the exact terminology but there's one brodon't mess with me don't mess with me I'm telling you I'm playing a guy namedace I will do it I win I'll do the whole thing come on guys and now we just runto a different spot

and we get the win I mean are they gonna hear that though isyour gonna care that I'm going this way oh I said off someone's alarm oh yeahI'm going back the other way it was born for this exact moment I don't knowexactly what those things do but I'm

hoping it does something all right soI've moved here I'm here now the longer I wait the more tension isbuilding bait some shots out oh are you in here last guy are you in there onlyhave so much time to like maneuver Oh yep he's in there one Eric I

did it Ayase I'm warned notquartz dude what in the best when I get on this game great things happen incasual matches I think I single-handedly carried that whole team in I don't knowhow I did it but I mean I'm playing ace so obviously I got be the MVP

I got tobe the ace of the game 13 to 2 i mean that is ridiculous I'm well aware of thefact that it's a casual match you know this isn't like super competitive oranything but guys how do I go from falling off the roof in my first game tothen

doing that before we look for our next match though I promise I would openup some packs I have five half of packs I don't know exactly how I got them buthere we go let's see what I get here we go and I got that's a flying trip okaylooks

like an UMP skin nice that's a pretty cool looking skin oh it's gonnabe a purple purple oh okay that's pretty nice skin too for the fmg I like that Imean that looks pretty cool so our third one let's see what we're getting it ohit's another purple purple I

know I am oh hello got void epic headgear who isthat for is that from is that montane definitely a shield boy I know it's beena while since I play but hopefully I got that right was I right I was right itwasn't oh my god cease genius over here

I've gotta try totone it down oh we got two more packs let's see wecan get its rip it open come on oh it's gonna be good it's gonna be greatanother legendary skin future limelight I don't know who gets that but I meanthat's pretty badass looking gun here we

got one more that's our last pack let'ssee what we can do did I get lucky oh it's another purpleokay I got the black eye skin that actually looks really cool it's for thec8 SFW it looks like it has an under barrel shock that looks so cool oh okaythat

we're drawing a match that's already in progress we're doing somebomb on Tower oh god I don't know I don't think I do do all in this map Igot you guys voted me out I didn't even make an inch sorry got some hostage onVilla I don't know if I

played this one I've at least had a chance to play theother mouse but I'm not I don't think I've played this one Oh what I think twopeople just got kicked yo you see him you see him okay niceoh yeah I see you I see you don't you dare

oh come on air kid he left me witha grenade that's nice and I'm gone are you sure I told you tomy pistol man I don't know what that was watch our teammate our teammate can dothis come on okay got him through the couch one moreyo-yo he's right behind

you no no no thing that was lucky I like how he'sjust like he's checking this corner but last-second boom I'm sure you guys knowbetter than I do but what do you guys think of the new operators a few placeeach let me know you guys have thoughts on a

similar Z oh don't tell me o 1v5now and i fell to my death okay we're good like a blend of the first do gamesnow went from falling off the roof – clutching up – then falling off the roofwhen I need to clutch perfect oh yeah there we go

got one come on you reallywant to mess with us you just right there oh let's fake one fake enemieswhere's the last one was just on the ground right there we did it yes let'sgo I think I got three kills that round I mean I definitely came back that

roundwas your boy MVP I don't think so I think I came closer yeah I got secondplace I mean I definitely did good that round I mean that was a brand new mapfor me so I mean I didn't really know to expect so yeah not bad but that's gonnado

it for this video thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guysenjoyed watching me play some Rainbow six siege and again big things to OBsoftware sponsoring this video again guys siege is going to be up to 75% offso check the link in the description because now

would definitely be a goodtime to pick up siege but with that being said I really do hope you guysenjoyed this video if you guys did it and you want to see some more yo yeahit's a little stormy outside so I should probably wrap this up so with that

beingsaid I really do hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did it and youwant to see some more Rainbow six siege stuff make sure to drop a likesee you guys later