also get those face masks including a bundle that we're going to start with it's called our travel bundle this is pretty cool because a lot of you have been wondering all right what are kind of the the kit that i need already put together for me to leave my home well we did it for you this is a travel bundle it's got a beautiful neoprene travel bag with 44 dollars alone that bag is a great deal but it's also going to include 20 of the triple layer masks two organic lavender hand sanitizers plus uh the antimicrobial brass tool the contactless tool sixty one dollar value but we're saving you over sixteen dollars just for bundling it down to 44.

95 and you could this ships out like right now immediate delivery we have lots of fun choices to choose from 11 colors that you can go through and some of them are limited so we'll let you know there but just this week over 600 gone out the door so let me just show you everything that comes in the kit i'll show you right here and then i'm going to have jen kind of walk us through why this is such a great bundle because these are the products really going to use immediately you've got your two organic lavender sanitizers this is my favorite sanitizer by the way hand sound right i just got my second order of that sanitizer in the mail yesterday i love it then we have 20 of the three layer purification masks you're going to get a box of ten two boxes of ten each and then the contactless tool that brass is naturally anti-microbial so you can use it to open doors and press keypads things like that elevator buttons without uh transmitting germs it all comes in this really cool neoprene bag jen you know i've shopped for my husband quite a bit and i've shopped for men in my life to get a bag like this it reminds me of like what you would see in a dopp kit type bag totally um this has a oh it's a very secure snap that opens up to expand it i would see this bag for 44 dollars alone for sure yeah no i agree i mean you've got that really nice perforation on there too the neoprene is really thick there's a lot of like density to it so i love that you could i'm so now i have a vacation on them on my mind because i'm leaving tomorrow for vacation i didn't realize that where are you going we're going to north carolina to the outer banks of north carolina oh how nice so yes so i'm thinking about this bag as like um i mean definitely you can carry anything in here but with these preparations this is an amazing vacation little tote bag oh it will dry in like a snap it'll dry in a second so take this with you to the beach or you can keep it with you at home as well but i just like that there's flexibility that it's a kind of that neoprene material which really wicks moisture away really well and there's a lot of room in here a lot of space for a lot of your stuff so i love that we're kind of including all of this together because this bag for sure i'd expect to see this bag being between 30 and 40 bucks at the store and i love that you're just getting all of this stuff you can fit right in there look at the mess look at the tool the two bottles of sanitizer it's so genius everything comes to you and it's about seven dollars and fifty cents on value pay now a lot of the colors are getting limited so i do wanna let you know in the black 90 left and the black has been super popular it's very universal very chic in the beige also 90 oh 90 remaining in the beige is about 130 left in the black we also have like an olive green there's a gray a chocolate brown we've got light blue dark blue as well uh there's a pink this pink is like a salmon color that's super pretty how many left in the light pink i think that one's almost gone too oh 84 left in the pink then we have a really cool light green there's our white but it almost has like a steely gray to it this is my favorite isn't that fun the neon it's called yellow it's called the yellow it's really more of like a lime green or like a chartreuse chartreuse yeah chartreuse that's exactly yeah we need like a color we need naming class just to make sure we get it right because the white really is more like a light steely gray for sure it's not pure pure white it's more of like a light steely gray the yellow is definitely a chartreuse the light pink is beautiful i love that light pink i just like that you can get one for everybody in your family everybody has their own bag everyone's got their own basics you know everyone's got their own basics everyone has their little contactless tool everyone's got two boxes of masks and i love these masks fatima because they are the disposable one-time use mess which i think especially when you're traveling these are what we're gonna be using when we're traveling tomorrow we're using these masks because when i get off the airplane i don't really i don't not gonna have a washer and dryer with me i don't want to have to figure out how to wash my reusable mask this i can just toss and go what you're going to see is you're going to see this really nice triple layer purification system is what they call it so there's three layers actually in here you have a really nice kind of a moldable nose clip up at the top to give you that perfect custom fit and then pleating which gives you a really nice three-dimensional design making it lightweight breathable it's going to help to block the dirt and debris coming at you and i just i think they're the most comfortable ones that we have as far as the just the uh one-time use ones for sure four minutes on the clock it looks like in the gray we're approaching just a hundred left and this is cool because we're out available to ship in this kit immediate delivery so that means you placed your order today just 7.

49 on an interest-free value pay we'll break that down if you're new to shopping with us i want to welcome you to the shop hq family and this is what we do best we want to give you exciting products we want to give you essential products things that you're looking for right now so here's the thing most of us know about the masks right everywhere we go we're going back to get our services down our dental visits our therapy appointments we're doing that we're wearing masks we're good to go we know sand hand sanitizer that was kind of one of the biggest things that was a craze when all this first went down and this is the the pump spray version it's got organic lavender it smells amazing but the one thing in this kitchen that is like new to what's going on yeah is the contactless tool if you would have asked me three months ago what is this i would have told you the key to the king's couch i have no idea i have no idea but explain to everybody what this new invention is okay so this is a solid brass contactless tool what that means is that you are getting that brass that is all the way through it's not just brass plated this is actually going to give you that natural antimicrobial properties it's a non-porous material brasses so what's great about this is that instead of using your finger to push elevator buttons at the atm pushing the gas pump opening up doors this has a little hook and pointer design helps you to open up doors push buttons without coming into contact with those surfaces i can show you here um real quick we have a little door here in studio can kind of give you a little example of what we how we would use this you're seeing someone here using it on the door here at our network but it's really really easy i love that it's on your keychain i love that it's got the little ring for your keychain so it's always with you wherever you go but then you grab this little tool we're going to peek in the men's room i don't know why there's a men's style on the door i know how am i going to what am i going to say to my husband you're getting classy i'm getting a little sassy but check this out i don't want to put my hand on that knob because no offense guys i just don't want to touch the men's room doorknob so i'm going to use that tool open it up when i need to close that door again i close it i never once touched that doorknob so think about that every time you open close the door to the bathroom a lot of times oh i think about it all the time so do i especially now oh do i we've never been so aware of what we're touching and where other people's hands may have been before they touched a surface so this just allows you to get that contactless usage to open up those door handles to hit those vending machine buttons and so on we were at the big bullseye store the other day and we were checking out the self checkout and my husband was about to put in the pin and i said stop stop i like stopped everything and i reached in my wallet and i grabbed out the contactless tool i said don't use your finger use the contactless tool and so we did that for the keypad well it's nice because you don't have to you don't have to clean this afterwards either oh so you don't have to clean this because the the brass the brass is antimicrobial so after you use this you just you can you use it you put it back in your bag you're done because it doesn't have it doesn't have a way to absorb any germs that's brilliant and it's using natural properties from brass very cool we gotta run because our phone lines are getting busy in the yellow 77 left that's a 61 value with everything you're getting twenty disposable mass two of the organic lavender.

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