to make sure that people are looking out for our city right now it's not just enough to do the right thing yourself we need to be making sure that all of us are held accountable to make sure that we're holding up the highest ideals that we stand by the mayor of Minneapolis speaking out in the middle of the night just about three hours ago about the unrest unfolding in that city over the last few days and it was another tense night fires lootings and at least one person shot this all stemming from the death of George Floyd who died in police custody protests are happening all over this nation this video right here out of Louisville Kentucky you can see protesters smashing an ambulance rocking it back and forth the crowd then starts running after what sounds like multiple gunshots Tracie Potts joining us now with the latest on how Washington leaders are responding to the unrest a police precinct in Minneapolis evacuated overnight after protesters rushed in setting fires the city's mayor ordered everyone out it became obvious to me that safety was at risk the symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life of our officers or the public the public on edge as looting runs rampant there what says probing what is taking all the stuff out of target going to do president Trump overnight calling the looters thugs blaming the mayor for a total lack of leadership warning that quote when the looting starts the shooting starts Minneapolis is asking the National Guard to help I've asked the Attorney General FBI and the Attorney General to take a very strong look and to see what went on because that was a very very bad thing that I saw the FBI will investigate Monday's death of 46 year old George Floyd he repeatedly cried I can't breathe dying with an officer's knee on his neck four officers have been fired please give me and give the United States attorney the time to do this right and we will bring you justice I today rallies continue nationwide as Democrats urged the Justice Department to investigate Floyd and other African Americans who died at the hands of police I think it's important for them to assure people that this is not something that's going to get brushed under the rug the American people saw in an execution a murder right before our very eyes it wasn't self-defense there has to be justice protesters are demanding criminal charges as new video from a park police officer shows the aftermath of the incident and new this morning Twitter is flagging president Trump's tweet about looting and shooting saying it violates the company's policy against glorifying violence people will be able to retweet it with comment but they won't be able to like it or otherwise share all right Tracy thank you and we know of at least two protests planned for downtown Atlanta for today and that's why police are beefing up security around Lennox square Phipps and targets and others places but governor kept says he's not too concerned about rallies turning violent anywhere in Georgia certainly understand the reasoning for people wanting to protest and I'm certainly in support of them doing that Kemp also says he's been talking with organized her saying he stands ready to help them keep the demonstrations peaceful all right let's turn to Liza Lucas right now she's joined us live from her home in Fulton County and lies a lot of people chiming in on this including a former police captain that's right retired captain Johnny Davis called Floyd's death a gut punch and that is some of the frustration that we're seeing echoed across social media and across the u.


now 11alive had the chance to talk with davis almost three years three decades rather service with Oakland Police Department in California and Davis says trust has always been an issue between african-american community and law enforcement he says recent headlines strain that relationship even more and it's being expressed in protest you can't police a community unless the community believes in your legitimacy they actually give you the authority to police them now on our 11alive Facebook page a lot of you have been following the updates from Minneapolis overnight and really across the country Jackie calling for more accountability from law enforcement she says it's up to the police and the Union they need to step forward she's not the only one that's been chiming in on social media this is a big conversation dr.

Bernice King posting overnight if you want peace in Minneapolis know this she says quote through peace is the presence of justice and speaking of justice there is a change.

org petition that has gotten huge amount of attention 4.

2 million signatures as of last check this morning calling for justice calling for charges to be filed in fact change.

org says that this is the fastest growing petition that they have had since 2020 big conversation this morning a lot of people speaking out online Wow more than four million signatures liza thank you and you stay up to date on any new developments in this story by downloading the 11alive news app plus read how other public figures in our community and across the u.


are reacting to this controversial case.

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