we want to see something that looks great and then we want to be able to wear it all day long so that's really where jeonbu comes in its fashion and comfort and these are so adventurous you know when you when we first started when we first launched jeonbu

here at HSN an adventure was part of the DNA I thought but they're fashionable and they're cute these are these really they make me want to go back to Costa Rica you know I mean but this could be your everyday your everyday adventure shoe it's called the Thunder

it's a sports shoe this is the most breathable you can get without going barefoot right you've got all of the the protection and the comfort of a true exercise sort of a sport shoe but this entire top is completely breathable mash it as you can see but but

that's totally breathable and then you've got the cutouts on the side that is for not just for detail but also to sort of hug that to your foot and make it adjustable and then true adjustability on the back with the hook and loop closure I love that it's

got just a hint of a heel cup so you don't have to worry about sliding in and out or around these are the black and charcoal here's the gray lilac how fun is that how did jumba take a shoe like this sort of a sports shoe and make

it feminine that's what I want to know but they sure did and then this one is the Aqua and the blue $23 to get them home this is such a unique style Kimberly but it is just it's like adventure in a shoe because Shannon if we think about

Footwear brands in the past fashion and function and comfort did not go hand in hand that is the mission that Jambu is on and we are succeeding with the Thunder sport now we launched this with you at HSN two months ago and it really is within our heritage

a fresh and updated look up to what our brand was all about we want to get you outdoors from the water parks to the campgrounds walking on the beach if you're going to the pool if you're doing a yoga class outdoors you're walking the dog it features a

quick at dry outdoor style for all-day activity that toe bumper that you are seen is going to be very protective oh yeah you do have breathable stretch knit front side and back Shannon mentioned the whimsical colors you are so right the ribbon detail gives you just the right

amount of feminine style it's like Little Miss pacman just fold this shoe up you can dance on this like the best of them as well and then let me show you that generous hook and loop closure on the back and you see that sculpted EBA remember that spring

board that bounce back that support system for your legs yet it keeps you stable combined with fresh fashionable details on the back I love it treated the DNA of the brand very affordable today very stylish and it helps us allow us to be girls and women and still

be in the great outdoors don't you think I so do and I actually took the insole out so that you could see how much arch support you're going to be getting in this really soft evie a and look at how much is built right in to the sole

of this shoe we do have three different colors I love can't stop playing with it and it pops right in and out of course but we only have about 370 pair for everybody in all the sizes six through 11 medium widths there's the Aqua that's the aqua blue

then we have the black charcoal and then we've been showing you that gray lilac everybody can get these home try it out you've got 30 days if you don't love them just go ahead and send it back no questions asked wear them see if you like them those

are really good outdoor when you I think you're really gonna like those yes you have not been waiting on these

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