Iconic Must-Eat Foods in New York

what's up everybody welcome back I am SHINee's I'm C and welcome to another dude video and greetings from New York New York so exciting New York has so much good food and today on this video I'm gonna be trying out a whole bunch of places that many of

you guys recommend it so let's get started [Music] [Applause] so we're here at Dominic Ansel bakery in Soho and I'm super excited because so she's never had a cronut oh you're excited yes this is my dream I've been to the one in Tokyo once and I want to

see how it compares to the real deal this is the original store so super excited so now we are here Dominique Ansel bakery it's my dream to eat cronuts this is a strawberry jam and the creamy honey walnuts it's them at this month's flavor may I may teach

a mate like him as my first bite of course [Music] it's so good outside of reiki and very socks akuto sai kudos double sacks akuto in the table the dough is more chilly chewy but not as chewy as doughnut that's really big graph here Rani Adam doughnuts and

inside of this really good yesterday jam is so good sweet and tangy and as on this texture must be the key point all these colonics it's filled with strawberry jam here and on the top it is a strawberry icing and also if you look on the other side

there's some kind of cream on this side I have no idea what that is Wow that is so rich so there's a strawberry jam there's creamy honey strawberry frosting and once again that really flaky Crona mmm delicious I love cronuts queenie Amon is something I actually like and

I sometimes eat what I'm in Tokyo of course I've never had Dominik adzes version and this is what it looks like I can't wait to dig in it actually looks quite different from the queen yama that i'm used to seeing in japan super super flaky and crusty over

top looks like it's dusty with sugar as well also with the little buttery but let's see let's a crack into this thing here gonna break this in half Wow Wow it looks a little bit chewy [Music] they're interesting I find that the Queenie a month that I I

had in the past is a lot more dense but this is very airy and this has a lot of layers of pastry across them very buttery as well and it's not as sweet which is very very interesting because usually sweets in Japan are law best week but I

find this Queenie among lot less sweet than the ones in Japan interesting don't you think mmm I like visited this level of a Shrieker lesson I don't like that to sleep too sweet this is good so while we're in the shop Satoshi was googling and you're telling me

that the shop in Tokyo cools down well yeah one year ago and yeah go yeah so that's kind of unfortunate but that's okay if we wanna Konad or in creamy almond again we just come back here I have to say I was a huge fan of the Queeny

a man I think I like that even more than Crona what what did you think I know but the Queen EMI was also very good ready yeah I thought thank me almost I've had a man like of course in New York we had to stop by Magnolia Bakery

in Greenwich Village where Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbs had a cupcake sitting on the bench right side of the bakery we were just there and they actually have a cupcake called the Carrie cupcake I'm so happy right now anyway it's so cute I'm going to go buy it's

actually starting to rain so I'm gonna do this very quickly you taught us it's so soft and moist and sweet flavor of vanilla perfect cupcake really it's actually not like overly overly sweet and the frosting is just really smooth mm-hmm I'm so happy because we used to have

a Magnolia Bakery in Tokyo they closed down I think maybe it was too sweet for the people the pallet of Japanese people but I like it I'm happy I'm so happy so so happy next Momofuku Noodle Bar so we saw on Netflix about a David champ the owner

of this Momofuku Noodle Bar we really wanted to come to this noodle bar and starting is always fear because it's a ramen is a between brewing modern IPA everybody Cheers it has a little bit of sweetness like flute flute IPA cheers guys I got this his usual iced

tea not in the mood for beer right now it's the end of the day anyway this clips in a very interesting drink I love the color really beautiful Cheers hmm I like it it's not too sweet just like this sweet and hmm you can taste the use it

and you in dem taste hibiscus a little bit sour which I really like it's super refreshing so first start off with a torque yummy buns and this is the dish that put him on the map this is a dish that made this restaurant chain popular and this is

what it looks like some slab of pork belly between the funds and there's pleasant sauce and there's scallions as well as sliced cucumbers it looks amazing we're gonna give it a try [Music] my boy he's actually one of the best pork belly buns I've had I think I

should had like a couple of them like in Japan somewhere it wasn't this flavor fault come let's give it a nice crisp end the pork belly itself it's very tender but there's also some crispy parts you know how like good Joshua amazing so good mmm sweet sauce tender

meat and little bit crispy and a bum is a chewy little bit too chewy good coming in some widgets so smelly so new daughter has arrived like it is it a smoke the pork noodles it's for me it's different from Japanese ramen the middle color is a little

bit brownie attacker and buckwheat noodles but we discover noodles I don't know what they're using buckwheat or not or maybe of cold whole-wheat districts babies I see pork berry soup is red it looks spicy bamboo shoots five different different sized members green Union and egg yolk hmm only

egg yolk and egg white on egg yolk it's beautiful it's like a mmm shiitake mushroom deceit and spicy label is not so strong analyzing analyzing analyzing pork and she got a mushroom dashi stock maybe and the flavors it's very Korea taste what cause it gets very good noodle

this is interesting Google is smoking when I struck noodles the smoke flavor smoke aroma came at the same time both it is a spicy this is a shoe but it's very thick brick the thickness is very thick the outside of this child really the premise is crispy and

the inside meat part is very thin soft juicy meaty porky beautiful and sophisticated ramen noodles my mind is a spicy beef from and check it out check it out so this is the ramen as you can see the the soup looks a little bit spicy and this comes

with some water spinach beef brisket and of course the noodles so I'm gonna start off I see some scallions in there as well as other sweet books like hopefully it's not too much oh my god that is one to be to it stop this is like this lives

in the richest Fifi's ramen stocks ever oh this is delicious it starts on the noodles all right so look like them I don't know if it's egg noodles or not live as you can see it's kind of ground like simple she says hmm it's what it authentic I

don't lines hear them like authentic Japanese ramen noodles and check out those slabs of the meteor so this is a slab of brisket there's like actually two big slabs of beef brisket which looks super tender as you can see already looks super tender our Harding you need to

bite is so tender super flavorful it's like soaked table under this de brosse on that has a meaning and this are water spinach my passion ever tried water spinach before I'm not sure what water spinach is so let's try this first finish that's actually kind of nice actually

adds a little bit of crispiness crunch to the dish it reminds a watercress but like a less intense water question this is a really good bowl of ramen guys like really it's a on my ramen image the soup with Saudi forever I've never eaten it's time to Pacific

this is different from Japanese ramen he won't ramen this is today's special lunch special roasted rice cake I've never heard lost advice get rice cake roasted I think they're using the top cookie of the Korean Korean cuisine Korean food topokki and on top this is a tulips truffles

and green onions for me this is not noodle shop ramen shop kazeem this is a high-end restaurant Kazemi the top cookie the rice cake outside is a little bit crispy and the flavor Turiaf o Rabab is not super intense as my dream branded with some kind of sauce

it's very difficult to describe but twelve or so with a very slight Sonos kind of soup and the green even the hint of green yo as you guys know I'm not like a huge fan of truffle but I'm going to be trying hmm strangely enough I'm digging these

I usually don't like truffle flavor things does I file you that they're too intense but this one is like it's not that intense and for some reason it matches everything if I think this is butter second the truffle was really both the butter and the scallions as well

the mochi cakes with the truffles on top as you don't like truffles but oh my god that's something I was jumping in again so happy you stopped by here [Music] this is a recession special this is 645 for two hot dogs and a drink we got the pina

colada drink this is one hot dog it's a pretty thin hot dog but it's nicely grilled we're so proud there's some onions so kind of sauce on it all sandwich we did a bun the bun is a lightly toasted it's warm I like it like better than the

customer I'll go easy eat back home much better than Costco hotdogs best reserved sausage you can get onions and soccer for free they can also get like chili products or charts if you want hmm the bread is supersoft the outside of a lightly roasted at his onion onion

sauce [Music] now the next place is a place that you guys suggested we go to it's Levin bakery you guys said this place makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire New York State during in fact the entire planet some of you guys claimed and so I'm

gonna believe you I had to go because I love chocolate chip cookies so this is the one that you guys recommended this is the chocolate chocolate chip cookie yes it's chocolate said twice and this is four dollars so it's kind of pricey for one cookie but if it's

the best cooking on the planet I guess it's gonna be worth it well look at that almost looks like cake oh boy oh boy I know I'm gonna like this the moment of truth docu mas mmm this is the perfect cookie oh my god it's been a while

since I had such a good cookie like this the outside is a little bit crispy but she needs to bite it the inside is just all soft and moist and gooey and there's chalk there's so much chocolate inside so much melted chocolate chips you get chocolate chip in

every single bite mmm okay these are super super addicting hmm I can see why I love you guy said this is the best chocolate chip cookie in the entire New York I believe you Donna moss mm-hmm the chocolate flavor is really really intense nicely intense so dark in

soft moisture with the adapter this ha who melted the chocolate Easter mm-hmm my must in the food with the chocolate or good chocolate Arriba hmm so we enjoyed so much food in New York we did we really really did and we wish we had a bigger stomach to

try the more fun you know some of my favorites the standouts were the cookies from levan the chocolate chocolate cookie oh my god I want another one that's how good it was actually bought two and I want to go back and buy another one it was that and

the second thing that stuck in my mind is the Momofuku ramen bar not the ramen but those rice cakes with the truffles oh that was the bomb that I would go back just to eat that what about you I love that noodles yeah it's Heidi improve the noodle

is it did you like the B for the pork one better me a poke one the pork was really interesting because I prefer the beef one yeah and Dominic I'll sell the corona mmm it's my dream that's funny because you like the cronut I actually prefer the Queen

Yama oh yeah once again the cookies nothing beats the cookies man well thank you so much for two really really hope you guys enjoyed this video as always leave your comments down below and if you're new to our channel would love it if you subscribe until we meet

again take care everybody bye