Everyone is Morgan Yates over the past few months of quarantine.

I really enjoyed recreating things at home That could no longer be done out in the real world I recently showed you how I threw a fake Coachella in my living room And today I'm taking behind the scenes of how I brought my favorite international vacations to life here in Los Angeles since real travel Obviously has not been an option today.

We're headed to Greece Italy in Spain.

So let's get started I am so excited about today's video If you're not follow me on Instagram Then you've been missing out on so much over the past couple of months and I'll started week one when we're gonna have a taco Night, and I decided to decorate a little bit make it a little like tropical vacation theme.

We pretended that we were in Cabo It's just been a lot of fun.

We may do more I will see let me know where else do you think we should go in the comments below but before we get into this video? I wanted to take today's sponsor artifact uprising.

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My discount code is onscreen it's good for the next two weeks if you want to order this or calendar or any kind of gift or just photo prints or anything art October icing is just a really awesome company of Wonderful people based out of Colorado and they source the best materials and just a wonderful ethical company that I cannot recommend enough So now let's finally hop into our travels from home kicking things off with grease This week we are going to Capri which is my potentially my favorite country Deidre and I have actually been to Greece together before and so kind of trying to think of what countries will Be good to recreate at home It all comes back to just like categories of food really that we can either make here or postmates So there are a lot of good Greek places around here.

Just a couple things I've been doing.

I ordered some stuff from Amazon I have a cool, like little Greece backdrop that I'm gonna put on the wall.

So it looks like we're in Santorini I actually made a little invitation and texted it to her a couple days ago and she RSVP'd so She should be there.

I hope this turns out cool Like I have got plant life like we're gonna try to really make it look like Greece There's a couple things I did on the computer at first food-wise.

I looked at the menu for the place I think we're gonna order from and I like typed out kind of a fake menu.

I just thought it was a cute Gesture I don't know.

I just printed out a bunch of three flags cut them out And then I'm gonna I guess locate some string and string these on gonna be a fun little Greek evening here in a few minutes I'm getting so excited This little measly little dining room is gonna be decorated to look like Santorini have all of my supplies in this box It doesn't look like much something I did last week was move the TV over here and move all of our coffee stuff out and that way you can play Like a little scenic Greece video as well I brought my Amazon and go down from my room and I have a Greek music playlist pulled up and yet too uh finished DIY in that craft Oops, here is our Santorini tapestry then Greece they're all these really pretty like pink flowers and so much greenery that I don't really see any other place so I bought some little Flowers to recreate that.

I don't know how I'm gonna do this.

I don't know what I'm gonna go through this stuff with This is going them a lot um fell out but I think it kind of adds to the effect I'm gonna take all this palm plant But over here, we have this little photo grid and they're actually already some pictures of us from Greece up here But I brought some more and I'm gonna salt those out.

That's another one in Greece when you're in Athens I'm gonna put these on that way.

It's just like a little Greece memory board Oh We didn't try this wine yet should we try wait hold on Alexa pause, you never know these days.

I don't know what the Greek music copyrights like alright Wine tasting in Greece.

Yeah Not as fans expected rate.

This reminds me of Bruges It really thought my god as our first trip together its degrees and we had this restaurant in Crete that we went to every night We were in tree and we got like multiple bought one bottle or multiple We definitely got one we had this bomb white wine so when I do memories I thought I had to do I don't is reminds me except I can envision and we're like and that cat Alright so overview what we did because that was quite rushed and we got to watch the sunset a little bit the little DIY garland Worked but we come in also adrian wore this dress when you're in Greece, so that's just you I put the little flowers underneath that I just put on a little like scenic loop type thing and we have a little Santorini Tapestry that again may or may not stay up and I'm in Europe I also always like sparkling water.

So I thought I'd pick one of that.

That's the Greece by our food is here Desert desert another time Hello today, we are going to carry and just sent you drienne an enviable making all these invitations on paperless post So tonight I said we're having pizza in Pisa or maybe pasta we're not really sure and the reason it's taking place in Pisa of all places is because This is why it's in Pisa, I need to decorate I'm thinking what we're gonna do Hey I need to go get my like greenery that I used for Greece and stuff cuz I think I'm just gonna make this look kind of like Italian not vineyard EU but just like outdoor dinner type vibes Maybe I'll guess I'm just you bring out here and see what I can like string across the ceiling We're also gonna be having a little wine tasting going on like wine calm or something like that and bought an Italian wine set So these are actually offering different places in Italy So we thought that would be fun to recreate kind of like a little vineyard wine-tasting also have stuff to make Aperol spritzes which is my favorite drink that I always drink when I'm in Italy we're gonna make those probably it's like a little Welcome drink as we've been doing from time to time Once again got the flag gonna go print this we're gonna put on a string tie it there's a little banner Okay, I have a couple tablecloth options, I don't know if I'll use either of little restaurant eat Maybe cubes or maybe really not Ready ma'am.

Also don't get too excited sis underwhelming compared to Greece.

I don't even have my passport keep walking Oh I haven't made the welcome drink.

It's a apparently – do it yourself What we are making some Aperol spritz –is and you're suffering a minor setback Would it be a Morgan Adrian fake vacation without some setbacks though I'm just filming you clean so that I don't have to clean just like how did the best time? Wing it you're just pouring it fast.

You can't for fast Now when it's bubbly you gotta be careful glug-glug Food has arrived.

We did not cook.

So we've got our spritzes I got carbonara and I always eat in Italy and I got a little burrata beat arugula salad type thing I got Polonaise and just a simple mixed green time We're going to Spain today if you're not outfits, I feel like the emoji girl Why don't we do a little dancer major actually studying abroad in Spain where again my dream.

She's the expert here today And also we're gonna be cooking for us.

So today we're gonna attempt to cook.

Well, we're just making some like tapas We're gonna make sangria and that's our side We're gonna make paella which is a Spanish dish If you haven't had it that I really love so, um, have we decorated it? All you asked we have not there aren't really like ways to recreate what Spain looks like Yeah, we're gonna go for an outdoor patio vibe.


We're also not following the Spaniards and Eating at 10 p.


Because we're hungry now, but Better outfit view also we redid our dining room if it looks a little different than the other clips I have a room make up a video up and go check it out.

First up since we've been doing the little flag banners I'm just gonna cut this out ha Ha it's because pictures You just heard sweating profuseiy it's like what is it It's like the pressure of knowing you have to look good and secondarily watch my ears not gonna be earlier I don't know just come straight.

Don't know.

How should I test the theory to take a picture of myself? Complete also just say like forget about it, but your goal will do I have an idea.

Okay, we're gonna push this We're gonna make the bar cart be like a top-up card.

Oh Wait also we Should we move this in there.


We are really flopping on this last one.

So thank God we're cooking The Astrix of a top post card should we take this put it like somewhere that's visible then? Since it's all we have we're starting our cooking the Sun is setting we got some sangria supply I got some actual Spanish wine Apparently this is the preferred kind and we're gonna put on some Spanish music that we would get copyrighted for.

So let's be Ready to go Cheers.


Well yummy on The gram I'm simple some cheese and stuff look at our tapas.

Why don't I thank goodness.

Alright, not now Thank goodness for quarantine, but we would have never got creative We never cook we never do anything and like we've gotten so just like fun at home.

I want to keep doing this All right.

We already deep into it, but I forgot we got little aprons, but we don't have to wear those We are The ghosts of person past in my reading room Anders has to be wanted for the wall All right whipping up hi a start with veggies we're gonna some shrimp this is why we're wearing it when Dinner is served and she looks out Like some of our best words food wise forget the decor we made all of it So that is it for this video again, maybe we'll go some more places We kicked it off so big with Greece and that was just hard to talk so let me know what you thought in the comments and Thank you guys again so much for tuning in to all of these over on Instagram It's been so fun for me and Adrian to be able to do this from home but also I feel like Every time we've done these it's just been such an exciting time of interacting with you guys and like getting so many messages so many More than usual and it means a lot that you guys have loves Tagging along as well and hope that it's kept you a little bit entertained.

So thank you for watching Hope all of you guys enjoyed and I'll see you in my next video.

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