Everybody needs a change of scenery everyonce in a while.

So how about checking out our travel hacks? Our little ingenious ideas will help you avoidthe troubles of packing, missing items, and more! Nothing like a little weekend getaway to anice city! Why don’t we do some sightseeing beforewe head to the hotel? Those pretty houses and old, stone paved streets…so refreshing.

Something doesn’t feel quite right.

Yikes! It’s painful to watch! You have a whole roll of duct tape? Well… if you don’t have what you want, you must learn to want what you have.

Tear a strip and place it on that wound.



Now, where were we? Ah, who knows? What’s up, Jacob? A new mobile game? But aren’t you forgetting something? You’ve got a flight… to Hawaii! In TWO hours? Oh boy, it’s high time to go! Even you can’t get packed in under a minute…or can you? If that hanging shelf has all you need…then you’ll be ready in one… two… three! Bang, right on the minute! Can’t go to Hawaii without a Hawaiian shirt, can you? Ah, poor Jessica, always has the same packingproblem.

Whose idea was this, anyway, for the cabinbags to be so tiny? Let’s see if we can pack it all in one go.

Take your biggest item of clothing.

Put another one upside down.

And one… after another… after another…up to your underwear.

Now fold it! You should end up with a nice and neat package.

Just put it in your bag and voilà, it fitsright in! Forget about the wrinkles too.

And you still have some space to fit yourtasty snacks… Airport baggage handlers will have nothingon this one! Don’t forget your hat.

Madison’s travelling to see her favoriteband’s gig.

Hmm… where is your sleeping bag? Under the bed? Oh, shucks! Did you forget? You lent it to Joshua like a month ago! Tough luck.

Any other ideas? Maybe that huge towel can give you a hint.

Take a towel… it has to be as big as youare! Put a pillow in the corner and fold it intwo.

Now sew around the edges.

Cut a hole big enough to get inside.

Fold it, pack it up, and it’s ready to go! So cool you found a place to stay.

The sofa doesn’t look extremely comfy, butyou’ll definitely feel warm and welcome once you wrap yourself in that nice, fluffytowel.

Sleep well, and dream of handsome guitarists.

How’s your packing going, Emily? Don’t you think these bottles are too bigfor the cabin bag rules? Not a lot of time left, ey? Do you REALLY need that whole bottle of shampoojust for a weekend trip? Ah yes, don’t we love these liquid restrictions… Good thing you noticed this before the flight.

Oh no… that was the last straw! .



Or was it? Cut the straws into smaller pieces.

Use a bobby pin to pinch one end and meltit with a lighter.

Pour your cosmetics into the straw and closeit in the same way.

Sign it with a marker to avoid confusion! Perfect! These little tubes are an ideal single-use solution and the travel agent will have nothing to pick on.

No time to lose, Emily! Off you go! Ah, such a lovely place.


Oh? Who dropped a brush? Jessica, isn’t this your stuff? These do look familiar.

Oh no! Your bag’s been ripped open! How did this happen? Gather all your things now, quickly.

Such a shame all the shops are closed.

How are you supposed to carry these back toyour hotel? For this hack, you will only need some scissors.

Cut the sleeves and the collar out.

Now cut the bottom into even strips.

Tie them one after another into double knots.

Wow, it looks like a proper shopping bag, and you made it in just a few minutes.

Just don’t catch a cold! Do you need to brush your hair before travelling, Emily? Oops! That rubber popped right out.

Oh well… time to buy a new one.

Are you sure you want all that pocket moneyhanging loose in your jacket? Maybe that brush can still be reused afterall.

Roll up your spare change and put it in thehole.

It takes a little bit of fiddling to push the rubber back into place, but it’s totally doable.

There you go! Just don’t tell anyone about your secretstash.

Now you can travel carefree while brushingup… on your language! Emily just came back from a hiking trip.

Her backpack is full of mountain climbingequipment.

Hmm, it looks like her shorts got a horriblestain.



Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to dothe trick.

Let’s lay down some baking paper and usea marker to outline the pockets.

Use some material from an old skirt and cutout pocket shapes using our baking paper outline.

Squeeze on some fabric glue – be generous- and use a brush to space it out.

Simply stick the fabric pieces on top of yourstained pockets and you’re done! Emily can now continue going on hikes withher newly redesigned shorts.

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Unfortunately, there are a few too many of them to fit in a single picture.

Is there another way for all of us to squeezein? “Hey how about we use these earphones?” Plug it in the minijack use something likea bottle to position the camera.

The earphone wire will give us enough spaceto backup and fit the image all together perfectly.

Small tip – don’t go too far… – we wouldn’twant your phone to get wet! No better way to spend some holidays thandoing refurbishing.

Here comes Emily, with her head up in theclouds and nose deep in her phone screen.

Oops! Oooh, seems like you were dyeing to get somepink in your life.

Don’t blame Jacob for your light headednesslady, next time you need to look where you’re going.

Right up to your new jeans… Good thing you didn’t wear your blue suedeshoes.

But hey, it might not be that bad.

If you had a little accident with your jeans, lay them on a piece of cardboard, attach a piece of masking tape at an angle and coverthe stain with some fabric paint.

Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, coverthe edge of the painted side and attach one more tape at an opposite angle.

Cover that part with some paint of a differentcolor.

Repeat the process a couple of times, untilyou get a funky, geometrical pattern.

The best thing about it? You can match the color with your other clothesand accessories, so they can fit your style even better.

Such a nice day for a little walk… What’s this? A slinky? OOoh! Everybody loves a slinky! Such a simple thing, and yet it’s hoursof fun.

But Emma has another idea how to use it.

Come on, Emily.

Strike a pose! Ready? Let’s see what happens if you take photosthrough this toy! Are we done? Look at that! Such a creative use of colors and depth offield.

These pics will definitely be the highlightof any photo album.

And they’re so easy to make! Come on, Emma, let’s take some more overthere! Jessica is out with Madison on another photoshootingspree.

How about we visit the park now and see what’sphotogenic over there? Hey Madison, wanna have a pic with that? Look at those cherry blossoms! These flowers are so beautiful.

Jess has got to make some macros… ugh, butthat lens is totally not fit for the job.

It just won’t focus on an object so close.

Jessica, it’s no use, you simply have thewrong lens.

But Madison thinks she already has an ideathat won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Unscrew the lens and put it mounting awayfrom the camera.

Now just duct tape it all together and bevery thorough.

The smallest hole will let the light in andruin all your photos.

Ready? Let’s try it out.

Macrophotography using a reverse lens is absolutelystunning! It brings out all the tiniest details youwouldn’t otherwise notice.

Like tiny droplets on a tulip, or the fuzzinessof a bee.

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