I DRY AGED Steaks in NUTELLA and this happened!

Everyone loves steaks and I meaneveryone.

And if you've been watching my channel for a while you know I love toexperiment.

I mean some of my experiments just turn out awesome just like you seeit right here dry-aging a piece of meat like this is just something you do notsee every day.

But at the same time other experiments are just insane.

Never put pepto bismol on your steak, that is the worst thing you can do.

Butafter my peanut butter experiment one of the most requested comments was todry-age in Nutella, and let me tell you something there is no way that I'm gonnalet you down.

This is the Nutella dry-aging experiments.

So let's do it! This is the biggest Nutella container Icould find.

It was made for the food service, and to be honest with youopening it up it's just extremely satisfying.

I mean when you take a hugemaster spoon out of it like this come on if that does not put a smile on yourface man I don't know what will.

To be fair this is every child's dream.

Imagine your mom give you a monster spoon like this? Uff, I don't know if therewill be a good mom or a bad mom but I'll tell you one thing you will make yourbelly happy.

But now that I have all of my Nutella needed for this experimentnow let's jump into the meat.

This is a four bone standing rib roast.

The lasttime we dry-aged with peanut butter the results were actually surprising, and ifyou have not seen that video make sure you check it out later on.

But in orderto have a consistent test what I'm gonna be doing is splitting this one in half, then I'm gonna be saving one part of it as a comparison and the other one ofcourse we're gonna be using for the Nutella.

And once I sliced that in halftake a look at this.

That is a beautiful piece of meat and it is gonna be perfectfor our experiment.

So this half right here will actually be stored that waywe'll see how much different it will be from a fresh steak.

And the first thing Ineed to do is to lay down some parchment paper because things are about to getmessy.

I started with a nice layer of Nutella first this ensures me that thebottom is completely covered with Nutella.

And as I'm doing this I can tellyou one thing, the smell of Nutella is just phenomenal.

Once I was done the nextthing to do is to place the meat right on top and start complete covering itwith Nutella, and I mean a lot of Nutella.

And to mysurprise this thing is really thick you would have thought that it was spreadnice and easily but no no no no no this thing is thick.

So after working itaround and trying to do my best around the edges, because the last thing youwant is to have uncovered pieces of meat, that will basically ruin the wholeexperiment.

So I made sure not to be cheap and use all of it.

And if you everwant to upset your children is to do this in front of them to tell them that theycannot have not even a little bit is heartbreaking.

But honestly at the same timethey were laughing at me as much as they could because they were telling me daddythat is ridiculous.

And to be clear I a hundred percent agree with them.

But onceI was done with the spreading this is what it looks like.

That friends issomething you do not see every day.

It is a Nutella meat cake and it smellsfantastic.

But now that I have it ready all there's left to do is to let it dryage in my regular refrigerator for a total of 35 days.

Once the time was up Itook it out of my refrigerator, laid it on my cutting board and this is what itlooks like.

If you take a quick glance at it it doesn't look like anything changed, but take a look at this.

The juices of the meat is actually coming through theNutella and you can even see a little bit of blood on the bottom.

After everysingle dry age I have ever done this has never happened, so now he got me worried.

See all this condensation on the top, what in the world is that.

There's onlyone way to find out what happened and that is to open it up.

Whoa! What arethese white spots and what's happening to the meat in the center? It almostlooks like jello.

As I take a closer look to the white spots it looks like mold.

That is a little bit concerning.

I mean I had mold before in previous dry-agingexperiments, but they were not like this.

This one is getting me a little bitworried.

But like I always say you always should listen to your nose, if it smellsbad throw it away.

And as I took a first sniff at it guesswhat it smells like Nutella.

The smell is so powerful that it's overpoweringeverything.

Now I don't even know what to do.

So after doing my best and trying toremove as much as possible working around the edges and making sure thateverything is out of course I found even more mold.

But once I was done with thecleaning this is what it looks like.

This my friends is a Nutella dry-agedrib roast for 35 days.

And as you can see the mold is insane.

But after most of the Nutella was removed I finally took another sniff atit and it still smells just like Nutella.

And it doesn't matter how much I trythere's always a little bit left.

So the next thing to do is to remove all of themold and the pellicles.

So I grabbed my sharpest knife and started to remove it.

And as I took my first slice, wow that actually looks good.

So now there's alittle bit of hope.

I mean as soon as I took out that nasty stuff it reveals abeautiful piece of meat underneath.

I know you might think I'm crazy but heyit looks promising.

Because there's so much mode between the bones I decided toremove them.

It's not worth keeping them because even though I'm losing a littlebit of meat this has to go.

And for the moment of truth as I took out the firstbig slice, check this out the meat is extremely tender.

It is almost if Itenderize it with a blade.

Wow I did not expect that.

As I continued to trim therest of it I was left with two beautiful Nutella dry-aged steaks.

Now that isdefinitely something I can eat because if you just saw this right now you wouldnever be able to tell what they went through.

But honestly as I pick them upon my hand look at this it's literally disintegrating.

It feels alittle bit too tender almost kind of like mushy.

And as I bring it closer tothe camera you can see that everything is splitting apart.

It almost looks likehe was marinated in pineapple or something.

And if I do not hold it withcare it will completely disintegrate in my hand.

So to make sure that will nothappen I decided to tressen it with butchers twine.

That will make sure thatby the end of the cooking process we'll still have a steak left.

Now to have afair comparison I did the same exact thing with a fresh steak, and I also tressened it with butcher's twine.

And when you take a look at both of them side by sideyou can see how much lost we actually had.

We have the Nutella dry aged steakon the left and the fresh steak on the right.

But now that we have both of oursteaks ready all there's left to do is to season them.

And for that I startedwith a little bit of salt, followed by freshly ground black pepperand garlic powder nothing else.

As always I made sure to season both sidesincluding the edges.

But now that we have both of the steaks ready now there'sleft to do is to grill them.

I'm first going to be putting a beautiful sear onthem and then cooking them in indirect heat until I reach an internaltemperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit and for that I'll be using my wirelessthermometers.

So now I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook them, solet's do it! All right everybody here we have ourbeautiful steaks.

What do you think Angel? huh? They looklike beautiful steaks this time yes.

This time they look beautiful.

Sometimes you will open and he'll say we have our beautiful steaks, and I'll lookand I'll just think about it like no.


No that's not beautiful.

That's a terrible statement sometimes I agree with himespecially when you have crazy footage just like this everybody.

You don't wantto have that kind of steak because you don't look that good.

I remember the SpaceX video.

Like always we gotta experiment.

Rght? The only way to see if somethingis actually good is to run the experiment.

So we have to experiments twosteaks and now we're gonna find out if they taste any different.

Where do I go? Wego here first.

Ready? All right let's go.

All righteverybody.

Cheers Cheers.

Oh oh come on.

Come on.

This is a Guga steak, but it's a good Guga steak.

If that does not put a smileon your face something is wrong with you.

I'm telling you something is very wrongwith you because hmm.

You going for seconds bro? It's not just a Guga steak bro.

This is a Guga steak but it's goooood! This is amazing everybody.

A wonderful steak.

Agree?You ready for the next one? What kind of face is that? It looks good.

Are you worriedalready? C'mom bro.

When it's a really good Guga steak.

hmm I get scared.

You know why?You wanna know why? why? I'm gonna tell you.

Why why because history is about torepeat itself sometimes.

Because sometimes your Guga steak is is reallygood and then you find out it's an experiment, and you did something to theGuga steak and then.

But this one is different, smell it .

Mmm kind of, what kind offace is that Angel? Don't make a face.


I'm concerned maybe I don't go for thefull thing.

Oh man that guy on the bike is going insane over there.

Oh your not going for the whole thing? What do you mean? I'mconcerned.

It smells different everybody.

It smells unique.

It smells weird.

I'mexcited to find out the taste you ready Angel.

Now he's scaredalright everybody Cheers.

Oh Oh that's different.

Oh I don't like that.

Excuse me.

Can I'll tell you something Guga? That is, that is kind of funky.

I, did you swallow it? Yeah.

You did? I couldn'tswallow it everybody.

That's kind of how would you describe that.

I still have itin my mouth.

I want to wash it out with a good steak.


Can I tell you something?Tell me.

It tastes like a weird dry age.

Like a weird dry aged, really? Like a dryaged that went terribly wrong? It's like a dry aged that you dry aged for toolong.

Really? That's what it tastes like to me.

Really? YeahWell to me it just tasted kind of a mix of some type of truffle.

You know ifyou ever eat truffle that has been on the refrigerator for a little bit toolong.

So this is what happens right you have truffle and then truffle aresupposed to be extremely dry so let's say you leave it in the refrigerator fortoo long it gets kind of mushy and when it gets mushy it has a weird kind oftaste.

That is what it tastes like to me and I've tried truffle like that beforeand it's just like it's repulsive to me.

I don't enjoy itbut I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Did you enjoy it? I wouldn't say enjoy it's likewhen you let it go for too long yeah when you dry too much and let's say likeyou went and you were like I'm gonna try it for a year.

For a year bro!Are you crazy? That's something you would do bro you crazy like that.

A year whatever, let's leave it in the refrigerator dry aging for a year.

That'swhat it tastes like to you? Yeah it taste like that.

It tastes like it went too far yeah.

Are you're ready to find outwhat this is my brother? This one here, remember we did the peanutbutter dry age experiment, this one here was dry aged with Nutella.

So you know, itlook like a cake Angel.

I'll tell you one thing your refrigerator smells wonderfulespecially if you like Nutella you're not as soon as you open thatfridge it smells phenomenal everybody.

But at the same timedefinitely I don't recommend this, this was a terrible experiment.

You put it in Nutella bro.

It look exactly like a cake bro.

It looked exactly like a cake bro.

Definitely do nottry this Nutella steak it did not work.

I hope you guys enjoy this video.

Ifyou do enjoy make sure you give it a thumbs up.

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Remember if you're interested in any ofthe equipment I use everything is always in the description down below for you.

Thank you so much for watching and if you have any more crazy ideas justcomment down below because Angel would love to try it.