[Music] [Applause] welcome back to what's inside Family Channel today I am picking up Lincoln and I'm gonna show you how far we would go for flag football sites you're getting good grades this year no not yet it is 11:40 now and he has a game of 5:15 about four hours north of here so we're gonna be in the car for 10 hours today let's go it is now 4:30 p.


and we have made it to the city of Kaysville Utah the city that we actually have keys to the city it's a really really windy out today there's a huge fire up on the hill I mean the wind is just pushing the flames across they can tell him about the season so far first game I threw for two touchdowns caught a touchdown got two picks that game was not bad I think that's what the numbers are we played a really good team so we beat him by two touchdowns last team we be done by like 35 points just so your to know right now yeah so this is game number three they are two and oh it's gonna be a windy one it's gonna be interesting to see Lincoln throwing a football into the wind took us four hours to get here and we have a four-hour drive back tonight Lincoln has to make up school tomorrow one of the coaches is not here yet because he's stuck in traffic and he has all the flags so we're scrambling to find different flags but the team they're playing is undefeated and like his teams undefeated so this will be a fun game he's seen you save the day and brought the flags that was a close one so what's the first place what do you do tell Mary yeah [Music] I've go pretty well kite jumped you're not allowed to jump a bit of miscommunication I wish site Lincoln is handing it off on and now first second down and goal [Music] [Music] good catch Easton there is a touchdown Lincoln to Easton which is very common play the scent is so stinking tall meanwhile this fire on the mountain is getting crazy it's one of those planes that like dumps stuff on the fire that plane just dumped all that pink stuff all over the mountain that is crazy [Music] the other team discord at 7:00 to 6:00 Lincoln's team is down now and Lincoln just threw a pick it was almost a pick six so it seems good and they haven't lost yet and the score is 14 to 6 [Music] [Music] well if anybody tells you that flag football is not dangerous and hard-hitting they haven't watched much flag football because kids get hurt and they don't have pads there was a kid that was just coming across the middle slipped hit his face on another guy and luckily it doesn't look like he has any major injuries he was knocked out cold for maybe a minute or so but now he's up and seems to be okay but I'd imagine his jaw it's probably hurting maybe move some teeth around but it can get brutal all right they are losing big-time they're losing about like two or three touchdowns Lincoln just intercepted the pass and now they're back on offense [Music] so the game did not end all that well they lost by six points it was crazy to see because they only lose like one game every two years here we are a week later I'm back at Lincoln school at least 60 on these guys today sinc no running plays just boom boom boom go for five touchdowns you heard it here first five touchdowns can he do it let me go drive for four and a half hours this is the place where remember Teslin wasn't paying their rent and so they got a big fight and now look at this they're actually planning it looks like on expanding yeah they're putting more superchargers right there man my little Twitter video did a good job if we were in a Tesla right now we would have to wait because it's full so it could take an hour and a half two hours just to charge we would have to leave a lot sooner first football games or just miss them so it's definitely the Achilles heel of Tesla's it's the super charging on road trips and if you're somebody that takes road trips more than five six times a year it may not be worth it for you to get a Tesla as much as I love Tesla's I certainly love driving this Honda Accord and fill it up with gas and then go in and shaving on this road trip today that'll take us nine and a half hours it would have taken probably eleven and a half so pretty wild we've made it we have the game and the weather is so much better than last week if you remember last week we had that crazy winds there's like a fire up on the mountain and now we're just here and it's beautiful feels like summer [Music] [Applause] but why would we come all the way up here well these are Lincoln's good buddies from his whole life that he remembers that he grew up with and they're here and they don't have flight football down where we live and they always play flag football here no it's not as competitive as tackle football they don't even have playoffs and they don't even have like a champion is is it worth it to drive all this way I wouldn't recommend it for everybody but in our situation luckily were able to do it every Monday except for two weeks from now where we're traveling out of town so he's gonna miss the last game but he'll be here for this game and the next one and they've won all their games except for one so it's a blast and it's fun as a father just to watch him play last year when it was over I was really sad well I wasn't really sad but I was feeling like this tall chick like this is your last game buddy I enjoyed watching you well this year will definitely be his last year of light football next year hopefully it's just golf and you're just gonna do a lot of golf but go see them do something good [Music] taking a break in football to bring you a non sponsored Krispy Kreme donut uber eats delivery I ordered two dozen donuts so they can eat them after the game what's Little League rec sports without like orange slices or doughnuts or drinks or something so there you are boys [Music] oh my god a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts box thank you okay Li can tell us about the game how did it go did you score 50 points no did you score 5 touchdowns and we touchdowns or how many interceptions that you have toothpicks how many passes did you drop dropped I dropped one but it was like yeah I couldn't touch it how do you feel about like footballs that worth it to drive 10 hours to play rec league football I mean I just like seeing my friends right here yeah we are gonna go and head home I think we're gonna stop and get some treats and then it's the long four and a half hour drive home they won and won by a lot this is what we do for volleyball every year and oh wait maybe we're going to get cookies maybe we're going to get cookies now personally I'll be a little sad when these kids are all grown up and they don't play sports anymore maybe I'll come back and be a referee for other kids who knows all right thanks for watching flag football video thanks for watching [Music].

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