Welcome to today's home workout.

This workout is a tabata workout.

Perfect If you are struggling with belly fat or Thigh fat if your thighs like to hug and kiss all the time if your abs are not listening do this workout We're starting our warm-up today with cross taps.

You're going to pop one foot in front Once you get your foot rhythm down add in your arms, it's like you're saying no no mess.

I'm done with this.

I Am so happy you are here with me working out how makes my day Next up.

We have a simple pace.

I just want you to pace back and forth Think about how you're going to finish this workout because you are going to finish He looks so good Finally give me some butt taps.

Make sure you suck your abs in you want to have a firm tense feeling in your stomach? Pull your heel as far back as you can It's okay.

If it doesn't actually hit your booty, it's all good.

We're working on that all right our first exercise today is Macarena hop if You are able do the full version with me on the left Otherwise don't jump do the modification where you're pulling your legs in instead of jumping Make that big circle with your hips jump your feet together if you're unable to jump don't jump simply step This is a Tabata home workout.

Which means you're gonna get a break in just a few seconds that Looks good Perfect take just 10 seconds catch your breath if you don't have water nearby now is a good time to grab some because we're coming Back in less than five seconds Give it to Matt 20 seconds of Macarena hops Make a big circle with your waist.

I want you to touch that booty all the way to the bat Good that looks really good.

Keep your hands on your waist Tuck your abs in you want a nice firm feeling in your abs this you feel tense? Perfect.

Catch your breath Get ready we're coming back in three seconds Give me more.

Hey Macarena, well, maka – I got three margarita.

I love that song so much Not as much as I love you, though.

I am so proud of you.

You are showing up and doing your workouts One more perfect cat your breath Get ready we're coming back in less than two one.

Let's go more Macarena.

Hops make that big circle suck your stomach in Keep your hands on your waist If you are jumping keep a soft bend in your knee as you jump your feet in and out You're almost done with this exercise almost done One more awesome.

You are crushing this workout.

You are making it look like it's nothing Let's go 20 seconds Nice big circle with your waist help those feet together If you're jumping remember to keep that soft bend in your knee just a little bit It will help cushion the impact if you're not jumping ain't no shame in your game.

Just step your feet fast feet Awesome, you did that now you get a longer recovery You get 20 whole seconds because when we come back we're doing 30 seconds and when you're done with this exercise for this entire workout See how fast that went by Let's go 30 seconds you have done this exercise Multiple times in this workout.

I know you can give me 30 seconds Sup that stomach in Beautiful you're getting it exactly go through that full rotation with your hips so good Bye-bye belly fat bye-bye.

Thigh fat don't know you don't know her That was fabulous.

Go ahead and take a break a chav rest.

I'll be back in just a few seconds Hi, just a kiss.

You're new here.

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We live in Texas.

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So give it a shot See if it's right for you Welcome back we are coming into the second half of this workout with a simple jog and punch I told you this is a workout that you're not only going to start but you're going to finish because you can do it You're gonna start with your legs wants to get the leg movement down add in your arms Don't do anything so crazy just move those legs.

That's all you have to do and then add in the arms Looking good now suck your abs in Perfect Your body is doing magic right now That was awesome catch your breath This exercise is so funny because you're always gonna feel like you're not coordinated trust me everybody feels that way let's go Make sure you're punching a round chest level not too high not too low Sup your abs in Good now move those legs go at your own pace your pace is good.

You can go faster than me slower than me catch your breath Get ready we're coming back now Make sure your core is nice and sucked in Don't hold your breath breathe.

I know how are you supposed to breathe breathe? You're doing good.

Keep going Your arms are going to get tired.

They're going to want to go down resist Keep going.

Very good.

Catch your breath Believe it or not.

You're almost done with this workout Alright don't think about it don't think about it.

Let's go 20 seconds jog and punch You are doing amazing pay attention to those arms make sure they are at least a chest level very good Keep those legs moving.

Keep a soft bend in your knee Perfect.

This is going by so fast You have maybe two minutes left and this workout is done done Are you ready already give me 20 seconds I See you fighting for it.

I see you moving you're making this look so easy Keep going keep going you can do it.

You can do it.

You're almost there and Look at that You get 20 seconds to rest.

You know what that means after this.

We have 30 seconds of jog and punch And you're done Wow Wow I'm Doudna Is this mic on yes, the mic is totally on Oh, oh boy.

All right.

Let's go 30 seconds You're doing amazing Last move of This workout and you have only ten seconds to go you have this one in the bag I'm thinking I should have put at least one Burpee in there.

I'm kidding totally kidding.

You did it Yeah work out today.

That was you not your twin sister.

It was you.

Oh That's awesome.

Let's cool down starting with some good mornings.

Keep your feet about hip width apart Keep your back as straight as you can and just bend This is going to stretch out the back of your legs because your legs kept moving this whole workout.

We need to make sure Now we're taking care of those muscles Give me a nice stretch of your hip All those Macarena hops or Macarena steps if you want to you can rotate your ankle You did amazing switch legs and do the same thing on the other side You can hold on to something if you're finding some difficulty with your balance Finally I want you to put a slight bend in your knee give yourself the biggest hug I just want to remind you that What you are doing today is going to make a difference for the rest of your life.

You are awesome You are amazing.

You are powerful.

You are beautiful You are strong you are brilliant.

You are brave and you are already perfect Just the way you are don't ever forget it Thank you so much for working out with me today subscribe to my youtube channel If you have a don't already check out my website kabocha Fitness comm and I'll see you in my next workout video.

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