I'm whole normally joins us on great day live to talk about goodwill Kentucky which is changing lives but this morning he's joining us to talk about how he's changed his own and Devon I want to share with our viewers we are we follow each other on Twitter and

I always love all of your posts about goodwill and you keep people informed a lot of positivity and so all the sudden I saw this thing a toast about the transformation that happened and I'd love for you to share the details yeah so you know Angie for six

years I was in a job that had me traveling the country and made it really difficult for me to commit to some healthy disciplines to keep myself in shape so I gained a lot of weight and when I started at breast care I mean when I started at

Goodwill on May 13th of last year I made a decision that I wanted to get myself in shape and commit to some healthy lifestyle habits and so I made xx I started with the trainer and that began this transformation of mine that I've been on now for a

little bit over a year so how did you get connected with your trainer and please give a shout out yeah so I've got the best trainer in the world his name is dawuan means I've known him for years he played football for the University of Louisville and we

go to church together I have a lot of mutual friends and I knew he had his own gym he and his wife started a jam called by any means Fitness and I reached out to him when I knew that I was ready to make this commitment and we

put a plan in place to start a food log before I even made it into his gym just to track what I was eating so he could pay attention to that first and then he got me in the gym with him where we do one-on-one training Zanjeer about

three times a week for about an hour he tells me you don't have to be long to be strong and he was right he's absolutely right so how has your eating changed as well that's oh you know one of the things that he made me aware of was

that foods are so much healthier when they're when they're natural obviously so the more foods that you can get and cook from home the less ingredients a certain food has the better and so I just spent a lot more time cooking in my own kitchen than I ever

have before using natural ingredients not eating a lot of processed fried foods or any quite frankly and almost completely eliminated sugar and salt out of my diet and boy did it once come fast and sure what those results are I mean I am one of those and I

think we've got a lot of people with enough viewership who enjoyed before and after or whatever yeah well so for me I went into his gym just a tad bit over a hundred and ninety pounds and some people will say oh that's not a lot but for me

in my frame that was extremely heavy and so over the course of about five or six months that weight just started dropping off until right before Koba 19 hit I did a weigh-in and I had lost more than 30 pounds and so in addition to losing those thirty

pounds we did a lot to help what he called sculpt my body didn't want me to have what he called a cardio body by just running and doing a lot of cardio and getting a lean body but for the first time in my life Angie I had a

muscle I've never had a muscle before in my life but he had me lifting weights in ways that I literally never had done before and it made all the difference in transforming how my body looked and felt I mean can we just say not just a muscle out

here and you are how old I am I'll be 48 in a few months mm-hmm in terms of the shape you are and now can you compare it to any other point in your life you know I used to run 5 miles every day and I had a

great amount of endurance then but I wasn't strong I didn't feel strong I just felt like I could run a long ways and I was pretty lean now with this combination of eating really really clean on a regular basis lifting resistance type of training weight training I will

tell you I've never felt better in all my 47 years I've changed not just the way that I look but I will tell you I sleep better I have a much more clarity of thought now my thoughts are a lot clearer now than they were before and I

just I feel so much better all around it's um I tell people it's the best medicine you can take just a complete stress reliever oh absolutely absolutely it is for me you know I um I love my job at Goodwill it is the best job I've ever had

but with cold at 19 and all of these other issues that we've been wrestling with I won't pretend that it's been easy these last few months it's been a chore like it's good for anyone else who's had to deal with this in a leadership role and the saving

grace for me is that I have been able to work out and so I'll tell you Angie with the the gyms closing down it's changed the way that I had to work out because I was going to my trainers gym to workout with him where he's got all

of this great equipment and then we had to switch to doing virtual training where we FaceTime one another I put him on the screen on my television and he watches me with dumbbells and resistance bands and all sort of things in my living room helping to keep me

on track it's changed it still works but it's not quite the gym now you have an amazing trainer who of course is holding you accountable and I think accountability is a major part but you also have a ten soon to be 11 year old son who's really important

in your life and he's watching he is and for me I want to give him an example of what being fit and healthy looks like and so he watches me workout he to the gym with me occasionally when he's not in school and I'm at the gym but

now that schools been out with Kovac 19 he's here at home watching me workout and it's inspired him he's actually picked up a weight here recently trying to figure out if he can build some muscles in the same way so I think those healthy habits are ones that

we can pass down to our children just like unfortunately Angie we can do the same thing with unhealthy habits and so I'm turning into one of those guys who is not only getting himself in shape but I'm spreading the message to any and everyone around me and my

personal circle because I just believe it's so important for us to take care of ourselves because if we don't do that there's no guarantee that we can be a great support to the other people who need us out there the carbon 19 and we're not just talking about

the virus but the pound that some of us put on I mean maybe it's just been for decades or some unit where you just haven't been healthy and we have people from a variety of Ages who would tell you you know I don't feel good oh but it

may be it's too late for me or I'm too old or I'm too busy or I'm to this or I'm to that what would you say to someone because I mean you're proof you're you're definitely proof of me with it you have a child you have a very

stressful job that requires long hours are very active in the community but yet you were able to do it I was and you know it's one word it's really one word it's about a commitment it's about making a commitment Angie I will tell you when I first started

with my trainer on the very first day which was May 20th 2019 I went in not for a workout but just an assessment so he could determine where I was on this spectrum of health and fitness and endurance and strength and that assessment kicked my butt so much

so that I drove back to the office I worked out during my lunch breaks and I went back to the office and I said and I said not in the driveway in the in the parking lot for about 30min in my mind trying to figure out how the

heck am I gonna get out of this because there's no way I can commit to doing this if the assessment was that bad but for some way someway somehow I figured it up or figured it out mustered up enough energy and committed to go back again for the

next workout and did it again for the next wet workout to the point where it got easy comfortable and addicting to me and I would tell people that it's just about making the commitment it's not gonna be easy especially in the beginning it's gonna be extremely difficult in

the beginning but if you commit to it it gets easier and easier and you start to feel better and better and the results once you start to see your body change that becomes addicting and so I won't lie spent a lot of time in the mirror my body

was changing looking at this old guy he was turning into this young guy all over again good for you thank you so much for the motivation and congratulations on your commitment I just appreciate that you're using that to inspire other people thank you very much I hope someone

is inspired you can do it you can follow Devon on Twitter under the handle Devon hold

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