Man these boxes sure are big! That's onegiant cookie! Do I have one too? What to do! A regular old Oreo.

At least Iknow it'll taste good hmm how should I approach this think my mouth is bigenough for this thing ah I need a bigger glass of milk don't do thatthis bowl is way better you can't have an Oreo without milk right now for thebig moment you're about to see something really special Claire oh yeah that's anOreo all right have a bit to spare don't strain your neck mmm that's thestuff okay your move Claire yes I bet I couldeat this entire thing come here big guy ever seen this much chocolateI can't wait to sink my teeth into this room I can smell itwhoa kit cats are meant to be shared you know that's the spirit Claire Aliceyou're getting your germs all over that thingick I don't want that now wanna bite here I saved this just for you I guessI'll take it pretty good see everybody wins ready for this Emilyyep yep 1 2 3jackpot gummy sushi galore just think of the sugar rush this plate is gonna bringmy tongues tingling already and I got the real deal sashimi tuna tempura oh mywe scored big this time friend but first I gotta play with these chopsticks alittle bit well one thing's for sure Olivia's love their gummi candy butchopsticks aren't really their thing how did earth even hold these things Emilydo you know how to work these Wow look how Emily works those chopsticks it'slike second nature to her that's how it's done maybe if I just stab it diefish down faith it worked young man does sushi is freshI could eat 50 pounds of it hey at least I can use them for something right allright gummies come to mama breakfast is over and we're moving onwho's going first what good old game of eeny Meeny ah to solve the problem andlooks like Emily won that round it's a giant gummy worm this thing's notalive is it man this gummy worm could equal a whole meal do I have to eat theentire thing it's so squishy oh man I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just lookingat that thing I guess it's time to see what's under yours I don't want tofine I'll lift it for you I can't barely look wait it's not real worms I thinkit's actually noodles in a dark sauce whatever it is it sure isn't appetizingwell ladies what are you waiting for dig in yep you're really doing it aren'tyou whoa no one said you had to stuff yourface with it if it closed my eyes that can pretend to say yummy plate ofspaghetti but Keep Watch too long without mystomach turning and suddenly this giant gummy worm doesn't look so bad well heregoes it up and hey that looks very good I think I could have a bite of that keepyour grubby little mitts off me here very funny Emily ah those who wormtogether win together hmm that's pretty tasty well that's one big bowl of mayonnaiseisn't it go ahead and turn over your card Claireall right let's just get this over with shall we and it looks like olivia isdoing the honors should you really be enjoying this that much Oliviahe hates how many jars of mayonnaise is actually in that thing okay I think yougot it all out of there girl no need to linger too bad you didn't have anygoggles for this one well Claire how does it feel I kind of feel like a bigold turkey sandwich with this stuff all over me I can't believe you wanted to dothat today Olivia please I had to wear the Mayo – that's not fair time to getreally down and dirty with this one man you actually slapped Olivia right in theface should get that mouth closed girl after all this Mayo pouring and slappingI sure hope these girls are able to remain friends when all this is overwell the good news is they say putting mayo in your hair and on your skin canbe somewhat of a moisturizer Oh is anyone ready to get eggy with itgirls let's flip our cards on the count of three honestly neither one of theseis better than the other they both stink okay let's get things cracking is thisthing cooked inside then it really wouldn't be so bad well there's only oneway to find out isn't there full savage moves Claire and to answeryour question is raw a disgusting gooey raw egg yet think that's funny clearthen this will probably crack you up if you know what I meanyeah this friendship is definitely going to be a little rocky after thischallenge is over what better way to spend an afternoonthat gathered around the kitchen thinking with friends but sometimes it'sa little tough trying to agree on what to make well Alice wants one thing hanokis a big thumbs down looks like Emily's putting a special request pancakesthe decision has been made people hot fresh pancakes it is and here's therecipe I think we can manage this right girls one two three let's see some poopemoji pancakes people well Hannah sure seems confident about this one gamelooks like the girls put their batter into these squeeze bottles for easyrelease and Hannah is really taking her time with this oneAlice on the other hand doesn't seem to have a hold on things is that a snowmanI'm really anxious to see how this turns out no offense Alice but Hannah seems tohave this one in the bag but at least Alice isn't afraid to experiment withsome color hey looks pretty good maybe I should add some brown in there too thosegriddles are getting hot I hope they don't start to burn before they're donedrying whoa Alice is adding even more color tohers oh no don't what cover your little guy'sface okay is it almost time to flip here comes the moment of truth and you'regoing down Alice I've so got this Oh things aren't looking good here that'sone ugly pancake better flip yours now Hannah careful Wow that looks amazing even Alex canadmit Hannah is the better one this time yep Hannah is definitely the winner ofthis round come on girls three nice things are about to get really crazy canyou make pancakes out of pancakes well this is going to be quite thechallenge isn't it for this design it's all about where you start things andthese ladies are taking a very different approach to their pancakeswell Alice seems to be drawing hers out Hannah appears to be making an actualstack of pancakes which girl do you think will win this round no matter whowins these finished pieces are sure to look very differenthe's been get a plate for yours Hannah mind if I snag that spatula from youours I'm gonna stack these little guys just like in the picture almost done there we are all finished oh I almostforgot one more finishing touch what good is a stack of hotcakes without somedelicious syrup watch out for the flood pancakes Emily oh that's one way to getyour food delivered hey these are pretty darn tasty don't mind if I do you.

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