hello and today's video as you'veprobably guessed from the title is all about my gear room and those those ofyou who are Eagle bind have noticed that over the last few months of I havemoved to a new office or a new place to do my videos and this is

it here andthat's also freed up another room which used to be my office before I moved themto this office and on the video camera which ovideo it was but one of thevideos that I did a few weeks ago I got asked for a tour of the gear room

thatwas from a chap here it was Christopher Walkerwho asked for a tour of the new gear room but before I go and show you thenew new gear room I thought I'd just give you a wee bit of background on howI managed to get a new office and

a new gear room and it all came about becauseof a very understanding wife in fact the whole idea wasn't mean it was my wife'sidea she suggested that I move into thisbigger office this actually used to be the kids playroom and then I used thespace that was an old

office for the gear but she did have a lot to do amotive because prior to be having this gear room my gear room was a house andit was everywhere there was low block cubes with walking pools across the topand gear bags thrown in and the utility room just

you couldn't move in theutility room I had all my waterproof jackets and fleeces all hanging up overthe of the court meals and then all the cupboards and there had been bombs atcamping gear and all right and that's for my camera equipment it was strewnacross the house so I

think this is this is a benefited everyone and me movingyour office and having a new guru all right so what so what hope did I do Ihad to clear out my my old office and if you remember some of the old videos youmay have seen my old office

all a bit cut but of all the footage the snow andit's really it's not a big room it's just a wee box room you knowthose are what have you it's not too clear that I get this room sorted beforemoving into the gear room and I had a friend

a friend who's a joiner I paidthem to come and do it because my DIY skills are absolutely rotten absolutelyterrible not good at all so we got we got body and to meet thegear room and maybe took them two or three days to do itand I wanted some nice

cubes to put shoes in and you'll see it when Igo in and so they spent a few days getting a rippin overall there were someold bookshelves they ripped them out and then put upthe new the new fittings and what-have-you and then after thatalthough that took a few days

it they took me I must have teaming up there buta week to gather all the gear from around the house and put it in there butnow that it's up and running it's absolutely fantastic I love it sowithout further ado let's cut to the gear room so the gear

room here we areand it's actually packed on to my office which is great and the first thingyou'll notice is this as all the ice axes I wanted to hang these on the walland we board up with these protrusions to rest the ice axe on that's one joy justfor

decorative purposes this is my my old walking act use that one as muchI've replaced it with the sir grivel Munro axe which has a slight bend on itban then it's a slightly nicer to use that quite a lot you thought what thisyear actually this thinks having me act

is up the other way before the axes wereon top and pop over at old cupboard and along with my crampons which wasprobably the worst idea I've ever had because if they were hanging offslightly when you came to open the cupboard and there were a few teams andyou all

had an ice axe or crampons tumor hey that's my wife he's looking up thedoor and case it opened its full boon so this is much c4 and a loose nature aswell not kidding it to me and I've got the short tight there's more technicalactors II like small they're

out wing axe I've actually got that from Jerrywhen we first started and Mike warps sir yeah they've been gathering dustthis year unfortunately I really done much technical stuff due to the way ofthem I'm not being able to get quite so much it's nice having them there andthen Lord

don't oh yeah I've got a Roop justhangin on one of these cool bags here and this is this is what I keep my mywalking poles hanging hanging here alwaysdisassemble my walking poles when I come back for a walk so if you leave themthere's moisture on them we can

couldn't move you so that's sim that's that noI'm gonna have to move the camera to bring you further than the LA I managedto keep my map of Scotland which I wasn't sure whether I was going to beable to do that and behind me you can see all the

cubes and yeah I'll gothrough that now that's a mean steer the gear room so let's have a look at thecubes alright so so the cube system and we can see this up and down in a minutebut this was there this is my original desktop and I wanted to

keep this as akind of the middle shelf was not quite the middle shelf but be shelf which was abit foot but deeper and then put these shelves and I'm bother or these cubesand above it which were a bit more recessed back from the size and thisalways a bigger

stuff down below which I'll go through in just a minute likethey're the cubes are failing I wanted them to store my boot so you see myboots here of gamma my various boots along the bottom here there's just somethings keep clean and some things don't and that's great I

can support them inthere it gives them a space to ear and dry them what have you and the top herelet's in this picnic box are all my maps I've got a few pairs of trousers abuffer there's some rock climbing gear rock shoes and harnesses and all film upthere

and up here is when I go camping that's on a well camping gear I've gotvarious but some bulbs midgets filters stoves and all that part of our CNCstoves and my Jetboil down here we've got some tape quashnick wax for roofingwhich i need to do soon a helmet and

various bits and bobs what start summermy soil water filters when I go camping got a waterproof case here from the gopack and some binoculars in there which I have yet to use and there's a hipflask in the back very important piece of kitand here there's easier to step

fear you've all forgotten there are some headtorches some sunglasses and what have you and then here some bags for mycamping various bits and bobs some bike stuff from there as well I've got somecamera accessories in this box and GoPro accessories I'll keep most of my cameragear and my

office stroke studio it's really just an office so if you'reinterested in that I could do a two to the office in eckstein sure the studioset up in the weights and what have you let me know and just some extras in herewhat else have we got let's box here

what we've got what is myclimbing gear my harnesses JD keeps most of the rack at his place I don't I don'thave all the quick drawers and screws and all that sort of stuff but yeahthere's a couple of harnesses and there's a lot of period ropes userwhat's that a

via ferrata do that start squeak getting handy to have this boxhere that I said that's full of hats and gloves and what-have-you so depending onwhat mood and we're I'm going I must have about 12 13 maybe more pairs ofgloves in there the Chiefs were having a fear a

few hats and buffs in use allyear round essentially so that's quite don't even see that's what Walters I'llPan the camera down so we can go into say the old desk easier old knees sodown here I've got some of my rock sacks my big gear wealth camp and rucksackhere

there's a few bits and bobs under there I've gold my as I said before Ithink apart my walking pool so the bits that I can't hang a pop down there alsoof Marcus I lose them to dry they're in here this is my sleeping bagI've got my mat XP

admirer in there behind here unlessthere's a whole world of Spira sleeping bags the kids have used them what haveyou and videos other bits and bobs I Buffy back here and I've got my tents myscarf mascara tensing that this we section here as you can see and thenover just

over there's more more rucksacks and mojave so it's really it'shandy to have I've also used this year the sisters to be vice chief face offand the point of getting that is really just for sharpening and you know makingthe ice axes and crampons a bit sharper shooter should however

get to use themin ER and a decent setting and the ace comes next you know I'll put them underlet me clamp there and use that to use that to hold the ASAC so I'll get tofail it and sharpen them up to us that's that's part right so they

want more bitto go no nuts over here I need to move the camera again now if I have to switch to the GoProbecause because this room so small I couldn't really fat enough and with offcamera in terms of the weight view the kind that hopefully I'll get more

of amore of a picture of what's going on with it with the GoPro here in terms ofthis final part of the gear room and I've also not been able to fit therewaiting in here which I usually use so this might look a bit rubbish however sothe final part

of the gear room is yeah I got a real of corks pop at the top ashigh a person could get and also our real booth a bit lower down just so Icould get as much of my waterproofs and my trousers and mid layers and what haveyou and in

here and I think the most important thing and I'm quite lucky inthis respect is it that's a small room and we've got a reader and here and it'sgreat it's almost like a drying room you get to be in the bath isn't what haveyou in fact the vast soaking

way it's awaterproof saddle and this morning chocolate hoots aid and everything driesreally nice and quickly with the radio beating the islands rape rate below allthe gear and you know there's nothing there's nothing too special a bit I saidput my wool virchow's I'll share on the top along here

because they're longerobviously Linda's yeah we've got my my fleeces and my mid layers on the topthere's a we do the jacket there not much to say about that really I do havemy snowshoes up there and I've got some of my my sort of more generalizedwalking shoes but the

dogs down below there so that's sad that's essentiallyit this is my this is my gear room so hopefully you've enjoyed that it's niceto not much disabled it at the gear room I must I must admit I find it supersuper useful having everything in the in the one space

no and it's not as much ofa chore when I come back from a long thin the hole I can just come in bringthe rock sack in here from the car and the boots get everything sorted though Idon't have to can I go upstairs into the Attic through the

utility room andwhat-have-you everything's contained that I'm really lucky that day yeah I'vegot the space to do this it's not just loving a small Samuel attach thoseand beard I've got very understanding way if you actually suggested that theymake use of a space in such a way and she's happy

because the utility do knowis it's been redone a new flora and just there's room to move already minute nowand there's not deer kicking around in the hallways and all sorts you know youknow what it's like so yeah hopefully it's been useful if there's as I wouldsay as I

said before these kind of sudden the vlogs they won't be everySunday because it's some things don't have a thing to do but they are hopefulChina answer some of the equations a number I might do something slightlydifferent I mean do shorter walks and what-have-you but there are anyquestions that

you want me to answer just leave some comments in the in thesection below and hopefully I've enjoyed this and I'll see you on Wednesdaysomewhere owned a boat and the great Scottish mountains thanks for watching you

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