– It's a Weight Loss Power Walk workout for women of a certain age.

You guys, today there is no jumping, no transitions to theground and new equipment.

So let's go.

(cheerful music) All right, Killer Bs, let's go ahead and getmoving and grooving, and that means that we're getting started with some arm circles with high knees.

Oh my gosh, (laughs)doesn't that feel amazing? I love that first armcircle every single time, I'll be honest, I wasn't entirely ready to work out just yet, but as soon as I get movingand grooving like this, I know that it's gonna be a great one.

You guys welcome to theworkout, I'm Pahla B, your best middle-aged fitness friend.

And today, I have abeautiful power walk workout that is perfect for weight lossfor women of a certain age, meaning my age, 50 or above.

(laughs) You guys, today we are takingit at a super-moderate pace, which is why I didn't getgoing super-fast right now.

We're gonna get plenty sweaty, do not worry about that, never worry about thataround here.

(laughs) We're definitely gonna get sweaty, but we're not gonna go super-crazy with it(bell chimes) because the fact is, you donot need to go super-crazy to get an awesome workout thatis perfect for weight loss.

Let's go ahead and do some armcrossers with booty kickers.

Oh my gosh, stretching out your chest, stretching out your thighs, getting ready to move and groove today because today there is definitelysome moving and grooving.

Here's what it looks like.

I've got my handy-dandyGymboss set for intervals of 30 seconds of justwalking, I know, just.

You guys, I say that every time and I really apologize becausewalking is one of the world's most perfect exercises, especially on a day like today, because let me finish what I'm saying, 30 seconds of walkingor marching or jogging or any kind of movementthat you would like to do.

And there is a minute of otherlow-impact cardio exercises.

None of those intervals is rest, you might have noticed, (laughs) which is kind of wherethe just walking comes in.

Truly, the walking is goingto be the time where we can really kind of moderate our heart rate and make sure that we'renot going too crazy.

Let's do some welcome tomy homes, reaching back.

Oh my gosh, already startingto practice a little bit of balance here, stretching out your abs, stretching out your chest, making sure you can breathe.

This is meant to be a moderate workout.

Moderate is best for weightloss, especially at our age, and we're gonna talk about why that's gonna be the best bet for you.

Moderate is also really goodfor body shaping, my friends, no matter what your goal is, I can tell you exactly(laughs) how to get there.

Go ahead and make sure youopen up the description box.

Honestly, always openup the description box, there is the list ofexercises, there is shopping, you can get these capristhat I got from Amazon, there is all kinds ofexplanation, all kinds of links, all kinds of everything, but specifically, you can learn all about how tomake any workout work for you and your goal.

And this one, this one's gonna work today.

Let's go ahead and get started with our walking.

(timer beeps) It's 30 seconds of a walking motion, and then when it beeps again, we're gonna go into kick jacks.

Our arms are gonna be doing jumping jacks while our feet are doing kicking.

I'm making sure to take today at a pace that I can sustain for theentire workout.

(laughs) That is truly the key tomoderation, is thinking about, if I had to do this exactmotion for the entire 20, 25, 30-minute workout, whatever it is, could I sustain that the entire time? (timer beeps) So here we go with kick jacks.

And that means you're probably gonna move a little bit slower.

(laughs) Honestly than you might otherwise, because I know if you're thinking, oh, it's 30 seconds, I cando anything for 30 seconds.

Totally true, and on a pushday that would absolutely be the kind of thing that Iwould even be telling you, oh, it's only 30 seconds, give it what you've got, but this is a long workout, I mean, relative to 30 seconds, (laughs) this is a long workout.

And honestly, there's noneed to push ourselves today.

For weight loss, I know the popular, the popular thought isthat you have to move more and eat less.

By theway when it beeps again, we're going back to that walking motion, but the fact is at our age, that's not really how it works anymore.

If you have some weight to lose, if perhaps you put on that some weight right around the time of menopause, here's why, my friends, your hormones changed.

And you're not, they're not out of whack, they're not going crazy, they're not going nuts.

(timer beeps) Here we go with walking.

They're doing exactly whatthey're supposed to do, they're supposed tostop producing estrogen.

And what happens when westop producing estrogen? Is we stop being able torecover from our workouts as well as we used to be able to.

When it beeps again, we're doing tonight callwide open sidekicks.

So we're gonna have ourhands at our chest level, elbows high the entire time.

We're gonna open and close our hands while kicking out to the side.

It's gonna take a fair bit of coordination on my parts(timer beeps) when I think about itfirst, wide open sidekick.

Okay, here we go.

(laughs) As soon as I get into a groove, I'm good, I just have to think aboutthat first one or two times, but you guys the thingis, when we don't recover as well as we used to from our workouts, we actually end up havingan excess of cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone, and it's meant to help us with stress, but what happens is it builds up, and then we have a stress response.

Your body's one and only responseto stress is to store fat.

And that, my friends, is very frequently why we end up putting onweight during menopause when we're still exercising, we're still doing everythingthat we used to do, we're pushing hard, we'retrying to lose weight.

And yet our body is respondingalmost the exact opposite of how it used to.

Isn't it crazy? And the thing is, again, it'syour body doing exactly what it's supposed to do.

(timer beeps) We're back to walking.

It just takes some mentaladjustment on our part to realize that taking it down a notch, still working out every day.

Don't get me wrong here, we're still working out, we're still getting sweaty, we're still having a great time.

We're just not pushing, pushing, pushing the way we used to.

When it beeps again, we're gonna do booty kicker elbow swings.

So we're doing bootykickers with our lower body just like we do when on the warmups, but with our upper body we're doing some big elbow swings, (timer beeps) really getting a good motion here.

Hoo, getting a good (laughs) nice swing, feels like a fantasticstretch in my thighs.

I don't know why my thighs are carrying some extra tension today, but apparently they are, and this really feels like a nice stretch while we're moving at a fun pace.

And I think, I think that'sthe thing that I have learned how to enjoy the most aboutmoderating at this age.

When I was younger, I mean, even (laughs) up to a year or two ago, I used to love to push, andI still enjoy that feeling except for the fact that nowI know that after I push, I'm gonna take so much longerto recover than I want to.

So the pushing doesn'tfeel quite as satisfying as it did once upon a time, but now, now that I am moderating where I'm really thinking about, okay, what else do I wannaget done with my day? What else do I want to do in my life? And what else do I want, (timer beeps) how do I wanna feel? Let's go ahead and come back to walking.

And then, and then when you realize that you don't have to push so hard, the workout gets more fun, because you can just takeout a pace that feels good, you know you're gonna get sweaty, you know you're gonna get results from it because truly the weight loss results don't come from the workout.

Weight loss results comes from eating the right number of calories every day.

You guys, when it beepsagain, we're doing goof jacks, one of my favorite exercises.

It's not a squat, but it's like, a little half-squat.

(timer beeps) And so we do a little half-squat and then we come up intowhat would be a jumping jack (laughs) with our armsexcept there's no jumping.

And just one leg flying out to the side, I'm gonna slow this down just a tiny bit.

This one always gets my heart rate, way, way, way up.

And the thing is, you don't have to get your heart rate way, way, way up with a moderate workout.

Your heart rate is absolutely elevated over its resting rate.

It is actually, excuse me, a question that I get asked pretty frequently.

What kind of heart rate should I have for a moderate workout? The fact is, it's gonna vary, it'll vary depending on yourage, depending on your fitness.

You want to be able to as I am, (laughs) talk in complete sentences.

You want to be able tofeel like you got sweaty, you had a good time, but it's not so much thatyou're knocking yourself out.

If you have been exercisingfor years like I have, you are gonna be very tempted to think that it's not enough.

(timer beeps) And then right back to walking.

And that is, honestly that's how I know that it's just right.

When I feel like, gosh, Iwonder if that was enough, then that means thatit's just about perfect.

It's enough to get yourendorphins flowing, enough to feel good, but almost at the point where you're like, gee, I wonder if that did anything.

When it beeps again, we'redoing punch down switch foot, which is just what it soundslike, we're gonna punch down while we're switchingour feet back and forth.

The thing about enough, (timer beeps) here we go with thatpunch down switch foot.

Enough is such a silly word.

It truly is.

Your brain will automatically go searching for ananswer to, is this enough? And I guarantee you, it's always gonna comeup with the answer, no, because technically, you could do more.

I mean, technically, youcould exercise for hours, hours and hours and youabsolutely do not need to, I mean, I mean, as anendurance runner, (laughs) you might want to and that's totally fine, but you don't need to, especially if you are lookingfor weight loss results.

The thing is, we don't actually burn fat, necessarily while we are exercising.

I know.

I know you want to, I know it feels like it.

We're sweating, we're having a good time.

Of course, you're burning fat, right? Not automatically, my friends.

(timer beeps) Here we go back to walking.

Your body is burning fat when and where and somewhere it wants to.

You cannot force yourbody into burning fat.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do disco dancers.

So we're gonna have, we're gonna have onehand with a little disco going up to one side.

I got my disco fingers alreadyhere, point your fingers.

We're gonna do a littleJohn Travolta action while you're pointing up on one side, that opposite leg is pointing out the other way, (timer beeps) so disco dancers.

(laughs) I always, always, alwaysstart hearing the hustle (laughs) in my head.

When we do this move, I absolutely love it, I still listen to disco music, my friends.

The thing about trying to force your body into doing anything, truly anything, trying to force your body to build muscle, trying to force your body to lose weight, trying to force your body todo any kind of adaptation, it's always a losing game.

Truly, your body is literallya million times smarter than any of us on the planet.

We have not figured out how your body does many of the things that your body does.

Your body is a walking, talking, breathing, dancing (laughs) miracle.

And if we could force it to do things, well, we probably would, but since we can't, how about we allow it.

We just, (timer beeps) here we go with walking, just walking.

(laughs) How about if we just allow our body to do exactly what it's gonna do because it's gonna do whatit's gonna do anyways.

(laughs) The thing is when youmentally let yourself, allow your body to do what it's gonna do, it was already gonna do that, but it takes away the burdenof feeling freaked out about what your body is doing.

When it beeps again, we're doing Frog Reaches, gonna have our feet nice and wide.

I'm gonna reach waydown, yes, it's a squat, and then we're gonna(timer beeps) reach way up.

I'm gonna really thinkabout taking this one.

Oh, I'm already grunting.

(laughs) Nice phase, it's cardio, but it's also, oh, of course, we're doing a little bitof strength here too.

You guys, if you aremoving, you are toning, but you're not necessarilylosing weight right now.

You're not necessarilyburning fat right now, you are building muscle, you are working on your muscle tone.

Absolutely can't forceyour body to build muscle, but you can allow it to, you can allow your body to do exactly what it's going to do.

And when you do allow, honestly, one of the nicest things I've ever done for myself ever is practice allowing whatis happening to happen.

And I mean that in a global sense, I mean that with your body, I mean that with your thoughts, your feelings, your life.

(timer beeps) Here we are back to walking.

It does not mean thatyou roll over and say, I'm not gonna make any changes.

It means that you simply accept what is happening as what it is, and then you do what you can.

You work on your thoughts, you work on your activities, you work on allowing thingsto be what they're gonna be, and it doesn't feel sofrustrating anymore.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do punch, punch kick, you guys, recently, (timer beeps) so punch, punch and kick.

Punch, punch and kick.

And yes, I have to say it out loud, for at least the firstcouple of reps (laughs) before I get myself into the groove.

We are switching leader hand and kicking foot each time if you can.

If you can't, believe me, I amthe queen of uncoordination.

Move your hands, move yourfeet, you're doing perfect.

There's no punch, punch, kick police, except (laughs) the otherday, somewhat recently, I honestly don't rememberexactly how long it was ago now, but I totally forgot todo this exercise.

(laughs) There was a workoutrecently where I promised that we were gonna do punch, punch, kick.

And then I completely skipped over because I was talking toomuch as happens all the time.

(laughs) So I wanted to makesure that we got that in, now today we're doinga punch, punch, kick, and we're doing a whole minute of it, so there's plenty of it.

You guys, I don't think I mentioned that this is a no repeat workout today.

We are getting our great workout done.

(timer beeps) Ah, well, okay, it's a repeating aerobic because we do keep comingback to the walking, but we're not repeatingany of the other exercises.

So I don't have to remember(laughs) what we've done and what we haven't done, except that I do have to keepreading my whiteboard here, just in case I forgetsomething there because I do, because I do, thank you menopause brain.

When it beeps again, we're gonna do skiers.

That means that our handsare gonna go up and down right in front of our body, while our lower body, our legsare shuffling back and forth.

It is across your body, (timer beeps) if you can.

(laughs) I had one personal training client, every time we did skiers, she would get so frustrated, she could not go across her body, and it was fine with me.

I mean, you've met me, it was fine with me if you're doing it wrong, especially on a cardio exercise, truly as long as you'repulling in your core, and for the most part like thinking about standing up straight and tall.

I mean, 99% of cardio exerciseswhere we're standing up, I want you to be standingup straight and tall holding in your core, but there's nothing magicalabout going across your body.

It does work your abs across your body, it makes you work a little bit harder.

It's good for your brain to try and work across your body like this, but there's nothing so important about it that you should stop in themiddle of what you're doing, and get frustrated and feellike you're doing it wrong.

The fact is, the wayyour body wants to move, maybe you should just allow it.

(laughs) Maybe, again back(timer beeps) to walking here.

Maybe allowing is the secret to not feeling frustrated with anything.

Am I right? When it beeps again, we'regoing to do, where am I now? Okay, we just did skiers.

We're gonna do forward hinge arm flappers, one of my favorites.

I actually made sure tostack today's workout with one of my favorite exercises just because I can, you guys.

I love cardio, I'm a big, big, bigfan of cardio workouts.

You probably know that, (timer beeps) if this is not your first time here.

So we're gonna hinge forwardwhile our arms are flapping kind of like jumping jacks, except there's still no jumping.

We haven't had any yet, not gonna have any now.

The thing is, when in doubt, you should really enjoy your workouts.

I mean, truly, always.

Yes, there's once in a while we're gonna, you're gonna have to force yourself to do something that maybe you don't love.

I mean, (laughs) later today, there's gonna be some balance work.

You probably don't love that.

There's, can I promise this? I don't think, no, there'sno drinky birds today, so you don't have to do anything that you really don't love.

(laughs) If you love the strength training, make yourself do cardio once in awhile.

If you love cardio, make yourself do strengthtraining once in awhile.

If you love to do literallyeverything in the world, except stretching like this girl here, then make yourself stretch once in awhile.

You do not have to do, you do not have to force yourself to do all the things all the time.

(timer beeps) Back to walking.

It's okay to push yourself to do something you don't enjoy right now because you might enjoy it.

Kind of like what we were talking about allowing things to be.

You can change, you can make changes, but allow yourself tomake changes in a way that feels right for you.

When it beeps again, we're gonna do alley oops.

Okay, I know, I know some ofyou are not loving this one.

Feel free to stub out(timer beeps) whatever exercise you want.

Our hands are wide or feet are wide, we're swooping over the top, and then just coming downinto a lunge down on the side and then on the other side, up over the top like a rainbowand then down into a lunge.

You are absolutely welcome.

Really specifically, ifyou don't love lunges, you are absolutelywelcome to stay up high.

Truly, it's your hands (laughs) that are getting your heart rate up.

The lunge is just kindof a little extra benefit for those of us who are notworried about dodgy knees to get some strengthtraining in your legs.

You are absolutely welcome to kick, either forward or out to the side.

Anytime I do any kind ofsquat or lunging move, this one for me, (laughs) there's a reason why I don't do it a lot.

I love the lunging part, lunging feels super-good, super-good for your thigh muscles, which actually can be good for your knees if you're engaging your muscles well, but this one makes me a little bit dizzy because I'm trying to look forward.

(laughs)(timer beeps) And coming back to walking.

I try to look forward to like, look at the camera, look at you, but I'm going back and forth.

And so it's a lot of spinning in my head, so I don't do alley oopsquite as often as I used to.

When it beeps again, youguys, we're doing can cans.

That's where we kick.

Well, we don't kick our knee, we bring up one knee, and then on that same leg we kick, so it's a knee and a kick on one side, and then it's a knee anda kick on the other side.

I happen to love this one justbecause it's a little bit, a little bit(timer beeps) like a dance move, although I do hear that sometimes thisone's a little bit tricky for you guys too, and I want you to know, there's no can can police, there's no leg twister jack police, there's no drinky bird police, there's no cardio police, there's no strength police.

The fact is, you are alwaysin charge of your own workout, you are only the only person that you have to kind ofaccount to yourself for.

You know when you're doingwhat's right for you, you know when you're allowing your body to just do what it's gonna do.

You don't ever have to dothe exercises perfectly in order to get benefit from them.

You don't ever have todo anything perfectly to get benefit from it.

Especially, especially if you allow your body to just be your body.

My body, not super-flexible, my body, not super-coordinated.

(timer beeps) Right back to walking.

My body is what it is, and at this point if I'mstill fighting against that, I don't have a whole lot of time left to feel happy with just being where I am.

I like where I am.

I actually do feel quitehappy with where I am because I'm allowing myself to be here.

When it beeps again, youguys, we're doing ding dongs, and that is the last ofour big cardio exercises.

Our hands are swinginglow from side to side, and I say low(timer beeps) instead of over your head.

They're actually going up pretty high, but they're not swinging up overhead while we're doing a side kick on one side and then side kick on the other side, hands and legs kicking out to the side on the same side at a time.

I noticed myself kind ofpicking this one up, (laughs) that's totally fine.

Like I said, it is our lastlow-impact cardio exercise.

So when it beeps again, we're coming back to walking.

And then I have one finalthing for us.

(laughs) We've had so much fun today.

I have to make sure it feels like work.

Right? Gotta make sure that wemake it tough, tough enough that it feels like enough.

Oh, no, wait, it'salways enough, my friend, you are enough, your workout is enough.

When it beeps, hoo, we're gonna slow it down (laughs) a little bit with the walking.

I am gonna let my heartrate come down a little bit because our finisher, of course, we're doing some balance work, you guys, at this age.

(timer beeps) Here we go back to walking.

I really am, I'm slowing this way down.

At this age, this nomatter what your age is, it's a great time topractice your balance.

What we're gonna do, it's an entire interval on one side of a front kick, back kick, jack.

Your hands are gonnabe doing jumping jacks.

Oh yes, totally throwingyourself off of your balance.

While one leg is doing afront kick and a back kick, which means that you are standing on one leg for the entire interval.

Grab a chair now(timer beeps) if you feel like you're gonnaneed one, that's totally okay.

So front kick and I'm gonnatap down, back kick.

(laughs) Front kick, back kick.

This is a slower, it'snot meant to be cardio, it's meant to be balance.

It is a little bit of adrinky bird, not entirely, we're not really tipping forward.

You are kicking wherever youfeel comfortable kicking.

For me, I probably could bendforward a little bit more, but my arms are totallythrowing me off my game.

What I'd like you to think about is engaging your thigh muscleson both the standing leg and the kicking leg.

Not letting your joints do the work, but rather asking yourmuscles, your core muscles, your glute muscles, your thigh muscles to control that standing leg and to control your kicking leg.

This is a long interval, I'mwell aware of that.

(laughs) It doesn't feel super-modern anymore, does it?(timer beeps) I know, but we're going back to walking.

Nice and slow on this one, again, keep your heart rate down or, okay, not as high as itonce was during the workout because, of course, we're gonnado that on the other side.

I'm allegedly movingon to my stronger side.

I'm so curious (laughs) because I didn't follow over at all on my allegedly less strongside, and I've noticed, I've noticed that the more I practice on what used to be mymy totally weak side, it's gotten significantly stronger because I've spent so much time thinking about it.

(timer beeps) So here we go, kick forward, kick back, and doing those slow jumping jack arms.

Okay, this doesn't feels super-bad.

It always feels uncoordinated when I'm doing the kicking part or the whatever part with my left leg, but my right leg reallystill does have more or less stronger balance.

The thing about beingoff-balance, (laughs) you probably have a dominant side.

I mean, for many of us, if you are right-handed, it is very likely your right arm and your right leg that are stronger.

It'll depend, of course, on your personal history.

If you have a history ofinjuries, for example, on what maybe used to be a dominant side, like when you were younger, you have probably gainedsignificant strength on the other side.

I know lots of peoplewho are left-handed are much more evenly balanced with their strength.

(timer beeps) Ah, and that was it, you guys.

Let's do some tappers(timer beeps) and cool this down.

What a great job you did.

We're gonna do some armcircles to cool this down for my Bs who are movingonto something else.

Even if today was a moderate day for you, I know some of you feelsuper-compelled (laughs) to do a little bit more.

On screen I have a cardfor you right up here that is gonna take you overto the suggested stacker.

It's just a little 10-minute low-impact cardio workout for you.

For the rest of us, we're gonna continue to cool down (laughs) because the cool down isimportant, my friends.

I know you know that, and I know that sometimesyou wanna skip it, but also, also some ofyou I know love to do an extended cool down atthe end of the video here in just like a little bit.

I will have for you onscreen an extended cool down where you can really get aneven better stretch than this.

Let's go ahead and do some arm-openers.

Oh my gosh, open up that chest.

Allow your muscles to cool down and relax.

And then close it up tight, give yourself a big hug and a pat on the backbecause oh my goodness, you did enough today, you did enough, you did a great job, nomatter how coordinated or uncoordinated (laughs) any of those exercises felt for you.

I know they always feelweird for me too, my friends.

It's okay, I promise it's okay.

Hah, I hope you had as goodof a time today as I did.

I always enjoy sweating together with you, as promised here on screen, I do have an extendedcool down for you also.

So that if you'd like to doa little bit more stretching, a little bit more coolingdown, it's available to you.

Thank you so much forworking out with me today.

Make sure you subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.


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