[Music] in this video I'm going to share three secrets that are going to dramatically increase your chances of success with your football accumulators but before we get into the detail please remember to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell to stay up to date with tons of useful information and tips on how to make money trading and betting in the football markets now before I got into football trading in a big way I used to put on accumulators the same way that many of you probably did and that is tons and tons of teams on the accumulator with very little chance of success you know looking for that big win that was really never going to come in but when I started to apply the secrets that I'm going to show you on this video here I changed the way that I looked at my football accumulators so instead of looking at them as some sort of a lottery ticket that may come in you know once every now and then if ever I look at it now as being an income stream a place where I am going to generate revenue for my football trading so what are those three tips well the first secret to success with your football accumulators is to make sure there you guess that you don't include that many teams on it I found that the sweet spot in terms of getting you know good value on your accumulator but also a high chance of success is by including no more than four teams on your trading acumen on your football accumulator sorry ok so you don't want to be having these accumulators where you have eight ten fifteen teams anymore you want to have three to four teams as an absolute maximum and just the fun why don't you post in the comments below what your biggest accumulator was so the accumulator that you had with the most number of teams on there and why not also post your biggest one if you've had one I would say your biggest loss but most of you out there putting these kind of accumulates on is probably only a little amount that you're putting on there anyway okay so that's the first tip make sure that you don't put more than three to four teams on your accumulator the second one is not to look for the obvious game so if you're looking at Premiership games okay so things like a Manchester City playing I don't know a Watford or something like that where you're going to get very very low and obviously it's a league that the bookmakers have you know so like it's a fair market so to speak so they don't get much wrong there then you're not going to get the best odds odds possible whereas if you go to leagues more obscure leagues so some of the scandinavian leagues for example the asian needs a South American leagues particularly you'll get much better odds on teams on betting on teams to win or over X amount of goals or whatever it is or whichever way it is that you want to structure your football accumulator if you don't focus it on some of the main leads and the main teams you'll find that you'll get better odds which will overall increase the the value of your accumulator even when you're trading less teams on it okay and the final one which I do a lot because it kind of misses that little bit of insurance because how many times have you been out there and you found that you know you put on your accumulator and one team has let you down then you've lost money because just one team didn't come in you know I know that I've been in that situation quite a few times even trading this technique right here and using this technique I found that one team has let me down and obviously that's then crossed the whole accumulator now if you follow the the previous step in terms of finding more obscure leads and more obscure games out there you'll find that the value of your cumulates are is actually pretty high so you'll get some like a 4.

0 or 5.

0 or something like that and what that will enable you to do is apply something called an akka alright so that's something that that's what Betfair calls it I know a lot of other bookmakers have something that's the same and ultimately what it is is insurance in your accumulator okay so what that says is if one team lets you down for whatever reason then you don't win anything obviously but you'll get your stake back so you don't lose anything either so now you're in a position where you need three out of the four teams or two out of the three teams depending on how many teams you include in your accumulator you know two of the three or three of the four to come in and you won't lose any money which is fantastic right and then you're in a position where if the fourth team comes in then you do make money and if you get two teams out of the four not coming and then obviously you are going to lose I accumulator but if you follow some of these steps and you pick the right games then you shouldn't be in that position at all when it comes to picking the right games you want to pick the obvious game so look at things like the team's form okay home form for the home team await form for the away team how they do against similar teams or things like this and I'll talk about this in another video for you about how you go about selecting the right teams for you know different types of trades and different bets that you want to make but if you get your your selection correct so you do whatever it is that you're doing now but you apply these three secrets that I've shown you in this webinar here I promise you your your odds of success will increase your profitability will increase and the way that you look at your accumulators obviously will change because instead of it being that punts that you put on on a weekend it will now be a reliable source of revenue in your football trading or your football betting okay so if you liked this video please remember to subscribe to the channel and as I said hit the bell stay up to date with all of the notifications also check the link beneath the video here because I've put together a very short wire so very short course short ish course on how to go about making money trading and betting in the football markets I take you from know very very little to being able to trade a very consistent a very profitable strategy that I use myself each and every weekend to make money from the football market okay so check that out and otherwise I will see you in the next video take care now and thanks so much for watching.

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