G'day everyone welcome back to anotherexercise video what we're going to be doing in this workout video today is a fiveminute cardio workout so we're going to be using light dumbbells for thisexercise video if you don't have light dumbbells you can use tinned food or somewater bottles so pause

the video now go grab those also as you can see Idon't have a chair for this workout video so if your balance is no good skipthis video I will be doing a seated cardio workout in the upcoming video sowait until that one also make sure you've done one

of the warm-ups if thisis your first exercise video today and once you've done that you've got yourdumbbells it's time to get into it so we're gonna go through five exercises I'm going to go through the exercises first so you know how to do them and then we're justgonna

go straight through it into circuit so the first exercise we got ourfeet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart we squat down hinging at the hipsweights are between our knees we come up to the stand position we bring thoseweights up and we come into a push so that's the first

exercise practice ofwith me we come up come up in to the press position like this and then youpush up so it will be more of a fluid movement when you're doing this for theexercise but that's the first exercise the second exercise we're going to do isa row so

we hinge at the hips we keep our back straight and then we just pullup like these so notice my back is straight it's not rounded my shoulders are back Ipull up just like this excellent work the next exercise we're going to do aresome slide steps and then we're

going to throw a punch as we come to each side sothat's the third exercise the next exercise we're just going to do somemarching with the weights so we're going to do that for the time and then the fifthexercise is some boxing so we're going to stand with our

feet just aboutshoulder width apart and we're going to be throwing those punches out just likethat keeping that upright posture so as I said make sure the weights are light we'regoing to be doing each exercise for 30 seconds going through it straightgetting that heart rate up so when you're

ready we're going to get into thefirst exercise standing up nice and tall feet slightly wider than shoulder widthapart the weights between your knees and we're goingin three two one let's go following along with me 30 seconds youcan do it let's get that heart rate up this only goes

for five minutes and doing your best so we come down squat up and press that's it doing it with me guys excellent work keeping that chest up really pushing through the ground with the legswhen you do it as well got about five more seconds to go excellent work

andlast one coming up great work now let's get into the rows so we're hinging atthe hips we come back let's go for 30 seconds following along with mesqueezing those shoulder blades together excellent work guys remember tobreathe you're doing great that's it pulling those arms backsqueezing those shoulder blades

together and three two oneexcellent work let's get into the sidestepping and the punching great workjust stepping to each side that's it keeping that chest up excellent workguys keep stepping side to side you're all doing great let's keep it up anotherfive more seconds and three two and one excellent

work now let's get into thatpunching now if the weights are too heavy for youat this stage you can pop them down and just follow along without the weights inyour hands excellent work guys twenty seconds to go keeping that upright posture don't slouch over shoulders back ten seconds puttingit

in you can do it keep that head up punching out excellent work and five fourthree two and one great work popping the weights down taking a deep breath in and out okay we're just going to have a 15 second rest and then we're going to get back into

thatcircuit again you've all done a great job and I know you can put it in and do well withthis next circuit okay picking up your weights again remember we're going to start with that squat into the press so getting readyfeet slightly wider than shoulder-width apartwe're going to go

in five seconds getting into position and three two one let's gothirty seconds you can do it make sure you squat down you come up great workguys putting it in 30 seconds you can do it following along with me we got 15 secondsto go excellent work coming down coming

up 5 seconds and three two – last one one – great work now let's get into therows standing up tall hinging at the hips keeping that back straight thirtyseconds let's go pulling the weights back if your arms start to fatigue pop theweights down continue with the exercise as

you continue with this exercise you'll beable to do it with ease you just need to stay consistent excellent workten seconds you can do it and five four three two and onegreat work taking a deep breath in and out okay let's get to that side to sidestepping and punching

out great work following along with me keeping in time thirty seconds for this one as well two to go after this great work guys keep it up excellent work ten seconds keep those arms up as well don't bepunching down okay two more excellent work okay let's get into

the nextexercise the marching let's go keeping that bodyupright swinging the arms bringing the knees up 30 seconds okay excellent workguys let's keep it up 10 seconds to go onemore exercise after this and five four three two and one – and straight into that boxinglet's go 30 seconds last

exercise you can do it excellent work guys if your armsstart to get tired pop the weights down let's keep that going and ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one excellent work guys popping the weights down taking a deep breath in and out okaytaking a

seat so grabbing a chair just going to do a little cooldown so againshaking out those arms and taking another deep breath in and out just relaxing that body focus on slowing everything down you've all done a great work following along with that if you couldn't follow along that'sfine

I promise you if you keep practicing that workout you'll be ableto do it with ease okay so let's go again taking another deep breath in anda slow breath out shaking out those arms excellent work focus on relaxingyour body let's do some shoulder rolls – three two and one

let's take another breath in and a slow gentle breath out we're all done we're all done for that fiveminute cardio workout using some weights you all did a fantastic job I'll see yousoon for another workout I'll catch you then

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