What's up, you guys.

So for this physique update video, I wantto do something a little bit different.

I want to go over the past fourmonths with you guys in a graphs view.

And so that's what we'regoing to do right now.

Also at the end of this video, I'llshow you the difference between the beginning of month threeand the beginning of month four.

So stay tuned for that.

So this graph is showing the pounds.


So this is the number of poundsand then the start date and a number of months afterwards.


So month one, two, three, and four.

So I started at 210 pounds here.

So the first month I lostseven pounds right there.

That's about right.

Sorry about my graph skills.

This is gonna, this is gonna suck.

So month one pretty good.

The first month of cuttingis usually the best.

The biggest amount of weight loss isgoing to happen in the first month.

So this is pretty normal.

The Second month, however, that'swhen coronavirus started happening and I pretty much was stuck insideand started eating everything.

Like an idiot.

So that's my fault.

I only lost a pound frommonth, one a month, two.

So from the start point, thenthe next month barely anything.


So that is my fault.


This should really, itshould really be up here.

Yeah, you guys should definitelysubscribe for my graph skills.

Month two, so from month one tothe end of month two, pretty bad.

Then I told myself I have to get back ontrack from the end of month two to the end of month three, I lost four pounds.

So I got back on track.

This is normal.

One pound of weight loss per week, four weeks, times one, four pounds.

So month four was anothergood month for me.

I actually lost another four pounds.

So back on track.

So as you can see, it lookslike a downward trend.

And so the reason I wanted to show youthis graph is because, although my weight loss progress has looked like this.

It is not like this every singleday, every day, if you're truck, if you're doing the right thing is youshould be doing daily weigh-ins every morning, you should weigh yourself.


But I don't want you to getdiscouraged by daily weigh-ins okay.

Every day, you might start here, whateverthis weight is, this little dot, but then the next day you might gain a lotand then that's your daily weigh in.

And then the next day you might stall, you might stay there and the next day you drop a little bit and then you goup a little bit and then down again.


And then the cyclerepeats, maybe do this.

Maybe even lose more than lasttime and you gain it back a little bit and then you stall againand then the cycle continues.

And then you notice that youeventually, over the days you start losing weight, but you got discouragedbecause you saw your weight.

There, but in reality, afterthe, over the weeks you're weight was actually this on average.

And this is the point I want to makeyou guys for each month, your daily weigh-ins are going to fluctuate.

It's going to happen.

Stuff is going to happen.

The amount of carbs you eat, the amountof food you eat in a day, your water intake, your salt intake, all of thesethings matter in your daily weigh-ins.

It's not going to be a downwardtrend every single day.


It's not going to be like that every day.

Your weight is going to fluctuate.

And I don't want you to getdiscouraged because your daily weight looks like this every day.

But you don't pay attention tothe, to the smaller weigh-ins you want to do daily weigh-ins, but take the weekly average.

You don't want to fix ityourself on just the higher days.

And I've seen too many peopleget discouraged when they see the height, the higher weigh-ins, and don't get encouraged when they see the lower weigh-ins.

You want to end up taking theweekly average again, all of these months where I'm losing weight.

My weight has always beenfluctuating from day to day.

It's not a perfect downward trend, so I don't want you to discouraged.

And this is why I wanted to show thisgraph because although my progress is okay for most cuts, it's not perfect.

And so I wanted to show you guys thisfirst, so you guys don't get discouraged.

If you are currently cutting or about tocut, I want you to know what to expect.


And so now that I showed youthis, you guys, let's go on to the difference between month threeand month four physique wise.

All right.

So the fourth month of cutting, I actually lost four pounds from 198 to 194.

5 pounds to beexact, for today's weigh-in.

So this is my physique here.

Looking a little leaner.

Little bit more definition, notmuch, but a bit closer to my goal, which I'm super happy about.

Again, my goal is to get to 190 pounds.

Once I get there, I'm going to takelike a two week diet break and then slowly eat at maintenance calories, maybe a little bit under maintenance calories and try to maintain andeven build muscle during that phase.

And so yeah, during this cutagain, you guys, I am following If It Fits Your Macros.

If you guys want to learn how to dothat, just check out my newest video.

I'll leave that in the description.

Thanks for watching guys.

Let me know if you have any questionsand I'll see you guys in the next video.


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