it can be hard to fit in a workout when the kids are at home did you know that Jason its there they want your attention at all times yes I'm so fun yes you are so fun too when they're teenagers they don't care about you anymore but our fitness expert Ali Holman from core camp recom shows us a portable workout that you can sneak in all over the house hey everyone is Ali home from core camp or calm coming to you from my bathroom because with kids being home for now over three months this is the only place I can get a little bit of privacy I want to show you a great workout you can do a portable workout you can do at home while your kids are going to sneak away and give an awesome workout you can do anywhere throughout your house check it out resistance bands are the hottest piece of equipment for 2020 because they are totally portable they create long lean muscles and you can't cheat with them like you would with regular weights you get that fluid resistance so today I have our Ava band just looped onto our deck so if you have a deck it's a really great way to get a workout we're going to loop it on and I'm going to show you an exercise that targets that entire body so you're going to step away and grab that resistance cross punch deadlift cross punch deadlift so I'm getting that upper body that core and of course those glutes and hamstring great great exercise do 20 on each side and then flip around one of my most favorite piece of equipment is a hip circle band and engages your core your lower body your glutes I have our Demi ban on today and I have it right above our knees now you can wear this anywhere to really work that lower body in court even on a walk but today I'm going to show you how going just up and down your stairs at home can work that lower body that core and get your heart rate up have you ever gone to the gym and used one of those leg press machines well you don't need to anymore with these resistance bands again now I have our heavy resistance band and I'm going to just loop it right here on my staircase put my right foot in it holding on to this pillar for stability press it back press it back constant resistance you'll see I'm having to control that foot as I press it back lots of earning fifteen on each leg don't have a weight set at home no problem just grab this resistance band loop in under a chair and we're going to do bicep curls so it's not leaning back we're sitting up nice and tall with a strong core Curl Curl Curl you can even do this while the kids are running around we're going to do thirty single bicep curls keeping these wrists nice and strong this resistance is real if you have a driveway you have a gym I put my hip circle band on to get a great workout called monster walks okay so we're going to have our knees wide we're going to rotate this will get your heart rate up work your lower body and especially those glutes here's what it looks like knees are wide squat squat squat squat 60-seconds of these another great exercise you could do with a light resistance bands so this is about 10 or 15 pounds our side leg raises now you can do these indoors or outdoors you're going to put the band under your outside foot hold with that inside foot put this hand on your hip and we're going to bring our leg all the way in front to get that full range of motion raise raise raise it up 20 on each lead leg getting those hip adductors the side of your butt and these obliques this last exercise gives a whole new meaning to a couch potato we're going to take this resistance band and put it around our neck feet are wide under it we're going to tap our rear in on the couch stand up the reason why we're using that couch is it's a great marker to tell us how far to go down and do a proper squat look forward and then working that core at the top whew 20 squats I snuck away from my kids to fit in this quick workout hopefully you are too it'll help you get in a better mood stay healthy during this strange time but also set a great example for your family don't forget you can get all of our bands with free shipping today at core camp accom slash store and also workout with me online at core camper comm have a strong day we'll see you next week yep Ally's got all the workouts meal plans online at core camper comm go to wcco.

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