we all need a little bit of sunshine in our life and nothing rivals the actual Sun as much as eternal ray of sunshine himself mr.

jet powered from Baptist Health milestone Wellness Center hi jacory how are you when how are you I've missed you I'm so glad we're outside the weather's perfect for it it is and I'm ready for you to make me sweat I'm ready for this whatever abuse you have for me right now it's not really abuse but you know well that's what I love about you and that's what I did today Joanne it's something that I think we all have we all have like have stuff going up into the front of the house or stare somewhere and what I like to do is use it for something that a little bit more for an exercise so if you weigh on Karla with take your step walk up down down up down down up but how would you make them a little bit different let's do a little bit of a run up go run up and run down run up and then run down right after then down down four more three you got it yeah I want to take a break now with you let's take one foot on one foot off let's go into one line take your answer to your hip okay take one leg on one leg off and we're just gonna bring it down and up down and put the basic one shoe in the back the leg and summers culinary we're trying to kick that butt up and this is called the front loading wallet now I feel a jab your chest and I'll just pop it on the down down down down down 3-2 emmalin's doing– and we're gonna pick one foot on yep one foot on the floor we're just going to the patient walk down and up down and up down up one on one side that's what wasn't the fact the leg a quad I feel like I missed this answer on a quiz so tell me down below 5% as Queen stamp to be great come up are you okay now I am feeling this though I'm not gonna lie I feel it tonette but born on the floor I'm sorry to put on the floor so you have one sit on the step one foot on the floor twelve heel up and I can even what the eight seven six five four three two one hold do any lower eights Corbin six five four three two walk it off now Joanne we have how many sides till Oh Frank I don't you think yes let's go good so that we're going to lunch there you go here's our hips to balance ourselves we just put it down and up and normally guys thinking about 16 or now we have each and now we're going to pull it down down down down down eight seven six five four three two one home five four three two one take the leg on the floor and bring it over the other one so are you ready for this summer I feel like I'm getting ready for the summer right now you are yeah keep that leg on this step other leg I'll remember our side squats guys squat down and up one foots on the step one foots are four three two and one whole let's pop that toe that's on the floor kill off I'm not gonna fall six five four how you doing I'm realizing how out of shape I am Jeff thank you for that and so it's a kind of basic element that anybody could do anywhere with your house remember it's a warm-up where you block up it down possibly run and then we're breaking it down by Google Oman okay we must block and we can even go into a plie if you wanted to in are we feeling about your inner thighs in your balloon I'm feeling like I'm gonna feel a lot more about it later on that's how I'm feeling it's gonna jab thank you so much for kicking my butt today I appreciate it pleasure my Joanne I miss you I miss you too and you can follow Jeff powered on Baptist Health Mouse on wellness centers Facebook page or go to Baptist milestone com.

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